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Bunnies, Carrots, Eggs, Chicks, Crafts, Decorations and Crafty Gift Ideas, FREE SVGs, PNGs and JPGs, Dollar Tree Makeovers, Games and More. 
Did I mention Bunnies ?

Our Other Easter Pages

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Sweets & Treats

Crafty Treats, Treat Holders, Gift Boxes, Baskets and FUN Easter Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookie Ideas and MORE

SVG and PDF Files for Easter Projects.

Cupcake Liners, Gift Boxes, Candy Holers and MORE.


Easter Gnomes

No Sew Gnomes dressed up like Bunnies, Carrots or their Easter Best. Made from Socks, Pool Noodles, Dollar Tree Makeovers and MORE

Easter Bunny Cake
Chocolate Carrot Strawberries
Bunny Silhouette Candy Jar
Easter Candy Holders Bunny Bear Lamb
Rainbow Easter Bunny Gnomes
Gnome DeCor-Eggor


I ordered these off from Amazon. You get 24 for $16 which makes them under .70 a piece. These work well for Gnomes too. Just glue on shoes, hat and a nose and your done. See the Gnome Decor-Eggor Below.

Amazon Paid Link

Faux Fur Pom Pom Bunny Magnet 

Faux Fur Pom Pom Bunny Magnet 


Simple just glue a face on, using whatever you have around the house. Attach accents to the core of the pom pom as much as possible. i.e Try not to glue just to the fur. You want it more secure

Pipe Cleaner Whiskers

This is the time of year when you may find yourself making a lot of bunnies and struggling to find something to use for whiskers. Pipe cleaners are bulky and look like fuzzy 
caterpillars, HOWEVER if you take a lighter to a black pipe cleaner, it will melt the fuzz and leave you with a black wire. Perfect for whiskers

Bunny Wreath

Bunny Wreath


This was a Dollar Tree Wire Bunny Wreath Form I wrapped with chunky yarn, also a DT find. I then cut a 8" circle from DT Foam Core, covered it with DT plaid fabric and glued it to the back, good side facing out. For the inside of the ears I used the same fabric but glued jute around them so fabric would not unravel. Added a bow and Done.

Dollar Tree Dice Bunny

Dollar Tree Dice Bunnies

Dollar Tree Dice Bunny 2
Antique Bunny Wall Hanging
I seen a video where the lady used a lighter to burn off the excess when mod podging a napkin unto a wooden cut out. Worked like a charm in the video. not so much in my kitchen. It scorch the paper .. so I pretty much just went with it and antiqued the whole bunny. He's Cute, but not my first choice. 
Antique Bunny Wall Hanging
Bunny Candle Holder

Bunny Candle Holder
Turn a wine glass into a cute bunny candle holder. Face can be made from anything you have, Googley eyes, felt, pom poms, marker, paint etc.

Bunny Jar
This is a spaghetti jar I painted pink. The hat is a Twisted Ruffled Hat (See Our Sock Gnome Page for pattern) I made bigger. The ears are felt. The eyes are mod podged on (There's a JPG File on Our Crafts Page) Pom Pom Nose, Wooden ball for the nose and whiskers are pipe cleaners I singed . I later added eyelashes, which do you like better ?

Bunny Jar
Bunny Silhouette Jar

Bunny Silhouette Jar
This is a spaghetti sauce jar. I used the Cricut vinyl to make bunnies then painted the jar black over them. Peeled them off when it wa dry. Added Easter Grass, Fairy Lights and ribbon for a fun silhouette jar.

Bunny Jar Eyelashes
Dollar Tree Wooden Plaques Bunny

DT Wooden Plaques Bunny
This Bunny was made from 2 DT Wooden Heart Plaques (Feet are 1 and Body is one flipped upside down) and a Bunny Wooden Head Plaque. I stacked and glued the DT Jenga Blocks to the back, to make her stand. Then just added a face and ribbons.

