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Bored and Party Games

Bored or Board Games, Party Games, Printable Games, Crafty Games and MORE

A ѕtudу reported in the "Nеw Englаnd Journal оf Mеdісіnе" соnсludеd that leisure activities, including bоаrd games, wеrе associated wіth a decreased risk of dеmеntіа іn ѕеnіоr citizens. Gаmеѕ hаvе аlѕо lоng bееn uѕеd tо educate сhіldrеn, teaching things ѕuсh аѕ tаkіng turnѕ, fоllоwіng rulеѕ аnd enhancing vеrbаl communication. Playing games tоgеthеr аlѕо strengthens family аnd соmmunіtу tіеѕ, рrоvіdіng a nonconfrontational opportunity tо соmmunісаtе and build rеlаtіоnѕhірѕ between children, tееnѕ, раrеntѕ and thе elderly. And ........


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Playing Cards

Wood Card Holder
Pool Noodle Card Holder Tabletop

Not sure what game he is playing but this is a REALLY Bad Hand

Noodle Card Holder Hand Held

Card Holders 
Cut 1/4" groove in a 1"x 3" board 16" long.

Wood Crafts not your thing, a pool noodle will work too.  Cut a 16" strip and cut it in half length wise. Make a slice along the top leaving an inch on each side

Need something you can hold ?
Cut a 2" piece of a pool noodle and slice one side of it.

Playing Card Gnomes

See Our Gnomes Page for Step by Step Instructions for the No sew Gnomes

Playing Card Gnomes

FREE Blackjack SVG and PNG 2
FREE Blackjack SVG and PNG 1
FREE Poker Face SVG and PNG
FREE World Series Poker SVG and PNG
FREE Card Suit Border SVG and PNG
Poker Hand Rankings Printable
Playing Cards Trivia

How well do you know an average deck of cards ?

Click on the ones you want to Download


Saran Wrap Ball Game

You will need:
3-5 Rolls of Saran Wrap (Dollar store size)
1 Pair of Oven Mitts
1 Pair of Dice
Large Selection of Candies, small toys, coins etc.

Crafty Fun Parties Printable Cards (Optional)
Reverse Play, Skip Your Next Turn, Trade Prize Piles With Whoever You Choose, Steal 3 Prizes  and more. These cards really add to the game. Click Here for PDF File

Wrap Candies, Coins, Toys and Printable Cards into Saran Wrap continuously as to make a ball. After you get it started I have found that breaking off the saran wrap at various points and wrapping it in different directions makes it both easier to make and more difficult for players to unwrap.

Variation: I have made the ball with all tootsie roll midgets. You can buy them in large bags of like 300 at Sam's Club. All players keep whatever tootsie rolls they have collected but whoever has the most wins a special prize.

Saran Wrap Ball Game
Plastic Wrap Clipart

Select someone to start. That player gets the ball and a pair of oven mitts, the person to his right gets the dice. The player tries to unwrap as much of the ball as possible wearing the oven mitts before the dice roller gets doubles. At that point he must STOP, collect whatever prizes he has unwrapped and follow the instructions on the card if he releases one. He then passes the ball to the next person clockwise and the first player will roll the dice. Play continues until the ball is gone. 

Toilet Paper Wrap

Divide into teams and see who can cover one of the team mates with the most toilet paper in the allotted time

Toilet Paper Wrap Game
Teddy Bear Transparent Clipart
Toilet Paper Roll Clipart
Backwards Clothes Game


Wearing Body Parts backward is optional :D

Have all your guests attend the party with their clothes on backwards. Vote on a winner.

Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest

Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest

Vote on whoever has the best masterpiece.
Fun and it decorates the neighborhood,
Until the next Rain.

Marshmallow Construction Game

Marshmallow Construction

Divide into pairs or individually, have all construct their marshmallow masterpiece using marshmallows and toothpicks. Vote on the whose is the best or whoever's is the tallest wins

Shuffleboard Tic Tac Toe
Human Version of Hungry Hippos

Shuffleboard Tic Tac Toe

Tape a Tic Tac Toe Board on the table and take turns sliding Hershey Kisses across the table to get a Tic Tac Toe. We played in teams, If your like us we just kind of make up the rules as we go. Does on the line count ? If both teams are in the same square whose is it ? Fighting over the rules was as much fun as the game. Winners get the Kisses.

Human Version of Hungry Hippos


 Scatter marshmallows on the table and participants grab for them with Solo Cups on their hands. Whoever gets the most wins. This is a fun game that can be played at any party. FUN but not real sure how marshmallows ended up in my blinds ??? 

