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Pumpkin Crafts, Ideas for carving and painting pumpkins, Clipart and SVGs and MORE 


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DT Wall Hanging Felt Pumpkin Makeover

The Great Ful Pumpkin

I seen on my FB feed an idea of taking a pumpkin and writing on it something that you are grateful or thankful for everyday from now til Halloween. Obviously the author of the post AND ME think the world would be a better place if we were thankful/grateful more then just on Thanksgiving. I kind of took that idea and ran with it in a crafty way. "It's The Great-Ful Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" Show gratitude even if you get ROCKS !!!


I started with a Dollar Tree foam pumpkin, painted it to tone down the color. (Why are they in your face orange ?)

Charlie Brown is a pill bottle I glued 1/2 a styrofoam sphere to the top, so when I place the Sheet (Felt) over him it would be rounded. I glue felt to the bottle and added Gnome Shoes (See The Sock Gnome Page) You don't need the shoes !! I then just glue white felt over him for the sheet and added some black felt dots

The sign is a DT chalkboard I wrote on with a paint pen. The rocks were from when I went Trick or Treating last year :D

Charlie Brown I Got A Rock GIF
Great Pumpkin Clipart png

It's the Great-Ful Pumpkin Charlie Brown

DT Wall Hanging Felt Pumpkin Makeover
  • Glue some felt/material to the edge of the back of your pumpkin. Leave the center so you can stuff it with polyfill. Leave the bottom open so you can add the legs.

  • Glue dowel to the inside of your pumpkins where you want the legs

  • I rolled and glued some purple felt into a tube. I made the tubes bigger then the dowel so I could scrunch them up. Put them around the dowel and glue to the inside of the pumpkin. 

  • Stuff the pumpkin lightly and glue closed.

  • The shoes are the Gnome Boots I made bigger. The pattern and directions can be found on the Sock Gnome Page. (Your going to need to enlarge them.)

  • Insert and glue the legs into the boots

  • Add ribbons and embellishments and your done.


DT Paper Clip Holder Pumpkin

This one is quick, easy and really cute


  • Paint 2 Dollar Tree Paper Clip Holders orange

  • Tie then together with twine or wire, so they will open

  • Add accents, (stem, leaves, twine)

  • Add a Electric Candle (You can accent too)

Dollar Tree Paper Clip Holder Pumpkin
Dollar Tree Paper Clip Holder Pumpkin
Dollar Tree Paper Clip Holder Pumpkin
Light Up Burlap Pumpkin

Burlap Light Up Pumpkin
This was a Dollar Tree find.
Originally is was a somewhat tacky light up foam pumpkin covered in orange glitter. I painted it with a burlap colored paint so the orange would not show through AND it sealed the glitter so it wasn't EVERYWHERE. Then I simply glued burlap to it and added some twine, green burlap leaves and floral tape covered wire.

Thumbs Up pumpkin Clipart
Twine Jute Pumpkin

Twine/Jute Pumpkin

Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric Pumpkins

Yarn Pumpkins

Click on 1st picture for

Step by Step Instructions

Yarn Pumpkins

Not all my crafts turn out exactly how I want them to. I tried the pool noodle technique with yarn it was a FLOP. The yarn was not stiff enough to hold up.


How I fixed it

Plaid Fabric Pumpkin

For this one I just sewed a running stitch around a circular piece of fabric. Placed polyfill on top of it,  pulled it tight and tied it off.

These were made with a styrofoam ball and pieces of fabric. I will try to get Step by Step Instructions soon

Glass Jar Pumpkin

Glass Jar Pumpkin

Simply paint a glass jar or mason jar orange, (I use spaghetti sauce jars a lot) paint the lid green and add some decorations

Pumpkin Candle Holders Wine Glasses

Glass Pumpkin Candle Holders

Simply paint a glass wine glasses and decorate

Wood Cube Pumpkin

Wooden Cube Pumpkin

Buffalo Plaid Wooden Pumpkin Sign

Buffalo Plaid Wooden Pumpkin

The wooden pumpkin I found at Dollar Tree, I sanded off the glitter and painted it with white chalk paint.

The Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin is vinyl I cut on the Cricut. SVG available here. I added a bow and embellishishments

Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin FREE SVG

Click pic for FREE SVG

Pumpkin Crafts Mantle

With a Pumpkin Theme it's easy to transform your decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I can just remove the ghosts and I'm ready for Thanksgiving. 

With the exception of the DT Plaid Pumpkins everything here has a tutorial on this site.

Download Includes:

  • Pumpkin Box SVG File

  • Pumpkin Box Instructions PDF File

These cute Pumpkin Boxes are great party favors, Halloween decorations or for your special little Tricksters.

Cricut Pumpkin Boxes

Pumpkin Box FREE SVG File
Top cut 1w: 2.903h: 3.177 Side cut 2w: 2.919h: 4.209 Bottom cut 1w: 2.061h: 2.334 Front/back cut 2w: 3.654h: 3.540 Leaves cut 1w: 3.189h: 3.697 Steam cut 1w: 1.533h: 2.013

Pumpkin SVG and PNG Files

Pumpkin Everything FREE SVG and PNG Files
Pumpkin 01 FREE SVG and PNG Files
Pumpkin 03 FREE SVG and PNG Files
Pumpkin 02 FREE SVG and PNG Files

Wooden Pumpkin Decorating Contest


A fun idea for work, school, parties or groups, is a pumpkin decorating contest. Decorating small wooden pumpkins is easy, no matter what their age or craft level. AND a whole lot less messy then decorating real pumpkins. Small wooden pumpkins can be found at Dollar Tree or any craft store. You can provide paint and embellishments or let the participants take them home to decorate and bring them back. Vote for the favorites.


