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Spring and Gardens


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Craft Ideas, Bugs, Flowers, SVGs, Clipart, Treats, Gnomes and MORE

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Cakes and Cupcakes


Lady Bug Cupcakes

Lady Bug Cupcakes
If you can make circles and lines you can do these


Great Idea

Sunflower Cupcakes


Sunflower Cupcakes

The centers are Oreos. Even if you can't pipe the petals, frost a cupcake with yellow frosting and sink an Oreo in the center. Candy Lady Bugs can usually be found anywhere they sell cake supplies

Flowerpot Cupcakes

Flower Pot Cupcakes
Place some tissue paper into the bottom of a decorated clay pot and drop a cupcake in. Great gift idea.

You can do this !!

Apple Cake

Apple Cake

The apples and leaves are Marshmallow Fondant used like Playdoh .. See My Cake Ideas Page for fondant recipe

Piping 101

Sunflower Cake

Sunflower Cake
This is a good one to start with if you want to learn how to pipe. Petal Practice. Hint: When you're done with the leaves and flowers, take the smallest round tip you have and drizzle the brown line/vine through the design, it brings contrast to the cake and distracts all the inperfections.

Sunflower Basket Cake

Needs Patience

Sunflower Basket Cake
The basket weave requires Patience, I don't have. Yea my sister made this one. I can do the basket weave and it's fun at first BUT I run out of patience about 1/2 way through and rush the rest and it's just not pretty.

Lady Bug Clipart
Lattice Basket Cupcake Holder Pink
Lattice Basket Cupcake Holder Purple

Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners

Probably need a Cricut

Flower Garden Cake
Eat Dirt Ice Cream Treat

Eat Dirt

Kids love this !

Take a small container that looks like a flowerpot. Or use a clay pot and line it with something. Fill with Ice Cream about a half inch from the top. Top it off with crushed Oreos so it looks like a pot filled with dirt. Insert silk flowers or you can insert a straw into the pot and add fresh flowers just before you set them out. DON'T put fresh flowers in the freezer !!!

Potted Flowers Party Treats
Cute Butterfly 01 png
Cute Butterfly 02 png

I added some butterfly clipart to some of them. You could also add the little butterfly/ladybug etc accents you can find at the stores OR you can get a little gross and add gummy worms

For the cake I just made a simple layer cake and frosted it to match the pots. Topped it with Oreo crumbs and inserted silk flowers


Great Idea

Pipe Cleaner Flowers Garden

Pipe Cleaner Flower Garden

Check Out

The Pipe Cleaner Flowers Page

for Step by Step Instructions

Pipe Cleaner Sunflower Vase
  • Daisies

  • Black Eyed Susans

  • Tulips

  • Stephanotis

  • Violets

  • Daffodils

  • Roses

  • Grape Hyacinths

  • Tulips

  • Sunflowers

Pipe Cleaner Lady Bug

Make Your Own Garden or Centerpiece

Hiding in Plain Site

Picket Fence Clipart


Even in a Neon Garden, these Chameleons seem to blend.

Neon Clay Pots Daisies Chameleons
Neon Daisies and Chameleon iguana geeko

Pipe Cleaner

Easy Step by Step Instructions

You will need:

3 12" Green Pipe Cleaners

1 3" Pink Pipe Cleaner

2 Googly Eyes


Wire Cutters, a Marker and Glue

Pipe Cleaner Chameleon Iguana Geeko
Pipe Cleaner Chameleon iguana geeko 2
Pipe Cleaner Chameleon iguana geeko
Chameleon Clipart


Gnomes and Mushroom Wood Crafts
Dollar Tree Ceramic Mushroom Gnomes
Mushroom Cap Silhoutte Gnome Jar

Garden Gnomes and Mushrooms
Gnomes are a 2"x 2" board cut at about 4"
I painted the bottoms and used fake fur for the beard, wooden peg for the nose and burlap stiffen with Mod Podge for the hat

