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Tempt Your Sweet Tooth with Crafts, Gnomes, Fake Bakes, FREE SVGs and Clipart, Chocolate Cakes, Games and More 


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Chocolate Gnome

Gnomes LOVE Chocolate

Although they are a little Messy !!
See Our Sock Gnome Page for Step by Step Instructions

Chocolate Candies Clipart png
Fake Chocolate Home Decorations

Combine the different types of crafts for a really cute display

Chocolate Makes Everything Better Sign
Decoupage Hersheys Candles
Hersheys Clipart

Hershey's Candles

Hershey Wrappers Mod Podged to a dollar store candle and decorated with Twine, thumb tacs painted brown and crystal glitter.

Chocolate Makes Everything Better FREE SVG

The sign was done with a Cricut on vinyl on a DT chalkboard, BUT I think the frame is a cute idea. I dripped hot glue down the frame, painted it brown and used Glossy Mod Podge to make it shiny. I think this would be great for a frame for that "Messy" kid's picture, we like to embarrass them with later in life :D

Chocolate Gnome Wall Hanging

Chocolate Gnome Wall Hanging

I Mod Podged the gnome unto a Dollar Tree cutting board. Drizzled hot glue all around painted it brown and used Gloss Mod podge over it to make it shine.

Chocolate Gnome JPG

Chocolate Gnome JPG File
Click on him to download

Fake Bakes

Fake Bake Chocolate Pie
Fake Bake Chocolate Pie with Crust and Whipped Creme

Fake Bakes

Chocolate Pie Clipart JPG

Chocolate Cream Pies

Fake Chocolate Milkshake and Sundae

Milkshakes, Sundaes and Hot Chocolate

All of these look good enough to eat right ? I wouldn't recommend it. None of them are edible. Fake Bakes are decorative foods that are great for Tiered Trays, Coffee Bars, Party and Holiday Decor. Check out Our Fake Bake Page for Step by Step Instructions and More Ideas

Fake Bake Snack Cakes
Fake Bake Chocolate Donuts

Snack Cakes and Donuts 

Chocolate Cupcake Clipart


Fake Chocolate Candies

Amazon Paid Link

Fake Bake Layer Cake


Fake Bake Chocolate Cake

This is a great set for your Fake Chocolates. 
6 Different Shapes

Chocolate Tiered Tray

The Chocolate Tiered Tray is made of several components. I 've tried to give instructions or step by step tutorials on all of them, so can pick and choose which ones you like. Don't like gnomes ? (Yea Right) But if you don't leave them off and you have a cute chocolate tray. Don't want the chocolate waterfall ? There again leave it off, like the backside of this one.
Capturing this in a photo just wasn't happening so I've included a video so you can see all the elements.

Chocolate Tiered Tray 01
Chocolate Tiered Tray 02
Chocolate Tiered Tray 03
Chocolate Tiered Tray 04

Click First Pic For Step By Step Instructions

Chocolate Waterfall

Click First Pic For Step By Step Instructions

Chocolate Gnome

I used small prescription bottle gnomes. These are great by themselves, but I like them when I want to add more then 1 gnome to a project. They don't have to be covered in chocolate :D

Prescription Bottle Gnome
Fake Bake Brownies
Fake Bake Bon Bons
Hot Glue Chocolates

These are made from styrofoam. I used the round disk styrofoam you can get at Dollar Tree. It's the perfect width. I cut them into squares and painted them brown. The icing is hot glue I drizzled over the top. Go around the perimeter and then fill in. Turn the brownie so it fills in evenly. When the glue sets, paint it brown and when that dries cover it with Gloss Mod Podge.

Fake Bake Cake Pops

Cake Pops
I used round styrofoam balls, painted them browm, drizzled hot glue over them, painted the drizzle and used gloss Mod Podge over all.

Bon Bons
I used round styrofoam balls, painted them browm, then used Gloss Mod Podge and covered with crystal glitter

Fake Bake Marshmallows

I used Air Dry Clay and just shaped them by hand. Painted them Matte White,

I used Hot Glue in molds to make the chocolates. Simply fill them with hot glue and pop them out approximately 20 minutes later. I painted them with acryllic paint. Let the first coat dry thoroughly and it will act as a primer. Don't try to paint a 2nd coat before it is completely dry or it may pull the paint up. Seal with Mod Podge when finished.

Chocolate Mold

Add a magnet to your hot glue in the  molds to make refrigerator magnets. Make sure the side that draws to metal is up.



Hot Chocolate Christmas FREE SVG
Chocolate Bar 2 FREE SVG
Cocoa Cup w Marshmallows FREE SVG

Click on the ones you want to Download

REAL Cakes

Death By Chocolate Cake

Death By Chocolate
Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Frosting , Hershey Bars, Hershey Kisses, Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Candy Cakes

M&M Cake

M&M's Cake

Kit Kat Cake

Kit Kat Cake

Hershey Kiss Clipart
M&M Clipart
Kit Kat Clipart
Chocolate Cake Clipart 02
Chocolate Cake Clipart 01


Guess the Chocolate 
Unwrap several different types of chocolate bars and place them on a platter. Blindfold a player and have the player take a bite out of one candy bar, then guess what chocolate bar it is. As an alternative, you can have guests  feel the outside of an unwrapped chocolate bar and then guess the type of chocolate bar.

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