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Farm Themed Cakes and Crafts that are "Udderly" Fun Inducing 


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Highland Cows

Highland Cow Gnome 1
Highland Cow Gnome 2
Highland Cow Gnome 3

These are my new obsession. This one is easy to make similiar to the Sock Gnomes and you can totally change their look by how you decorate/accent them. These are all made with the same sock base, they are just different sizes and have different accents. This is a "guide" as to how I made these, it is not as specific as the gnome tutorials found on the Sock Gnome Page. If your confused about, how to fill the sock, how to cut fur etc.  please see that page for more specific instructions.

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Amazon Paid Link
I found this on Amazon you get 20 pcs of Faux Fur PLUS 40 pcs of the wooden balls for $16.  There are a couple of different options for the colors of the fur. The fur is nice and long. Several of the wooden balls are small but I like them for eyes and nostrils. Whether your making gnomes or cows, it's a good way to try work with fur if you haven't tried it yet. AND it makes these cows afforable. Hobby Lobby's Faux Fur Sheets are $3 EACH x20, this is a pretty good deal.
Highland Cow Sign

Free SVGs Click on pics to download

Highland Cow With Bees
Highland Cow Gnome No Eyes

This started out with the Highland Cow (With the body) I put on a wooden board I found at DT. I then found the cow face SVG and thought that would be cute with it. I found the burlap stretched palettes at Dollar Tree and tried using HTV on them. (For the record HTV does not iron onto burlap and permanent vinyl doesn't stick.) So I ironed it on a piece of felt that gives the illusion of leather (Hobby Lobby) and glued it to the burlap palette. Added another burlap palette and the chalkboard. Finished it with some rope. Crafting is often trial and error



Claypot Cow
Clay Pot Windchime 
Cow Pitcher
Cow Clipart.png

Clay Pot Cow

Clay Pot Windchime 

Cow Pitcher

Fake Bake Cow Pie

Fake Bake "Cow Pie" eeewwww
Maybe Cows and Fake Bakes shouldn't go together ??? But if you find this funny there are instructions for felt pie slices on Our Fake Bake Page

Cute Cow With Bow FREE SVG

This File contains SVG and JPG Files

Add it to a Dollar Tree Canvas and some ribbon and you have a cute Farmhouse Sign.
I used the Ravie Font for the lettering

Obsessive Cow Disorder Sign


Yarn Sheep Craft

Yarn Sheep

Cut cardboard into a egg shape. Paint 2 clothes pins and the small end of the egg black. Attach clothes pins to the side of the egg to make legs. Wrap all but the face in yarn (Any kind will work) Ears are a folded piece of jute. Add googley eyes and your done. Simple and cute.

Yarn Sheep Instructions


Milk Jug Piggy Bank
Milk Jug Piggy Bank 2

Milk Jug Piggy Bank

Pig Clipart.png

Free SVGs Click on pic to download


Farm Fresh Eggs Sign

Farm Fresh Eggs
Egg was painted with a crackle technique. I painted the whole thing black, let it dry and painted a coat of Elmer's Glue over it. While the glue was still tacky I painted over it with white paint. Used a stiff yucky brush for this, using as few brush strokes as possible. White paint crackles as it dries. It's pretty cool.


Free SVGs Click on pic to download


How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Silly Chicken

This guy makes me laugh everytime I see him. A great feature for a craft.

I Raise Chickens Sign

Free SVG Click on pic to download

I Raise Chickens. I'm Literally A Chicken Tender
I painted and distressed a DT Round sign, added twine to the edge. Chicken and words were done on the Cricut. Crate and eggs are also from DT.



Horse Silhouette Sign
I found the horse at Hobby Lobby. It was a Clearance Christmas Ornament. (90% Off) When searching through clearance items think outsde the box. Lots of things can be used for other purposes. I simply glued it to a DT Burlap stretched canvas. (I just found these)


Farmer Gnome is a Standing Gnome with legs. Instructions for similiar Gnomes can be found on the Standing Gnome Page


Amazon Paid Link

Farmer Gnome
Barn Clipart png

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

12 Inches by 20 Feet

This works just as well as the more expensive brands

Free SVGs Click on pic to download

FREE Farm Sweet Farm SVG and Png Files
Cow Cake
Tractor Cake
Pig Mud Bath Hot Tub Cake


Cow Cake

Tractor Cake

Pig Mud Bath Cake

Pig Clipart png

Cow, tractor and pigs are all made from marshmallow fondant

This page basically covers Farm Animals but if you'd like more SVGs, crafts and ideas for farmhouse decor ...

Check Out our Modern Farm House Page under the Home Decor section


Modern Farm House

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