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Ice Cream Socials

Sweet Ice Cream Treats, Fun Crafts, Fake Bakes, SVGs and Games that won't leave you with Brain Freeze ... Well Maybe Just a Little  


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Fun Foam Popsicles - Fake Bakes - SVGs - Treats - Games

Fun Foam Popsicles

Popsicle Ice Cream Social
Styrofoam Popsicle with Ice Cream Cone
Ice Cream Social Toppings Buffet
Popsicle Ice Cream Bar Brownies White Chocolate
White Chocolate Ice Cream Bar Brownie

Popsicle Ice Cream Social


Styrofoam Popsicle with Ice Cream Cone Is made from a Foam Boogie Board I found at the dollar store. The stick is cardboard, The stand is a pool noodle I found at the dollar store.

Face and arm are felt. And the Ice Cream Cone is cardboard and foam board. Simple ... Easy ... FUN

Popsicle Clipart

Ice Cream Bar Brownies were made by cutting brownies into rectangles and round the edges, add a small craft stick. Then dip them into melted white chocolate and add sprinkles.

Fake Bakes

These look good enough to eat, but I wouldn't recommend it. These are Fake Bakes. They are great for decorating, photo props, and party decorations, because they will never melt. See Our Fake Bake Page for Step by Step Instructions

Fake Chocolate Milkshake and Sundae
Fake Strawberry Milkshake
Fake Ice Cream Cone


Ice Cream Cone SVG and PNG

Click on Image or Link to Download your File. 


Sundae Cupcakes
Ice Cream Sundae Clipart

Sundae Cupcakes

Eat Dirt Ice Cream Treat
Potted Flowers Party Treats

Eat Dirt

Kids love this !

Take a small container that looks like a flowerpot. Or use a clay pot and line it with something. Fill with Ice Cream about a half inch from the top. Top it off with crushed Oreos so it looks like a pot filled with dirt. Insert silk flowers or you can insert a straw into the pot and add fresh flowers just before you set them out. DON'T put fresh flowers in the freezer !!!

I added some butterfly clipart to some of them. You could also add the little butterfly/ladybug etc accents you can find at the stores OR you can get a little gross and add gummy worms

Cute Butterfly 01 png
Cute Butterfly 02 png


Ice Cream Cone Smash
You Will Need: 

Ice cream cones
Small pieces of paper with silly tasks written on them such as sing I’m a little teapot, spin in a circle 10 times, recite the ABCs backwards, do 10 jumping jacks, etc.

Before the party, set ice cream cones upside down, with them lined up next to each other. Under a handful of the cones, place a couple of pieces of candy and in the other ones, place the pieces of paper with silly tasks. Make sure that you can’t see whatever is underneath.

To play, kids take turns choosing an ice cream cone and smashing it softly with their hand. Make sure they don’t smash it really hard or else they’ll smash the candy inside as well. If the cone they chose to smash has a candy inside, they win the candy. If the cone they smashed has a silly task, they have to do the silly task then get back in line to try again their next turn. Kids can keep playing until all of the candy cones have been found.
If you want to make it even more exciting, put a gold colored candy under only one of the cones. The person who gets the gold colored one wins a special prize. Not recommended with young kids, but it might be great for adults !


Ice Cream Flavors Clipart

Guess the Flavor
Set out bowls of various ice cream flavors and have your guests guess the flavor.
You could do this buy either sight or taste

Ice Cream Sundae Dice Game

1 Add a Bowl 
2 Add Ice Cream
3 Add a Topping
4 Add Whipped Cream
5 Add Sprinkles
6 Add a Cherry

You can play this a couple of different ways. Have your guests roll and build their sundaes in order moving on to the next player if they don't get what they need. OR have your guest start with "1 Add a Bowl" and after that they add whatever they roll. If you roll nothing but 4's you may end up with a bowl of whipped cream.

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