Dollar Tree Bunny Makeover Black
Dollar Tree Bunny

Dollar Tree Bunny Makeover
I painted the bunny black (I did use the brown bunny to start with so paint would cover better). I Love the black bunny and it's great for decor BUT you lose the softness by doing this, so I wouldn't recommend it for a child. I then added the face and clothes. Once again eyes are on the Crafts Page and Hat is on the Sock Gnomes Page

Yarn Puppy With Bunny Ears

Puppy With Bunny Ears
It's "Ruff" when the Bunnies and Chicks get all the attention this time of year !!
See Our Animals Page for Step by Step Instructions for How To Make The Yarn Puppy

Bunny With Egg 01
Bunny With Wagon PNG
Grey Bunny 01 png

Hey !!!
You're Not a Bunny

Grey Bunny 02
Ballerina Dollar Tree Bunny Makeover
Karate Dollar Tree Bunny Makeover
Karate Dollar Tree Bunny Makeover Back

HTV Vinyl lets you easily personalize your bunnies. For this one I wanted the eyes a little bigger so I added vinyl over the existing eyes too.

This one went to my nephew who is a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do


Amazon Paid Link

Gingerbread Eyes jpg

My nephew made these eyes for me. So Cute !!! I have used them on several projects. I just print them and Mod Podge them on.

Click on the pic to download the JPG file

Bunny Spa Dollar Tree Metal Tub

Bunny Spa Day. Everybunny needs a complimentary snack tray with their bath. The tray is made from DT Jenga blocks. Bubble bath is polyfil/stuffing with crystal glitter.

Buffalo Plaid Bunny Dollar Tree Makeover

I Love Buffalo Plaid
For this one her nose came off when I ironed on the eyes, so I replaced it with a painted wooden ball. I also like the whiskers (which are black pipe cleaners)  not being straight.

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Bunny Cricut Face

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Bunny
I painted a DT Pizza Pan with White Chalk Paint and glued on a DT Hat. The ears are DT Foam Board covered with white felt and I glued chunky yarn around it. This face was made with the Cricut permanent vinyl.

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Bunny

No Cricut ? No Problem. Use Felt, Pom Poms, etc for the face

This was made with a Dollar Tree canvas. I glued popsicle sticks across for the brim of he hat and added fur, pom poms a nose and whiskers. Add a bow to the hat and done.

Dollar Tree Canvas Bunny

Dollar Tree Canvas Bunny

This was made with a Dollar Tree wooden silhouette bunny and a DT wooden crate. I decoupaged fabric unto the bunny and filled the crate with DT flowers.

Silhouette Bunny Garden

Plaid Bunnies Floral Arrangement

Dollar Tree Plaid Bunnies Garland can be cut apart and added to other crafts. Flowers and wooden box were also Dollar Tree finds

Bunny From Dollar Tree Egg

Bunny Made From DT Egg
I glued on boots (Instructions on the Sock Gnome Page) and felt ears. Eyes and nose are painted wooden balls. Whiskers are pipe cleaners. Added bows and done.

Dollar Tree Bunny Sign Stand Up

Dollar Tree has a variety of hanging holiday signs, my problem is I don't have that much wall space. You can easily transform them into a stand up piece by adding legs and boots/shoes

Dollar Tree Bunny Sign Bandit

Or you can continue adding and make him into a Carrot Bandit.

Crackle Paint Easter Bunny

Or  if you have wall space. You can crackle paint a bunny sign. I painted  the bunny with purple, pink and blue stripes, let it dry and painted a coat of Elmer's Glue over it. While the glue was still tacky I painted over it with white paint. Used a stiff yucky brush for this, using as few brush strokes as possible. White paint crackles as it dries. It's pretty cool. 

No Sew Bunnies

How to make a No Sew Bunny
No Sew Bunny
How to make a No Sew Bunny

Whether you want your ears long or short, unfinished edges or glued seams. You need a Bunny Base to start.

Step by Step Instructions for your Bunny Base
There are more pics then what you can see. Click on 1st pic to start slide show.

Add embellishments to make him your own

Crafty No Sew Bunny

Add Pom Poms and Googley Eyes for a crafty character look. Kids love these.

Farmhouse Style No Sew Bunny

Add Burlap, painted glue dots, twine and a little blush for a more Farmhouse look

Cute No Sew Bunny with Carrot

Add felt eyes and nose along with the twine and a rustic looking carrot (Dollar Tree) for a combination of the 2.

Big Carrots and Bunnies

Big carrots and Bunnies are made from 2 Liter Pop (Soda) Bottles. Use just the carrot, just the bunnies or any combo to fit your space

Make Your Own Bunny Garden Instructions
Click on 1st Pic to start Slide Show.

