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Foot Prints Shoes Clipart
Foot Prints Shoes Clipart
Roblox Logo
RoBlox Party

Noob Cake

I used 2 boxed cake mixes and I over filled a 9"x13" cake and a 6" round cake pan, I cut 1/3 of the 9"x13" cake and turned it to make the legs and cut sides off the round cake to make the head. Frosted it yellow, blue and green, added a face and some Happy Birthday Candies I picked up at the grocery store

RoBlox Noob Cake
RoBlox Blocks

RoBlox Boy

I used a 2 liter pop bottle I cut the pourer off then painted and decorated with felt

RoBlox Blocks

I covered cardboard boxes with red table cloths. (It was easier to cover up what was printed on them then paint) I downloaded RoBlox font off the internet and printed up letters

RoBlox Noob Clipart
RoBlox Clipart 2

Yea I wrapped the box with the present !!

RoBlox Party decor Craft Girl Sweatshirt Hoodie

RoBlox Girl was made from painted cardboard boxes. The head is a 2 liter pop bottle with the spout cut off. I painted it and add felt hair and face.


RoBlox Girl  and the Birthday Girl wear the same size.

RoBlox Sweatshirt Hoodie
RoBlox Adopt Me Logo

The wide popularity of RoBlox is based on the fact that each player can chose which games to play and there are LOTS to chose from. One of the Birthday Girl's favorites is Adopt Me. I used Dollar Store finds and created a small real world Adopt Me Center. These can be given away as prizes, party favors or presents for the guest of honor.

Don't Forget the Animal Crackers

RoBlox Adopt Me Party Decorations
RoBlox Clipart

Another favorite is Speed Run. I placed slippers I found at the Dollar Store next to it. (My runner likes a relaxed run.) Footprints on the table cloth would be good here also.

RoBlox Speed Run logo
Foot Prints Shoes Clipart
RoBlox Speed Run Party Decorations

Detroit Lions Fan RoBlox Boy

This party happened to have 2 Birthdays. The other one happened to be an adult Lion's fan. I wanted to acknowledge his birthday without distracting from the child's birthday. Sometimes combining themes can be both inclusive and cohesive.

RoBlox Lions Fan Craft Boy Party decor

RoBlox Crayon Holder Cards

These were made for Valentines Day, but can easily be changed to ANY OCCASSION. The FREE SVG and How To Video can be found on OUR Cricut Crafts Valentine's Day Page

Roblox Crayon Holder Card Outsideside
Roblox Crayon Holder Card Inside

RoBlox Coloring Pages

RoBlox Noob Coloring Page
RoBlox Adopt Me Coloring Page
RoBlox Jail Break Coloring Page
RoBlox Work At A Pizza Place Coloring Page
RoBlox Valentines Box
RoBlox Valentine Card Holder PDF

RoBlox Card Holder .. Great for Valentine's Day
 Simply wrap/cover a cereal box with paper (ie Wrapping Paper, Construction Paper, whatever you have on hand) Cut a slot in the box for a place to drop the cards. Print off one of the PDF Files and glue it on.

FREE RoBlox Logo SVG and PNG Files

Click on the ones you want to Download


Click on the ones you want to Download

RoBlox Fund Jar

Pokemon Catch Em All Clipart

Pokemon Go Party

Pokemon Go Party.jpg
Pokemon Craft Pop Bottles DIY
Pokemon Pikachu Bulbasaur Polyswirl Crafts

Characters were made from  2 liter plastic pop bottles I cut the pour spout off and painted. Felt was used for their features.

Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Polywhirl

Pokemon Squirtle Charmander Jigglypuff Pop Bottle Crafts

Charmander, Squirtle and Jigglypuff

Pokemon Jigglypuff Oddish Pop bottle Craft

Jigglypuff and Oddish

Pokemon Mystic Blue Team Clipart

The Birthday Girl (and myself) are part of the Blue Team.
Team Mystic


Pokemon Pokeball Cake
PokeBall Clipart

Pokeball Cake
Simple round cake and 3 colors.
I used a decorating bag and star tip to fill it in.


Pokemon Exeggutor Deviled Eggs
Pokemon exeggutor clipart

Exeggutor Deviled Eggs

I simply took a black marker to some hard boiled eggs

Pokemon Oh Deviled Eggs
Pokemon Oh Clipart

Even easier add an Oh? to your plate

Pokemon Add Pikachu to Photo
Pokemon Pokeball Fruit Tray

Pokeball Fruit Tray

Place fruit dip in the center of a place and surround it with blueberries. add strawberries to one side and marshmallows to the other. (Mini marshmallows would probably look better but this is what I had.) So easy a 7 yr old actually did most of this one.

Pikachu Joined The Party

You can add one of your Pokemon to your picture right in the Pokemon Go App. Pull up your Pokemon and select one then just hit the camera icon on the screen




Click on picture to download file

 Name The Pokeman Printable Game
Bulbasaur Clipart
Name the Pokemon by the Picture
Charmander Clipart
Pokeball Glass Jar

Pokeball Glass Jar

Simply paint a jar (I used a spaghetti sauce jar) red and white. I used a coat of Mod Podge over the paint to prevent it from chipping. Add a ban of black felt or ribbon. Then cut a circle of white felt, glue it to a piece of black felt, cut the black felt around the circle making a larger circle around it. Glue it to the center.

Super easy !!!!

Pokemon Trivia
Color Pikachu Printable
Pikachu Clipart



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These are FREE SVG Files, however these images are AI generated. They are more detailed, so they are more difficult to weed. Easier ones can be found in the Black Box
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