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TRex Milk Jug Craft
Wizard Mickey Gnome
Tinkerbell Centerpiece
Claypot Cow
Dragon Clipart 02
Paw Patrol Marshall Stick Horse
Dr Who Tardis Clipart
RoBlox Noob Clipart
Rubik's Cube Clipart
Star Wars Darth Vader Pop Bottle Craft

Themed Pages

Football Player Cake
Superman Clipart png
Elmo Clipart png

Bear Budget Crafts


Inexpensive Fun Crafts


Budget Conscious Craft Ideas, Tips and Tutorials for Parties, Home Decor, Gifts OR just for the FUN of making them. Crafts for both Kids and Adults. Party Decorations, Games and Prize Ideas. Treats BOTH Real and Fake, No Sew Gnomes, SVG Files and Clipart. Holidays, Special Occasions and Themed Crafts and Party Ideas.


Looking for something specific use the Search Bar at the top of the page. 

clipart2077569.png Is Now
The name has changed but you will still find all the fun crafts, ideas, instructions that you have come to love and MORE on the way.
The URL has changed but any links you have bookmarked will redirect you to the new site. You may 
still want to update your bookmarks, or if your new to the site, bookmark us and come back often.
If you are revisiting make sure to refresh your page to see any changes we've made.


Bear Budget Crafts' Crew

This is a slideshow you can click through. Click on First Pic to start.

Meet The Crew

We're still Recruiting.
There are More to come.


All of the New Bear Budget Crafts' Crew have read these and are "Certifiable" Crafters. (Yea that's not a typo)

Most of what is here is from Dollar Tree. (Gluing my good scissors to a wooden box didn't seem like a good idea, I am not certifiable ..... Yet.) The books are a DT crate turned upside down.


What's New ?

The 80's Page has become The Retro Page. Crafts, Decorating Ideas, Gnomes, FREE SVGs and Clipart, Games and a whole lot of revisited Memories from the 50s 60s 70s and Yes The 80s can all be found here now

Hippie Gnome

The Graduation Page is now The School Page. Back to School, Teacher and Graduation SVGs and Clipart, Crafts, Gift Ideas, Cakes, Cupcakes and More.

Teachers Have Class Stacked Books
Apple For The Teacher Craft

The USA Page

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day
All Things Red White and Blue has 
MORE. More Crafts - More FREE SVGs -

AI Generated JPGS for both your Cricut and your decoupaging needs

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Gnome News

Red Gnome Clipart.png
Fishing Gnome with Dock

New Spring Gnomes and Ideas have been added to the Spring and Gardens Page

Gnome Garden Dollar Tree Flowers

and Clipart 


Bear Budget Cuts is a page that offers Free Fun Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) for your cutting machines. Step by Step Cricut Tutorials.  Tips and Ideas for Cardstock, Vinyl, Iron On Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) etc. Wood, Glass, Canvas, Chalkboard, Card Projects and so much more.

Stealing Clipart

PNG and JPG Files


These are the comic like pictures scattered throughout the pages that are decorative

Simply click on the clipart you want and it will automatically download a ZIP File. 
ALL pages have this feature !!

Downloadable ZIP Files

All of our Graphic Files (SVG/PNG/JPG) are in ZIP Files. It's the only way our server will let us share them

We've broken the pages down by the Base Materials

  • Vinyl - If your a beginner this is where you want to start.

  • Cardstock - This is where you want to practice

  • Other Materials - This is where you want to play

Cricut Vinyl Decal Gnome Tray

Easy Comprehensible Tutorials



We are in the process of adding new SVG Files to most of our pages. SVGs will be in a box like this, simply click on the ones you want and it will Download.

Downloads will be in ZIP Files with the actual SVG File inside. THERE IS NO CONVERSION ! These are Cut Files that can go right into Design Space.

Most of the SVG Files available here are single color cut files (The Black Ones) 

These files are easy to cut and easy to weed.


We are also in the process of adding AI Generated SVG Files. These are also single color files they are going to be more difficult to weed. The more intricate the picture the harder it is to weed.

Traci has been busy adding Layered Cut SVG Files (The Colored Ones)
These require several different colors of vinyl/cardstock etc and will cut each layer separately. They also have layering stars, these are stars fon each color that you can use to line up your colors easily.


We are also adding MORE clipart PNG Files. These are the pictures you see through out the page OUTSIDE of the box. These too are available to download BUT they are NOT SVG Files. If it's not in the box it's not a SVG.

Looks Good Enough To Eat, Right ?


What are Fake Bakes ?

Fake Bakes are Craft Items that look like food, that will last permanently AND No Calories.

What's the Point ? These are decorative. Wouldn't that pie be cute on a Coffee Bar ? It's FELT !! The "Filling" is Potpourri so it smells good. Or the milk shake on a shelf in the kitchen or use it for a party decoration that won't melt all over. (It's made with Wall Spackle) There are lots of Halloween and Christmas items in the works to add to your seasonal decor. Christmas Gingerbread themed items are so popular and expensive. They can be made easily and a whole lot less expensive. Cakes, Ice Cream Treats, Candies, Cookies. Wouldn't a cute display of Christmas Cookies be cute on your table for more then the 5 minutes they last til the kids get a hold of them ? (Yea the real ones are in the cupboard waiting for when YOU decide they should be eaten :) )


Gingerbread Man Clipart Sitting Clipart
Lattice Apple Pie with Potpourri
Fake Bake Snack Cakes
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Social Media News

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Instagram. We have an Instagram Account. I am still not real familiar with Instagram but I'm learning. Follow Us and watch me try to figure it out :D 

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