There are more pics then what you can see 

Soda Pop Bottle Carrots
Bunny Garden From Soda Pop Bottles

You will need:
2 Liter Pop/Soda Bottles
Glue Gun

EVERYTHING else is whatever you want.

I used Stiffen Burlap (See My Craft Page as to How To Cut and Stiffen Burlap) but you could use Felt or foam board or even construction paper. I used Felt for Bows and Aprons but again you can use whatever you have on hand. For the face I used googly eyes, pom poms and jute but you could just paint one on.

There isn't a pattern for any of it. Greenery for carrots are long strips of burlap none are the same. Bunny ears are basically pointed ovals but they are all different shapes and sizes. * Cut 2 at a time for 1 Bunny. You don't really want one bunny to have 2 different ears but other then that you can't mess them up.

Soda Pop Bottle Bunny
Soda Pop Bottle Bunny Garden
Soda Pop Bottle Bunny Garden 2
Bunny With Carrot png

I set them up in my house on the coffee table, so I wanted a 360 degree view.

Dollar Tree Bunny Sign


Dollar Tree Carrot Sign


Peeking Bunny
I combined 2 Dollar Tree Signs. Burlap, twine and some DT greens were the perfect "Addition".

Peeking Bunny
Carrot and plaid bunny wall hanging sign
For this one I toned down the gawdy sparkly garland with some paint and added silk leaves and bunnies. The bunnies, also Dollar Tree were a garland I cut apart.


Decoupage is a quick easy way to decorate your crafts. Here are some cute Bunnies you can download and print. Click on the ones you want.
Decoupaged Bucket with Bunny Eggs and Flowers
Easter Bunny Ribbon Wreath
Bunny With Orange Eggs jpg
Bunny with Orange Eggs
This is the JPG File I used. I just printed it out and Mod Podged it to a pizza pan. Click on pic to download
A wire wreath frame and Dollar Tree orange burlap ribbon were the base of this wreath. When I ran out of ribbon (4 and 1/2 rolls) I added green tulle from Hobby Lobby. The bunny is decoupaged on to a DT pizza pan I glued and wired to the back of the wreath. Then just added the DT carrot.

For this one I just Mod Podge the bunny on a Dollar Tree wooden sign. The HI was done on the Cricut but could easily be painted. Loved this one so much I hung it on my house

Peeking Bunny Hanging Sign
Decoupaged Watercolor Bunny Sign

I Mod Podged this one to a Dollar Tree stretched canvas. Added the Happy Easter I made with the Cricut.  fyi ... It is harder to get the wrinkles out when you are gluing to something that does not have a solid surface. Especially if you are trying to cover the entire area.

Bunny Egg with Cardstock Flowers
Bunny Egg with Cardstock Flowers

Bunny Egg
Although it's hard to tell from the 1st pic this one actually has dimension. I used 1/2 of one of the large DT plastic eggs (I cracked the other half didn't want to waste $1.25.) I painted it. (Make sure you Mod Podge after you paint plastic or it will chip !!) I mod podged the bunny on the inside (This is a great way to get a focal point without buying a figurine) DT Rick Rack around the edge. I poked a hole in the bottom and inserted a dowel. (I added a small piece of styrofoam inside to help secure it) The flowers are cardstock (See Our Crafty Fun Cuts Cardstock Page for SVG or you could use silk flowers) The sign is a DT chalkboard (I flipped around and used the wooden side) DT Clay Pot, I filled with styrofoam and rocks (You want some weight in there) Glue the dowel into the styrofoam and add more flowers and Easter Grass into the pot..

Cute Bunny Clipart jpg


Wooden Cross on Stretched Canvas

The base of this is a Dollar Tree Stretched Canvas. It was painted with a crackle technique. I painted the whole thing black, let it dry and painted a coat of Elmer's Glue over it. While the glue was still tacky I painted over it with white paint. Used a stiff yucky brush for this, using as few brush strokes as possible. White paint crackles as it dries. It's pretty cool. The cross is DT Jenga Blocks and the flower was made on the Cricut from the Free SVGs on Design Space. There's a guide for them on the Cardstock Page.

He Is Risen Shelf Sitter
Dollar Tree Wooden Box I painted black. I added the cross made from DT Jenga Blocks which I draped with burlap. Lettering was done on the Cricut.

