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Mother's Day

Mother's Day

I wanted to include a Mother's Day page on this site knowing that most of my target audience are moms. Some moms are not comfortable having kids make something for themselves. So I've tried to keep the gift items here Fun but inexpensive. Ideas that you can help other kids make for their moms. Nieces, nephews, friend's kids, neighbors, students etc. Or think of them as a kid's craft you get a keepsake from. They'd also be great gifts for Grandma.


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Mothers Day Gnomes

 Moms Love Gnomes 
See My Gnome Page for Ideas and Step by Step Instructions for the No Sew Gnomes

Personalized Gifts

Mom's Super Powers Printable
Supermom Clipart png
Mother's Day Fingerprint Bookmark
Mother's Day Fingerprint Bookmark Printable

Finger Print Bookmarks

Print out the PDF file (It makes 2)

Have the child use their thumb or finger coated in paint to make a flower around the stem provided. Add a couple more for leaves. After they sign it, you can be done ..or I added a piece of construction paper and a ribbon for more color

Superhero Mom Candy Craft

 A little bit of paper,felt and pipe cleaners can turn a candy bar into a Super Mom Mascot. The completed form and Super Mom Mascot is a great inexpensive idea you can help your nieces and nephews or your friend's kids make for their moms.


Mom may have Super Powers she is not even aware of. The mom of this child had no idea of her amazing BLINKING abilities.

Print out the Mom's Super Powers Form and have a child fill it out. The world through a child's eyes is always FUN.


"I made you this flower with my fingers and thumb. So you will have the memories for all the years to come."


Mod Podge can transform almost anything into a personalized meaningful gift for mom.

Decoupage Mom Blocks Mod Podge

I stained and added pictures to scrap pieces of 1"x4" wood

I Love You to Pieces Puzzle Frame
Cotton Stem Arrangement
Decoupage Metal Vase Dollar Store

I love these metal containers from the dollar store and I really love them when you add the personal touch of photos

Mother's Day Add a Picture to a Candle
Mother's Day Add a Picture to a Candle Supplies Needed
How to add a picture to a candle

Picture Candle

You will need: Tissue paper, markers, pillar candle, wax paper and a hair dryer.

Have your child draw a picture on a piece of white or light color tissue paper. Paper needs to be slightly smaller then the candle, both height and width. Do not overlap on the width. The child needs to be careful and keep the picture simple, not a lot of fill in color. It's tissue paper and will tear easily.

Place the drawing on the candle and cover it with a piece of wax paper larger then the candle, with enough extra width to make a handle to hold on to. Make sure it's holding the drawing to the candle securely. 

Heat the candle with the hair dryer, melting the wax so the tissue adheres to it. Picture will be more transparent as it melts into the candle. Continue all the way around the candle. Remove the wax paper. You can reposition wax paper to go over any spots that were missed.  

I Love You to Pieces Puzzle Frame

Frame and Puzzle were found at the Dollar Store. Simply glue and add a photo.

Mother Daughter Clipart png

Amazon Paid Link

Flowers That Will Last

Pipe Cleaner Flower Garden

Pipe Cleaner Flowers are a fun gift for mom. 

These hydrangeas are made from Coffee Filters. I found the instructions on Youtube from "Your House a Home TV" Instructions are easy to follow step by step. She even offers alternative ways to do these. Push the button for the link.

The container I got from the dollar store

Hydrangea from Coffee Filter Metal Arrangement
Shabby Chic Toilet Paper Roll Rose Arrangement
Mom Teddy Bear Clipart png

These roses are made from Toilet Paper Rolls. The vase is a Spaghetti Jar I decoupaged. See the Shabby Chic Page for Instructions

Mothers Day Watering Can Clipart png

Fun Crafts

Whisk Dragonfly
Dragonfly Clipart png

Whisk Dragonfly
Separate the wires from the whisk to make wings. Cut the 5th hoop and add beads for eyes and antennas . I've seen it where they've added wire and beads into the wings, but I wanted to keep it simple so I just wrapped strung beads around the body. You can add a wire skewer to the body to use a stake for outdoor use.

You Light Up My Life
Heart Silhouette Jar
Lighted Heart Silhouette Jar

Heart Silhouette Jar
Glue Black construction paper hearts to the inside of a jar. Decoupage Multi colored tissue paper to the outside. I added Crystal Glitter to give it a more finished look. Add a battery operated candle to light it up.
Do Not Use a regular candle, Hearts are PAPER.

Busy Mom Clipart png
Toilet Paper Thanks PDF

Toilet Paper Thanks
Ok, So maybe you weren't always the perfect child. 

Printable PDF File

Toilet Paper Thanks


Coffee Gnome
Coffee Makes Everything Possible Sign
Pour Some Sugar On Me Sugar Jar
Mothers Day Coffee Ideas

Coffee Gnome

She was made from a towel I found at Dollar Tree

See my Gnome Page for Step by Step Instructions for the No Sew Gnomes



Coffee Makes Everything Possible Sign

Click on the clipart and print. It's just a JPG. Add a cork mat I got from Dollar Tree and a frame from (Yep you guessed it ) DT.


Pour Some Sugar On Me Sugar Jar

Click on the clipart and print (Again just a JPG File) and simply Mod Podge it to a jar.
*Use the  waterproof Mod Podge !!! You're probably going to want to wash it 

FREE Coffee SVG and PNG Files

FREE Coffee SVG and PNG Files 01
Coffee SVG and PNG Files 01
Coffee SVG and PNG Files 03

Click on Image to Download your File. File contains both the SVG and the PNG images

Free SVGs

Click on Image to Download your File. File contains both the SVG and the PNG images

Happy Mothers Day png
We Love You Mom png
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