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Fake Bakes


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Fake Bakes Ideas and Tutorials. Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Donuts, Coffee, Ice Cream and MORE


What are Fake Bakes ?

Fake Bakes are Craft Items that look like food, that will last permanently AND No Calories.

What's the Point ? These are decorative. Wouldn't a pie be cute on a Coffee Bar ? It's FELT !! The "Filling" is Potpourri so it smells good. Or a milk shake on a shelf in the kitchen or use it for a party decoration that won't melt all over. (It's made with Wall Spackle) There are lots of Halloween and Christmas items in the works to add to your seasonal decor. Christmas Gingerbread themed items are so popular and expensive. They can be made easily and a whole lot less expensive. Cakes, Ice Cream Treats, Candies, Cookies. Wouldn't a cute display of Christmas Cookies be cute on your table for more then the 5 minutes they last til the kids get a hold of them ? (Yea the real ones are in the cupboard waiting for when YOU decide they should be eaten :) )

 Like the Gnomes I am just learning this and will take you on a step by step journey with me. I can't believe I've spent 20 yrs trying to make cake look like real things and now I am learning to make real things look like cake ???? But it's totally addicting, stop back by and check it out !!!


See Our Gingerbread and Candyland Page for more Fake Fun. Not just Christmas.

Quick Links For This Page
Spackle - Caulking - Ice Cream - Mugs - Pies - Donuts - Brownies - Cupcakes - Cakes

Spackle ... Yep you're trading your baker's hat for a toolbelt

One of the main things you are going to need is LIGHTWEIGHT Spackling. This can be used for Whipped Cream, Ice Cream and Frosting. Spackling can be found at Dollar Tree in small containers. DO NOT USE THIS !! I have found the larger containers of other brands available at Walmart or any Home Improvement Store are easier to work with, especially when piping. Make sure it is LIGHTWEIGHT


Mixing your Spackling

You want to add acrylic paint to the spackling to both color it and thin it out. You can color it any color you choose, but paint is needed even if your using it for white. Spackle will dry with a gray tone, adding white paint will keep it white. I mix mine in a sealable plastic container, spackle dries out quickly so keeping it covered as much as possible is key. Craft sticks work well for mixing. AND you want to keep some Wet Wipes on hand for clean up. DO NOT WASH YOUR HANDS OR ANY MATERIALS USED IN THE SINK. SPACKLE WILL MESS UP YOUR PLUMBING !!!!


Whipped Cream Clipart

 The texture of the Spackle differs depending on which brand you get and how long it's sat on the shelf so there is no exact recipe. The texture I have found to work the best is somewhere between frosting and heavy whipped cream. You want it stiff enough so when you stir it it holds it's peaks. If you get it too thin add some flour, corn starch or even baby powder to thicken it up.


Fake Frosting Too Runny

If texture is too thin it will lose it's shape or collapse when drying

Baker Clipart
Handyman Clipart

In the cake decorating world squeezing the frosting through a bag to get your desired design is called Piping. There are some who use a baggie and cut a hole in the corner and this works but is difficult to control. If this is your first project try it but if you find yourself getting frustrated BEFORE you quit, I would recommend you invest in cake decorating bags usually around $4-$5 a box and tips (The metal part at the end that determines how the frosting will come out) They usually run a couple bucks each.



Piping Bags come in 2 sizes
12" and 16"
For the most part the 12" bags will usually meet your needs unless you are doing a large projects or several at the same time


Tips come in 2 sizes
You are probably going to want the larger size when first starting out. It is easier to get the spackle through the larger tips


There are a bazillion different type of tips, that all give you different effects. If you are just starting out I would go with a Large Star Tip. This one looks like the tip of a can of whipped cream you buy at the store. And a Round Tip, this one will give you a smooth line, kind of like a soft serve ice cream machine puts out. Smaller tips like this work well for writing on cakes.

Piping Bags

Piping Tips


Filling the Piping Bag

Cut the tip off the piping bag. Some people place the tip inside the bag and mark it to see where they want to cut it


The tip goes inside the bag so that a little less the half of it is sticking out. Make sure it is in there snug so your "Frosting" won't come out the sides.

Fill the bag with your spackling mixture. Squeeze out any air bubbles.

Now you're ready to play.
HINT: When piping whipped cream or decorating cupcakes start piping on the outmost circumference and working in circles work your way in.