Crafty Games

Paper Plate Ring Toss
Paper Plate Ring Toss 2
Paper Plate Ring Toss 3

Paper Plate Ring Toss
Cut once inch slices into the bottom of a paper towel roll and fold them outward to make tabs and glue it to a paper plate to make the post. Cut circles in the center of a paper plate to make the rings. Paint them Fun colors.

Skittles Toss Toilet Paper Roll Craft Game

Skittles Toss
Paint and glue toilet paper rolls together.
Take turns tossing the Skittles into the rolls.

1 Point if it's in a tube
2 Points if it's in the right color


Recommend this is played on a carpeted surface for easier retrieval and clean up

Fishing Pole Craft Game
Fishing Hook Fishing Craft Game

Gone Fishing

Fishing Pole is made from a Aluminium Foil tube wrapped with Jute. The hook is a plastic clothes hanger hook glued and ties on with the jute. Buoys are pool noodles cut at various heights with rope glued to them.

Plan B : You want to catch FISH ? 
Cut pool noodles into 2" 
pieces, add pipe cleaners for lips and fins. Make sure the fins are large enough they can be caught. Add eyes so they can see what is coming :D

These are cute whether you use them with the fishing pole or just by themselves

Pool Noodles Fish
Fish Clipart
Fish Clip art.png
Toilet Paper Frog Game

Toilet Paper Frog Game



Did your mom tell you not to play with your food ?
Well ... Ok ...Yea ... She was probably right. These are a little messy to actually play with, but what a FUN treat for Dominoes Night.

Dominoe Brownies Play

Dominoe Brownies

Simply cut frosted brownies into rectangles. I piped white frosting dots unto them but you could use white Chocolate chips.

Dominoe Brownies Plate
Blackjack Table Cake jpg

Blackjack Table Cake

Printable Games



PDF File Games

can be found on

The Printable Games Page

The majority of my Printables are done in black and white to save ink costs when printing multiples.

  • Word Games

  • Trivia and Quizzes

  • Find the ... Picture Games

  • Mazes

  • Games Based on Music

  • Color and Draw Games

  • Match Ups

  • Gift Exchange Games

  • Jokes and Riddles



Pick A Prize

Go the the Dollar Store and purchase several items. Wrap them individually in tissue paper so no one knows what they are. Let the winners Pick A Prize.
Prizes can be Practical. ... a flashlight, a tape measure, a dish towel, a pot holder, kleenex etc ... or Not So Practical ... fairy wings, a tiara, hemorrhoid cream, a pregnancy test (Yes, my dollar store actually sells pregnancy tests ???) It's more fun if you mix it up, some good and some bad. Make the guy who won the tiara wear it. 
I give out a lot of prizes at my parties, winners. losers, ties, someone who said something especially funny, whoever used the bathroom last ..... With these inexpensive prizes you can afford to give out lots and sometimes "Picking the Prize" ends up to be as much fun as the game.

The Classic Party Games

All Your Favorite Classic Kids Party Games can be found on

The Birthday Page

Classic Kids Party Games 1
Classic Kids Party Games 2

Spontaneous Games

These are word and memory games you can do on the spot. They're not only great for parties, but for road trips, campfires etc. or even if you just want to keep kids busy. You can play along as you get other things done.

I Packed my Grandmother's Trunk

Players state "I packed my Grandmother's Trunk and in it I put _________." The first person says something they would put in the trunk. The 2nd person repeats the phrase and what is already in the trunk and adds an item. The next person says the phrase repeats ALL items in the trunk and adds their own. Once a player misses something they are out. Play continues until there is only one person left.

I packed my Grandmother's trunk and in it I put a frying pan .... Who's Next ?

Trunk Clipart
Grandma Clipart

Through the Alphabet

Pick a category and take turns naming something that starts with the letter in sequence. First person uses A, the 2nd player B etc

Category Suggestions:



"Animals A


Your Turn"

Red, White and Blue Memory Game
The first person names something red, the next names something white, and the next something blue. Continue following the pattern. Each time someone repeats something already said or can't think of anything, they're out. 

Double Up Word Game
Chose a player to start. That player chooses a word containing double letters, such as cool. Then the next player must think of a word that includes the double letters of the last letter in the chosen word. Thus, cool ends in l, so the  next word must contain 2 L's, as in pillar. Play then shifts to the next player, who follows the pattern. In this case, the next word must contain a doubling of the letter r, since that letter ends the word pillar. Play continues until a player can't think of a word to play and they are "out". Last person "in" wins.

Also Try ....

  • I Spy

  • Simon Says

  • 21 Questions





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