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Last Updated 1/27/23



Farm Themed Cakes and Crafts that are "Udderly" Fun Inducing 

Cow Cake

Cow Cake

Tractor Cake

Tractor Cake

Pig Mud Bath Hot Tub Cake

Pig Mud Bath Cake

Cow, tractor and pigs are all made from marshmallow fondant

Claypot Cow

Clay Pot Cow

Clay Pot Windchime 

Clay Pot Windchime 

Cow Pitcher

Cow Pitcher





Pig Clipart png
Cow Clipart.png

All Clipart on this page
is "Stealable" (FREE)
Click on the pic you want to Download

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Fake Bake Cow Pie

Fake Bake "Cow Pie" eeewwww
Maybe Cows and Fake Bakes shouldn't go together ??? But if you find this funny there are instructions for felt pie slices on Our Fake Bake Page

Milk Jug Piggy Bank
Milk Jug Piggy Bank 2

Milk Jug Piggy Bank

Barn Clipart png
Yarn Sheep Craft

Yarn Sheep

Cut cardboard into a egg shape. Paint 2 clothes pins and the small end of the egg black. Attach clothes pins to the side of the egg to make legs. Wrap all but the face in yarn (Any kind will work) Ears are a folded piece of jute. Add googley eyes and your done. Simple and cute.

Yarn Sheep Instructions

SVGs and PNG Files

Click on Image to Download your File. File contains both the SVG and the PNG images

FREE Farm Sweet Farm SVG and Png Files
Cute Cow With Bow FREE SVG
Obsessive Cow Disorder Sign

This File contains SVG and JPG Files

Add it to a Dollar Tree Canvas and some ribbon and you have a cute Farmhouse Sign.
I used the Ravie Font for the lettering

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

12 Inches by 20 Feet

This works just as well as the more expensive brands


This page basically covers Farm Animals but if you'd like more SVGs, crafts and ideas for farmhouse decor ...

Check Out our Modern Farm House Page under the Home Decor section


Modern Farm House

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