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Sweets & Treats

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Crafty Treats, Treat Holders, Gift Boxes, Baskets and FUN Easter Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookie Ideas and MORE


Baked Goods

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Easter Bunny Cake

Bunny Cake

bunny cake pattern
Bunny Cupcake Liners

Frosting Hint: Refrigerate Cake before frosting it
Cold Cake will be less "Crumby"
Start with a Crumb Coat (A thin layer of frosting)
This is really helpful when frosting over cake that has been cut and refrigerate again. Now you can frost the cake without the crumbs sticking to the knife.

Bunny Cake Pattern

This one has been around since I was a kid. (The idea not the actual cake ... ewww) But 50+ years later I still remember my mom making it. Those are the memories you want to leave with your kids and grandkids.

Bake 2 Round Cakes
Cut 1 like the pattern.


I use cardboard covered with foil (Either heavy duty aluminum foil or decorative foil ) or a plastic table cloth as a cake board. Cut apart cardboard boxes you can get free at any store that is stocking shelves. I usually use at LEAST 2 stacked pieces of cardboard taped together so they are sturdier.


Bunny Cupcake Liners
Can be found on Our Crafty Fun Cuts Easter Page

Carrot Cupcakes

Simple, Easy
Swirl Orange Frosting and add pipe cleaners.
Wrap the bottom of the pipe cleaners with foil so they can be inserted into the cupcake. Make sure to glue the foil to the pipe cleaner so when they are pulled out the foil doesn't stay in the cupcake.

Carrot Cupcakes
Baking Bunny png
Decorating Cookie Eggs
Easter Bunny Cookie

Easter Bunny Cookie

Decorating Eggs doesn't always have to be the ones that come from a chicken. Let the kids decorate Egg shaped cookies.

Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners with Flowers
Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners Easter

Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners
Can be found on Our Crafty Fun Cuts Easter Page

Chocolate Carrot Strawberries

More Treats

Carrot Strawberries

Dip Strawberries into orange chocolate candy melts and score with a tooth pick when they cooled ... The chocolate melts are colored orange not orange flavor. They actually taste like white chocolate.  fyi You can NOT add food coloring to the chocolate candy melts. The melts are oil based, food coloring is water based

Cheese Puff Carrots

Fill a cone shaped bag with cheesy puffs. I used a cake decorating bag.

Carrot Treats with Bunny

OR ... If your the "Cool" Aunt who can sugar up the kids and then send them home use the Palmer Chocolate Carrots or some other orange candy

Bunny Table png
Cheese Puff Carrots

Tie several of them together for a purposely not so sweet treat. Yea that is easier said then done. I used scotch tape to tape both the carrots and the twine, then covered up the tape with some Easter grass and the pom pom bunny.

Palmer Chocolate Carrot
Lollipop Bunnies

Lollipop Bunnies
These are quick and easy. Add a styrofoam ball to the stick of the lollipop. Add felt feet, googley eyes and pom poms for the face and arms and pipe cleaners for ears. Add a bow. Use them by themselves or add them to a Easter basket or bucket.


Treat Holders

Bunny Silhouette Candy Jar

Easter Bunny Silhouette Candy Jar
Silhouettes here were cut on a Cricut. See Our Crafty Fun Cuts Vinyl Page for Step by Step Instructions for cutting vinyl.


Decorated Candy Jars are great Gifts or Party Prizes, however filling them all the way can be costly. Wrap an empty Toilet Paper Roll with aluminum foil and place in the center of the jar and place the candy around it. This is great for smaller candies like M&M's. Jar appears to be full and so does wallet.


Curvy Keepsake Boxes

These fun cute little boxes are great gift boxes or party favors. They come in 2 different sizes and are easy enough to cut out without a Cutting Machine. 

See Our Crafty Fun Cuts Easter Page for SVG/Pattern and Instructions

Curvy Keepsake Box Pom Pom Bunny
Curvy Keepsake Box Bunny Behind
Easter Basket png
Carrot Gift Box FREE SVG
Curvy Keepsake Box Easter Animals

Add one of the Easter Faces 
These files are also available 

Easter Bunny Candy Holders

Easter Candy Holders

These adorable Standing Candy Holders are perfect for your special Some "Bunnies"

SVG Files are available for both the Cadbury Creme Eggs and the Palmer Creme Eggs. Note that the files are different because the size of the eggs are different.

Carrot Gift Box
Can be found on Our Crafty Fun Cuts Easter Page

FREE SVG File Easter Teddy Bear Candy Holder
FREE SVG File Easter Lamb Candy Holder


Yellow Peep png
Purple Peep Cupcake Liner
Pink Peep Cupcake Liner

Peeps Cupcake Liners
Can be found on Our Crafty Fun Cuts Easter Page

Peep Cupcake FREE SVG File
Peep Bunny Patch Cupcakes

Bunny Patch Cupcakes
Whether they are coming or going, your guests will love both ends of the Bunny Patch Cupcakes

Bunny With Peep png
BathTime Peep Pudding Cups

Bath Time
Peeps added to Pudding Cups is a Fun Treat.
Caution: Bunnies and Kids May NOT

come out clean after this bath

Checker Flag Clipart
Stacked Peep Bunnies Game

Stack the Peeps Game

See who can stack the most Peeps
Sounds Easy Right ?

Peep Twinkie Race Car

Notch out the Center of the Twinkie and insert the chocolate cover pretzel for the steering wheel and your bunny driver. Place the pretzels through the Twinkie to make an axel. Sticky side out place the marshmallow on the pretzel to make the tires. Add M&M's for hub caps to complete your car.

Bunny Races

Bunny Race Car Supplies
Peep Bunny Race Track Cake

You will Need:

  • A Twinkie

  • Peeps Bunny

  • 2 Marshmallows (Cut in Half)

  • 2 Pretzels

  • 1 Chocolate Covered Pretzel

  • 4 M&M's 

Bunny Race Track is a 9x13 sheet cake covered in green frosting and crushed Oreos. 
Bleachers are cardboard covered in aluminum foil. 

Add 2 Dollar Store M&M's Eggs and a banner as the finish line

Add a Race Track (Optional)

Peep Lattice Baskets.jpg

Lattice Baskets
Can be found on Our Crafty Fun Cuts Easter Page

Hangin With My Peeps png

Fake Treats

See Our Fake Bakes Pages for more specific Instructions

Bunny Fake Cupcake

 Party Containers I got at Hobby Lobby. I glued a cone shape piece of styrofoam inside so I wouldn't use so much spackle

Carrot Treat Fake Bake
Carrot Drink Fake Bake

Add permanent vinyl to a Dollar Tree Mug or glass for a more custom look.

Bunny Fake Cupcake


Gnome with Fake Carrot Drink
Carrot 02 png
Carrot 02 png
Easter Fake Bakes

Gnomes and Fake Bakes are a Great Combo

Fake Bakes are cute individually but when you put several of the elements together you get something REALLY Cool.

Easter Fake Bakes

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