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Last Updated 1/22/23


 New Years Crafts, Party Ideas, Games and More


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Out With The Old

2020 Pandemic Time Capsule

2020 Pandemic Time Capsule

I used a large plastic container, this one was one of the bulk containers you can get at Sam's Club, however any container will work.

I painted it white and Mod Podged the 2020 icons onto it. Then distressed it with some grey paint and sandpaper.

2020 Time Capsule Printable 1
2020 Time Capsule Printable 2
2020 Time Capsule Questionaire
Old Year 2020 Blow Out Game

Old Year Blowout
Try to knock the party hats off the plate using only a blow out noisemaker. It's a great way to take out your frustrations of 2020. I used small party hats I found at Dollar Tree and added 2020 labels I printed out, but plastic cups and a marker would work too. I also used a  bowl under the plate to raise it so the hats could actually fall.

New Years Eve Party Decorations
Countdown to New Year
Countdown to New Year Printable

Countdown to New Year
Pop the balloons as the hours pass by

In With The New

Jiminy Crickets Wishing Tree




Pay The Bills

Jiminy Cricket's Wishing Tree
Have everyone write their New Year Wishes on a star. Everyone knows what happens ... "When You Wish Upon A Star"

Jiminy Crickets Wishing Tree Printable
Wishing Tree Stars Printable
Midnight Kisses Party Favors
Hershey Kisses Clipart

Midnight Kisses
Fill empty toilet paper rolls with Hershey Kisses and wrap with festive paper for a great midnight treat.

Ring In The New Year Bells
Confetti or Marshmallow Poppers

Confetti Poppers
Tie off a deflated balloon and cut it in half. Tape the open end to a toilet paper roll so it's secure. Decorate and fill with confetti or mini marshmallows for less of a mess.

Pull back the knot and let them fly.

Don’t Look Back, Just Ahead (2 Players)
Give one player a bag of cotton balls or pom poms and give the other player (from the same team) a New Year’s Eve party hat.

For the game, player 1 must stand behind player 2 and toss cotton balls or pom poms over player 2’s head. Player 2 must try to catch the pom poms without turning around and looking back and their teammate, just by stretching and reaching to catch the poms.

First team to catch five first wins.

Roll The Year Dice Game

Each player takes turns rolling 4 dice. The first player to roll the year wins.

Midnight Roll

Roll a “midnight” roll (two 6’s) as many times as you can in one minute.

The player who rolls the most midnight rolls wins.

Dice Clipart


 Marshmallow Dodgeball

Pretty much an excuse to lob marshmallows at each other or make simple marshmallow catapults and compete to see who can fling small objects the furthest. See the St Patrick's Page for catapult.

Favorite Memories

Have everyone write one or two words that represent a favorite memory from the year on a piece of paper. Mix up the papers and then have people pull them out and read the words. See if everyone else can figure out what the memory is and who wrote it down.

New Year's Kisses

Give each player ten kisses and the first one to unwrap them wins! (it’s more difficult than you’d think…and hilarious!)

Hershey Kisses Clipart

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hide photos from the past year around the house and send the kids hunting for them.

Two Resolutions and a Lie

Have each family member take a turn telling everyone else two real resolutions and one pretend one, then guess which one is the lie.

New Years Eve Party Hat Clipart

Ring In The New Year Bells
Glue bells to a painted craft stick and add some streamers


Champagne Gnome SVGs
Wouldn't these be cute on a lighted wine bottle ?

Click on the pic to download 

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