Click  to Download

Old Rugged Cross Easter Sign
Old Rugged Cross lighted jar
Old Rugged Cross lighted jar
Old Rugged Cross Sheet Music.jpg

Old Rugged Cross

Decoupaged sheet music to a stretched canvas, then made the cross from wired burlap ribbon. I tied the cross first then glued it to the canvas.

FREE Old Rugged Cross JPG
Click  to Download

Decoupaged sheet music to the outside of a spaghetti sauce jar. I then wrapped and glued it with jute/twine. The inside cross is cut (with a scissors :) No Cricut needed) from cardstock I colored with a black marker and Mod Podge to the inside. Added fairy lights to light it up. The outside cross are sticks and burlap.
Cross PNG Clipart
Thorns and Cross PNG Clipart
Crucifix Cross

Click  to Download

Vinyl on DT Stretched Canvas

Cross PNG Clipart


Dollar Tree Dice - Carrot

Dollar Tree Dice Cute Carrot
The eyes are a JPG I printed out and Mod Podged on. (Brown, Green and Blue) are available on Our Crafts Page. The nose is hot glue I stacked in layers.
Dollar Tree Dice Carrot
Dollar Tree Dice Carrot with Legs and Shoes
Add Legs and shoes
They are cute without the face too
Carrot Refrigerator Magnet

Carrot Magnet

This is a small Dollar Tree Cut Out, you get 8 in a package. 

Gnomes Egg-stra-ordinary Carrots
Gnomes Egg-stra-ordinary Carrots

Egg-stra-ordinary Carrots
Everybody thinks Easter is all about the Bunny BUT... It's gnomes who put the magic in Easter. This was a DT Plastic egg I cut a hole in and painted. (Note: This was one of the ones that had the clear plastic on one side and the colored plastic on the other. Cut the hole in the clear plastic side. The colored side is a harder plastic and will crack when you try to cut it.) Carrots and Clay Pot are also DT. I did paint the carrots, they were originally the ones that were striped and replaced the paper leaves with raffia. There's various options to make the gnomes on Our Gnome Pages. Added fairy lights to make it magical.

Carrot Garland 

Carrot Garland
Carrot Garland Close
Bunny Carrot png
Carrot 02 png
Carrot Clipart
Gnome Feet
This mold is available at Amazon. The big ones are 2" the small ones are approx 1 1/2". 
Fill Silicone Molds with Hot Glue
Silicone Feet Mold
Simply fill them with your hot glue gun.
Easter carrot Jar With Bunny Ears

Carrot Jar With Bunny Ears

This is a jelly jar I filled with DT carrots. The ears are from the Bunny Faces available on the Cricut Easter Page but you could do them in felt and get the same effect.

Dollar Tree Carrots Arrangement
Dollar Tree Carrots Arrangement
The Container is a DT Bucket I wrapped with green burlap. I filled it with metal carrots and the plaid carrots were a DT garland.
Hint: Fake greenery can be expensive and hard to find at DT lately. For your more "Country Rustic" crafts you can stiffen green burlap to help fill in. Delute matte Mod Podge with water, paint it on your burlap, place it flat on foil to dry, so it doesn't stick. Once dry you can cut the burlap into leaf shapes and it won't unravel. You can glue them onto a stick/wire or sometimes I just glue them into the arrangement. 
Stiffening burlap is a good method for making flowers too. Simply cut out petals and glue them together.
Burlap Leaf
Gnome Grown Tiered Tray
This is not a Step By Step Tutorial but more of a Slide Show Guide to show you what I used and where I got them. There are more pics then what you can see here. Click on 1st pic to start.

Gnome Grown Tiered Tray

Gnome Grown Carrot Stand
Gnome Grown Carrot Stand
This is a stand alone piece, that is cute whether you have a tiered tray or not. It's made from a Dollar Tree crate and popsicle sticks. Gnome is a Prescription Bottle Gnome. You can find Step by Step Instructions on The Gnome Page

Chicks and Eggs

Hangin' With My Peeps Sign

Hangin' With My Peeps

Chick Refrigerator Magnet

Chick Refrigerator Magnet
Egg-Cellent Easter Decoration

He was made with a DT Wooden Egg. I used the Cricut for the glasses and words however a wire and paint pen would work. I glued dowels on the bottom with shoes. There are Step by Step Instructions on Our Sock Gnome Page for the shoes

Farm Fresh Eggs Sign

Farm Fresh Eggs
Egg was painted with a crackle technique. I painted the whole thing black, let it dry and painted a coat of Elmer's Glue over it. While the glue was still tacky I painted over it with white paint. Used a stiff yucky brush for this, using as few brush strokes as possible. White paint crackles as it dries. It's pretty cool.

