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Fairy Crafts, Party Ideas, Tinkerbell Party Decorations, FREE SVGs, Clipart and More

Last Updated 1/27/23

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Fairy Candle Jar
Fairy Candle Jar 2
Tinkerbell Pumpkin
Tinkerbell Silhouette jpg

Tinkerbell Pumpkin
See our Halloween Page for carving tips

Fairy Candle Jars

Tinkerbell Party

Tinkerbell Centerpiece

Tinkerbell Centerpiece
Tinkerbell Clipart 01 png

Click on Tinkerbell Image to download. Print off Tinkerbell Clipart. Tinkerbell's skirt was made with the bottom of a pop bottle, cut off the spout and flip upside down. Cover with tulle and leaf shaped pieces of felt. I glued the clipart unto a dowel and insert it into the top of the skirt. Add Dollar Tree wings and fairy lights.

Fairy Wings Party Chair Decor

Dollar Tree Fairy Wings can be used for Tinkerbell and added to chairs for party favors

Tinkerbell Flower Centerpieces

Tinkerbell Plastic Flower Centerpieces

Step by Step Instructions for Pop Bottle Flowers

Tinkerbell Clipart 02 png
Tinkerbell Clipart 03 png
Tinkerbell Clipart 04 png
Tinkerbell Cake

Use 1 of the centerpieces as a cake topper. I used a large pool green noodle as a base.

Click on Image to download

Despite the fact this is a really stupid picture for marketing these fairy lights. These are cool strands of lights a little over $1 a strand AND they are waterproof.

Fairy Wands Centerpiece Party Favors
How to Make a Fairy Wand
  • Cut felt square into thirds long way.

  • Cut slits into it every couple of inches. Be careful not to cut all the way through.

  • Round off edges to form a petal


These don't have to be perfect or even​

  • Roll the strip onto a painted dowel to form a flower, gluing as you go.

  • Add felt leaves and tulle

Fairy Wands

Place several of them in a vase for another centerpiece until the guests chose one

Tinkerbell Peter Pan Party Favors Boxes
Tinkerbell Curvy Keepsake Box
Small Curvy Keepsake Box Pattern SVG PDF File
Curvy Keepsake Box Pattern SVG PDF File


Print/Cut 2 for each box. Paste pieces together as shown in PDF Files. Score ond fold the center square. Bring handle pieces to meet together of the top. Bring each of the slotted sides up over the handle.

Peter Pan Curvy Keepsake Box
Peter Pan Keepsake Box Clipart Printable
Peter Pan Clipart png
Tinkerbell Keepsake Box Clipart
Tinkerbell Clipart 05 jpg

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Curvy Keepsake Boxes

These fun little boxes are great party favors or gift boxes

The PDF Files are sized for the Large Curvy Boxes


Click on Image.

These are all PNG Files with Transparent Backgrounds

Fairy House Clipart
Periwinkle Fairy
Silvermist Fairy
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