This is for the 16 oz size, 8 oz and Gallon sizes available

Amazon Paid Link



Caulk Clipart png

Caulking is used to thicken your paint for toppings and drizzles. Mix paint, caulking and Gloss Mod Podge together to make your drizzle. I like the little squirt bottles they have a Dollar Tree to store it in. Plastic Ketchup and mustard bottles will work for larger amounts. These make it easier to drizzle the topping.

Ice Cream


Ice Cream is probably one of the simplest Fake Bakes, simply scoop your spackling mixture out with a ice cream scoop and put it in a bowl


Drizzle some of your Caulking Mixture over it


Add more of you Spackling Mixture for whipped cream. Sprinkles here are little jewelry beads I got from Dollar Tree. Add spoons, I cut the handles off and just stuck them in. And of course, A Cherry On Top. 


Milk Shakes

Fake Strawberry Milkshake
Fake Chocolate Milkshake and Sundae

Milk Shakes are another easy project to start out with. Clear glasses and mugs are usually available at Dollar Tree so they are inexpensive.
The other reason these are a good starting point is you can make them up and if you don't like what you've done, you can clean them off with paper towel and a wet wipe and start again,

Green Creepy DT Glass Fake Drink

I like the look of the spackling inside the glass for milk shakes. It appears to have the same texture. For other drinks there is an easier method. Just use paint to coat the inside of your mug or cup. After it dries insert your TP roll, cardboard and finish it off with whatever else you'd like

Fake Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone is  Sparkly Paper I found at Hobby Lobby and rolled it into a cone shape. I added a pipe cleaner to the top so I could use it as an ornament.
You could add toppings, sprinkles etc.

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.


Opaque Mug Arrangements

Fake Bake Fall Mug Permanent

Use the same technique as the shakes in a clear mug and you can do coffee drinks and hot cocoa

Cappuccino Fake Bake

Clear Mug Arrangements

Cappaccino Vinyl Cricut Mug

These are actually easier, you don't have to spread the spackle on the sides

Cappuccino Clipart FREE SVG and PNG Files

This is the SVG I used click on it to download

Fake Hot Chocolate

Fake Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
Marshmallows are Air Dry Clay

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.


Fake Bake Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Fake Bake Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie
For this one I just added a small pumpkin I got from Dollar Tree while the whipped cream was still wet

Fake Bake Strawberry Pie

Strawberry or Cherry Cream Pie
For this one I poured red glitter glue in the center of the pie before I added the whipped cream. The cherry on top is a berry I got off one of the floral Christmas picks.

Cream Pie Clipart png

Cream Pies

Cherry Clipart png

Add a Pie Crust

Fake Bake Chocolate Pie with Crust
Fake Bake Pumpkin Pie with Crust and Whipped Creme
Fake Bake Chocolate Pie with Crust and Whipped Creme

Fake Bake Chocolate Pie with Crust

Fake Bake Chocolate Pie with Crust and Whipped Cream

Fake Bake Pumpkin Pie with Crust and Whipped Cream

Pumpkin Pie Gnome

Miniature Version. 
You can use the same concept scaled downed for a miniature version. For the pie pan I cut down plastic Solo Cup and painted it silver/Gun Metal. Cut a circle of cardboard to fit inside. Wrap it in the orange felt (just like you do for the large ones.) Cut a piece of crust colored felt in a circle a little a little bigger then the orange circle and glue it to the bottom. Add some glue to the bottom of that layer and drop it in your pan. The crust automatically ruffles when you drop it in

The miniature version is perfect for Gnomes. It's light weight and won't weigh down the arms. Gnome Health Department might want to find some kind of hair net for the beard however. :D 

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through. Click on First Pic to start.

Pumpkin Crafts Mantle
Pumpkin Pie Garland

Pumpkin Pie Garland

Fake Bake Cow Pie

Fake Bake "Cow Pie" eeewwww
Maybe Cows and Fake Bakes shouldn't go together ??? I used the same basic instructions as the Pumpkin Pie Slices but I double the width of the styrofoam and painted black spots on white felt.

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Lattice Pies

Lattice Apple Pie with Potpourri
apple pie clipart png

Apple Pie With Potpourri 

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Apple Dumpling A La Mode

Apple Dumpling A La Mode Fake Bake

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.