Welcome Peeps Sign

Welcome Peeps
Dollar Tree Egg I decoupaged with fabric and added felt for the crack and beak. The eyes are 1/2 wooden balls and pipe cleaners for the "Hair". Welcome was done on the Cricut.

Egg Chick png
Chick 01 png
Chick 02 png

The Egg Wreath is not an original idea, they seem to be all over the craft group pages. I learned making this that if you use a little bit of hot glue on the eggs and tack them to the frame it's easier to close, so you don't have eggs popping out while you are trying.

Chick In Dollar Tree Egg Arrangement

I Mod Podged the chick inside a Dollar Tree plastic egg and glued it into a wooden box (With the help of some small styrofoam pieces to help it stand upright) Added burlap,flowers, eggs and some twine.

Chick In Dollar Tree Egg Arrangement

Click  to Download

String Egg Chocolate Bunny

String Eggs

Step by Step Instructions for String Eggs
There are more pics then what you can see. Click on 1st pic to start slide show.

Kid's Crafts



Carrot Plastic Egg
Plastic Easter Egg Animals

Turn Plastic eggs into fun animals. Add eyes, foam board legs and ears, felt and pipe cleaners to plastic eggs. These are the ones I came up with what can you and your kids make ?


Pig Plastic Egg


Mouse Plastic Egg





Bunny With Egg 02 png


Decorated Plastic Egg Glitz

Add Some GLITZ

Plastic Egg Spell

Spin,Spell and Rhyme
Twist the egg to make rhyming words

Turn Math into a fun game

Plastic Egg Math



Milk Jug Bunny
Bunny Milk Jug

Turn a Milk Jug Into a Bunny Basket

Milk Jug Clipart
Toilet Paper Rolls Bunnies Chick

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls can be Fun Animals

These are here to give you ideas, so there are no patterns or lists of materials needed. Use what you have. Felt, foam board, construction paper. paint, markers. I used pipe cleaners for whiskers if you don't have pipe cleaners use string, yarn or wire. If you don't have googly eyes use felt or just draw them on. Bunny ears are just a basic oval pointy on one end. They can be long and skinny or short and fat. Although in my opinion it's better to cut both ears at the same time so they match, if you want 1 ear tall and the other one short, go for it.There is no right or wrong

Decoupaged Bunny Candle
Bunny Nose Masks

Bunny Nose Masks
Add Pom Poms and Pipe Cleaners to Craft Sticks for fun masks that "No Bunny" will recognize you when you wear them.

Bunny Candle
DT now has pastel candles. They are not perfect (They're $1.25) BUT they can be doctored up. Mod Podge a picture on to it and some crystal glitter and some ribbons. Great kid's craft.

Games and Activities


Jelly Bean Balance
Players are provided a small cup of Jelly Beans and a Popsicle Stick. They place the Popsicle stick in their mouth and then try to balance the jelly beans on top of them. First player to balance Six Jelly Beans wins

Easter Egg Guess 
Fill numbered easter eggs with small items that you find around your house (toothpick, paper clip, staple, push pin, nail, etc.)  Let them shake the eggs and write down their guess as to what's inside the various numbered eggs. Whoever guesses the most wins.


Easter Mazes Printable

Easter Mazes

Easter Jokes Printable

Easter Jokes


Egg Hunt Variations

Message Eggs
Place little messages inside the eggs instructing kids to do various things.
Hop on One Foot. Sing a Song. etc

Jelly Bean Trail
Leave a trail of Jelly Beans leading to the locations

Night Hunt
Use Glow-in the-Dark Eggs or Glow Sticks and Flash Lights

Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt 02
Easter Bunny Clipart

Reverse Egg Hunt
Let the kids hide the eggs. Kids will have fun watching the adults trying to find the eggs they hid.

Trust Hunt
Blind fold your hunter and tell them whether they are Hot or Cold

Easter Egg Hunter Gnomes

Happy Hunting
Remember there is no "Poaching" 

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