Add Paint


Add a Face


Add a Embellishments

Add Glitz

Make It Personal


Add Accessories

Make It FUN !!!



Soak your pumpkins in bleach after carving to prevent them from molding and they will last longer. 1 teaspoon bleach for every 1 gallon of water into a larger container and stick your pumpkin inside. Let them soak for 20-30 minutes and pull out and allow to air dry.
After it's dry spraying the cut surfaces with hairspray can also slow down the decaying process.

Carved Pumpkin Face

Basic Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins Carved Clean Through

Cutting holes all the way through a pumpkin's skin.

Carved Face

Pumpkin Face Pattern
Creepy Pumpkin

Add some narrow cuts all the way through and your pumpkin can be more Creepy

Fiery Pumpkin
Fiery Pumpkin Pattern

Fiery Pumpkin

Click on Patterns for Free PDF Files

Transferring an Image on to a Pumpkin

Transfer Image on a Pumpkin
Pinned Pattern On Pumpkin

Pin your image onto the pumpkin. Cut slits in the pattern paper to allow it to curve with the shape of the pumpkin. Place the pins on the part of the pattern you will be cutting out. 

Pumpkin Carving
Poke Holes Following Pattern

Use a pumpkin poking tool, nail, toothpick. etc. to poke small holes through the paper, tracing the lines of the pattern.

Remove the image when finished and dust some baby powder or cornstarch over the area so the holes will be more apparent.

Dust Pumpkin With Powder
Patterned Pumpkin Transferred Image

Wipe Off Excess and your now ready to start carving

Flaming Pumpkin

Flames Clipart
Flames Clipart
Flames Clipart
Flames Clipart

Turn Up The Heat

Flames Clipart
Flames Clipart
Flaming Pumpkin
Flaming Pumpkin Insert Toilet Paper Roll In

Place a roll of toilet paper inside your pumpkin. . Soak it with kerosene, throw in a match and STAND BACK !!!!
Adult Assistance Required but the Kids Love this. We set it on a concrete driveway up away from the trick or treaters and placed a piece of plywood underneath it so it wouldn't singe the concrete. Burns for a couple of hours.

Flaming Pumpkin Soak With Kerosene
Flames Clipart
Flames Clipart

More Pumpkins Carved  Clean Through

Using the same basic techniques your possibilities are endless

Upside Down Bat Pumpkin
Bat Pumpkin Pattern

Hanging Bat Pumpkin

Keep in mind when drawing or picking out your pattern that you need enough spots attached to the pumpkin so it's still secure. In the case of this bat. The wings and the ears are not carved all the way around, otherwise your just going to have a circle when you are done

Cherish Teddies Teddy Bear Pumpkin
Cherished Teddies Pumpkin Pattern

Cherished Teddies
Teddy Bear Pumpkin

Tinkerbell Pumpkin

Tinkerbell Pumpkin

Tinkerbell Silhouette jpg

Tinkerbell Silhouette
is a JPG file

Fairy dust holes were done with a drill

Vampire Mickey Mouse Pumpkin
Vampire Mickey Mouse Pattern

Vampire Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

Frankenstein Painted Pumpkin
Thumbs Up pumpkin Clipart

Pumpkins Without


Dollar Tree Witch Pumpkin

Painted Pumpkins

Partially Carved


Gooey Pumpkin Monster

Gooey Pumpkin Monster
I cut the lid off the pumpkin and added felt facial features. I glued them to pipe cleaners and poked them in the "goo."

Milk Jug Pumpkin

Milk Jug Pumpkin
This one is super easy. Simply cut a mouth out of a mug jug, paint it orange and add eyes and teeth. The stem is a toilet paper roll with some green pipe cleaners and a couple of felt leaves

 Carving Without

A Pumpkin

Pumpkin Layering

Rather than cutting holes all the way through a pumpkin's skin, some people remove layers of the skin to create designs. The deeper you carve the lighter the effect. Just take off the "skin" and it will be darker in those areas. 

Pumpkin Layering

HINT: When possible leave the pieces that are cut clean through in place until after you've done your layering. This will give the pumpkin more security while you are layering.

Cat Pumpkin Pattern
Cat Pumpkin

Cat Pumpkin

Lantern Pumpkins

Lantern Pumpkins

Kids Portrait Pumpkin
Kids Portrait

With Practice and PATIENCE you can transfer and carve any image

Light Em Up

Waterproof LED Light

I found this at Five Below. So many uses, safely light up your pumpkins, no flames and brighter then your electronic candles. 

Submersible Craft Light

Transforms a Simple Milk Jug into a

Ghost .... Pumpkin  .... Monster

Halloween Milk Jug Ghost
Halloween Orange Milk Jug Pumpkin
Halloween Milk Jug Monster


AND it is totally SUBMERSIBLE.
Even after Halloween,

this is a crafter's, party planner's must have.

The potentials are endless

I found this at Dollar Tree. They are just plastic pieces you poke in to the pumpkin

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