Amazon Paid Link


Amazon Paid Link


Simple, Easy Way to Make Donuts. Click first pic to start

NOTE: Crayola makes 2 kinds of "Clay". The Model Magic works the best it is a lot lighter in weight. It is also more expensive. You need to knead and work both, to prevent cracking. I use the air dry clay for smaller projects, cookies, candies etc but anything larger you are going to want the Model Magic.

Fake Bake Halloween Donuts

Paint them Fun Colors and add some glitz

Fake Bake Nutty Donuts
Fake Bake Chocolate Donuts

For these I just painted them brown and painted a coat of Gloss Mod Podge over them when they dried

Amazon Paid Link


Or add some nuts. Corn Cob Bedding is perfect to use as nuts for your fake bakes HOWEVER I had a tough time finding it locally. Apparently the industry is moving on to alternatives.

Styrofoam Fake Donut Ornaments

Another way to make donuts is to use the styrofoam disks you can find a Dollar Tree (2 for $1.00) Just cut a hole in the center and paint them donut color. 
HINT: You can use a separate piece of styrofoam like sandpaper to smooth out where you cut.

For these I melted hot glue over them painted and glittered them. The lines are Puffy Paint.
The down side of these is they are not as thick as what you can do with the clay. BUT the up side is they aren't as HEAVY and work well for Tree Ornaments

Styrofoam Fake Donut Ornaments 2


Fake Bake Brownies

These are made from styrofoam. I used the round disk styrofoam you can get at Dollar Tree. It's the perfect width. I cut them into squares and painted them brown. The icing is hot glue I drizzled over the top. Go around the perimeter and then fill in. Turn the brownie so it fills in evenly. When the glue sets, paint it brown and when that dries cover it with Gloss Mod Podge.

Brown E s Fun Kitchen Sign

Tray of BROWN Es
It's a little more obvious these are Fake BUT they are fun.


Gaps andCracksFoam.jpeg
Buffalo Plaid Fake Bake Cupcake
Green and Pink Fake Bake Cupcake

Cut a small circle of cardboard and place in the bottom of your cupcake liner

Place them in a cupcake pan. I covered it with saran wrap but never gotten any on it, so you probably don't need it.

GE Gaps and Cracks Foam Insulation probably works the best and is definitely the cheapest. You can get it at Walmart around $3 (and I would imagine other places)
Fill the cupcake liner pretty much the same as you would fill the real ones. About 1/2 way. THIS STUFF EXPANDS !!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Once you open you start using this can you can't go back and use it later. It clogs up and won't spray. So line up all your projects at once.

Let them set at least overnight
and they are ready to decorate. Use your spackling mixture to frost them.





4 Steps and Decorate

Snack Cakes

Snack Cake Clipart png
Twinkie Clipart png
Gnome Cupcake

Gnome Cupcake

Fake Bake Snack Cakes

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.


Layered Cakes
(Which is literally "Sponge" Cake)


Fake Bake Layer Cake

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Melting Witch Fake Bake Layered Cake

Melting Witch Fake Bake Layered Cake

This was a cute cake until someone threw some water on her

Unicorn Fake Bake Layered Cake

Unicorn Fake Bake Layered Cake

For this cake I used the sponges with the green scrubber on one side. I kind of liked they way it didn't color the same as the rest of the sponge, creating what looks like another layer.

Melted Glue on Pink Layered Cake

I also wanted the drizzles to be thicker so I dripped hot glue over the whole top letting some drip down the side. When it hardened I painted it with 2 coats of white acrylic paint a layer of gloss Mod Podge and crystal sprinkles.

Styrofoam Cakes
Styrofoam is probably the most popular material for Fake Cakes


Angel Food Cake Gnome

Angel Food Cake Gnome

I LOVE combining the Fake Bakes with the Gnomes. The angel food cake is a piece of styofoam I cut into a round cake, cut out the center, painted and sprinkled with crystal glitter.

Amazon Paid Link

4" 6" 8" 10" 12" Round x 3"


Less Conventional Fake Cake Bases

Fake Bake Chocolate Cake

For this one I used a round gift box I got from Dollar Tree and covered it with brown felt. Yes you can cover it with your spackling mixture BUT felt is much easier. I wanted the fudge dripping to be thicker then then Caulking mixture so I used Hot Glue and painted it brown. I then coated with a layer of Gloss Mod Podge to make it shiny.

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