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Gnome Themed Crafts


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Gnome Themed Crafts, Wall Hangings, Shelf Sitters, Decoupage, Free AI Generated Images, Free SVGs, Gnome Treats and More
Gnome Crafts
Gnome Welcome Sign Dollar Tree Makeover
Dollar Tree Gnome Welcome
Gnome Boots Pattern
Honestly this one took some time, only because I needed to make 7 pairs of boots. HOWEVER they were VERY inexpensive to make and I didn't have to use my precious hard to find Dollar Tree booties. I made them using the FREE Card Stock pattern on the Sock Gnome Page. The gnome sign was a Dollar Tree find. I glued styrofoam inside the boot, stuck a dowel into it and glued it to the backside of the sign. (make sure you add weight to the boots). Added some pom poms to the hats for extra dimension. 
Mushroom Cap Silhoutte Gnome Jar

Mushroom Cap Silhoutte Gnome Jar

I painted a  glass jar white and added a mushroom cap to the lid made from material. (Basically it's 2 pieces of material I glued together and stuffed) I only glued it to the lid so the jar can be opened. Added some silk greenery and some silhouettes

Gnomasize Any Sign

Gnome Homes
Replace beards and noses on a pool noodle based gnome with doors and windows.
Gnome Home
Gnome Home with Gnome
Tin Gnome Sign
Dollar Tree Tin Gnome Sign

Tin Gnome Sign

I found this at Dollar Tree amongst their Valentines stuff. It's cute but I wanted something I could use all year long that would match my decor. A little bit of paint, some beads and chalkboard hearts (Also Dollar Tree) and I transformed it into something that goes with my decor.

Love Gnomes Sign
Detroit Lions Gnome Wall Hanging
Taylors Boyfriend Gnome
Gnome Sign Plain
Turn a plain sign into a 3D Stand Up Gnome
How I did it.
This is not a Step by Step Tutorial. Just a guide. Check the Sock Gnome Page for specific directions for all the components
Gnome Book Stack

Gnome Book Stack

Dollar Tree Book Stack are real popular, to the point they are becoming hard to find. You can turn a DT wooden crate upside down and get a similiar look. 

AI JPG Images

FREE AI Generated JPG Files

These Files are JPG Files. They are printable pictures, with a solid background. They are good for decoupage, sublimation or Memes but they are NOT SVGs, so they will not work in the Cricut as a cut file as is.

Click on 1st pic here to start the slideshow. There are more pics then what you can see here. Each pic has a link with it so you can download which ever ones you want.

Male Gnomes

Click on 1st pic here to start the slideshow. There are more pics then what you can see here. Each pic has a link with it so you can download which ever ones you want.

Female Gnomes

Click on 1st pic here to start the slideshow.  Each pic has a link with it so you can download which ever ones you want.

Gnomes with Fireflies

Gnome Lighted Wine Bottle
Gnome Lighted Wine Bottle

Gnome Lighted Wine Bottle

For this one I painted the wine bottle dark blue. Hint: If you mix some Mod Podge with your paint it will stick to glass better. Add a little Mod Podge for an opaque look, add more for a translucent look. For this one I mixed the 2. The bottom part of the bottle is opague but for the top I wanted the translucent so the "Moonlight" would shine through. I decoupage the gnome on the bottom and painted the moon and trees on the top. Added Amazon lights and some jute.


I've been adding lights to wine bottles for years but it's always involved drilling a hole in the bottle for the chord to go through. These are the coolest things EVER. Battery operated lights that fits into the bottle like a cork.

Amazon Paid Link


Click to Download

Gnome Gift Boxes
Gnome Gift Box Side View
Gnome Gift Box
Gnome Box Gift Box Instructions
Cricut Vinyl Decal Gnome Tray
Cricut Vinyl Decal Gnome Tray
Step by Step Instructions for how to cut and apply the decal can be found on the Crafty Fun Cuts Page
Click on Pics to Download Files
Gnome With Wheelbarrow SVG JPG
Gnome 2 SVG jpg
Gnome 5 SVG .jpg
Gnome 4 SVG jpg
Gnome 6 SVG jpg
Gnome 3 SVG jpg
Gnome Candle Cricut Vinyl
Gnome Wall Hanging

Today's Menu Take It or Leave It Wall Hanging

This is a Dollar Tree Charger Plate I painted the center white and added the vinyl gnome cut with the Cricut. Added the wooden utensils (DT), chalk board sign also with the Cricut and a bow.

Click to Download File
Gnome Goodies
Gnome Cookies
Gnome Cookie
Gnome Cookies Unfrosted

Gnome Cookies
These are made from a Silicone mold found at Walmart. The mold is deep  enough for cake batter too

Gnome Candy Jar
Gnome Candy Jar back

Gnome Candy Jar

Add a beard and nose to the jar and a hat to the lid for a really cute Candy Jar.

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