For the mushrooms I covered half a Styrofoam circle with red burlap using Mod Podge and added white burlap circles again with the Mod Podge. Make sure the red has dried completely it will bleed unto the white if it's still wet. Glued them on top of another 2"x2"

Dollar Tree Mushroom
I found these little ceramic mushrooms at Dollar Tree. Glue  a beard, nose and accents for a quick easy gnome. Add boots to take that extra "Step".
Mushroom Cap Silhoutte Gnome Jar

I painted a  glass jar white and added a mushroom cap to the lid made from material. (Basically it's 2 pieces of material I glued together and stuffed) I only glued it to the lid so the jar can be opened. Added some silk greenery and some silhouettes I got off from Google

Purple Flower Gnomes
Mushroom Cap Gnome Polka Dots.
Sunflower Gnomes
See My Gnome Page for Step By Step Instructions for the Basics for your No Sew Gnomes
Spring Gnome Gardener
Sunflower Standing Gnomes
Garden Fairy Gnome
Flower Gnomes
Spring Bumble Bee Gnomes
Spring Bumble Bee Gnomes 2
Spring Daisy Gnomes
With a little felt you can turn your gnomes into flowers. These are all pool noodle gnomes.
These springtime gnomes are sock gnomes with the boots glued right to the body
Sock gnome with mushroom cap
These are pool noodle gnomes
The gnomes on each side are sock gnomes with boots glue right to the body. For the center one I used a foam football I cut in half and wrap with jute/twine to make the bee hive. The gnome itself is a pool noodle gnome. The bucket was a DT find I drizzled glue into and painted. Hats are felt I stiffened with Mod Podge and I used white felt for the wings
These are all pool noodle gnomes. I made the hat for the one the right out of 1/2 a styrofoam ball I glued to the pool noodle and wrapped with jute. The wings are all outdoor lawn windmills I found at Dollar Tree. The girl in the center's dress is made from a Bumble Bee Costume I found at DT. (Wouldn't recommend this however, the material was hard a shiny, silky, stiff fabric that was hard to work with.
Flower Pot Gnomes
Spring Gnomes from Pill Bottles
All these little guys are made from pill bottles. Pill Bottles are great for smaller gnomes. Remove the label (Yep even gnomes have HIPAA regulations) and cover with material and decorate. See Our Gnome Page for an easy way to make the petals for the Flowerpot Gnomes
Lady Bug Gnome
He was made from an old sweater. Lady Bugs are buttons I found at Hobby Lobby
Click on 1st Pic to Start
Clay Pot Gnome
Add a beard and nose to a clay pot


Plastic Egg Cactus

Cactus Garden
Repurpose your plastic eggs from easter with some paint and you have a cactus garden. These cute little cactus gardens are great all year round. Simply glue the eggs together and paint to look like a cactus. I white washed a clay pot , closed off the hole in the bottom and added styrofoam and sand. Cute and Easy

Welcome Spring Candle

Welcome Spring Candle
Dollar Tree now has Pastel Candles, perfect for spring crafts. They are not perfect and for $1.25 you should expect perfection but they are cute when you add to them. This one was done with the Cricut.

Fun Kid Crafts

Firefly Jar Craft
Firefly Craft

I took black decorative stones, glued eyes and wires for wings. I put a large dot of Glow In The Dark Paint on their backsides. This is one of those ideas that was better on paper than actuality. I wasn't real impressed with the paint. Maybe you'll have better results. "Trap" them in a jar and they're cute whether they glow or not 

Toilet Paper Roll Caterpillar
Pom Pom Butterfly Craft

Caterpillar to Butterfly
Glue pom poms together and add eyes. Wings are tissue paper. Then just tuck your butterfly into a toilet paper roll painted green

Firefly Clipart 01
Caterpillar Inch Worm Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Caterpillar or Inch Worm made from Toilet Paper Rolls

Butterfly Clipart


Butterfly Clipart 01 FREE SVG
Butterfly Clipart 02 FREE SVG
Butterflies Without Change Vinyl Sign
Flowers 01 FREE SVG
Hello Spring FREE SVG
Caterpillar FREE SVG


Find The Car Printable Game
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