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TRex Milk Jug Craft
Tyrannosaurus Rex Milk Jug Craft
TRex Milk Jug How To
Dinosaur Skull Milk Jug Craft
Dinosaur Skull Milk Jug Craft 2
T - Rex Bones png

Milk Jug T-Rex

Milk Jug Dinosaur Skull

For the Milk Jug projects I have found that painting the Milk Jug before I carve it seems to work better, you don't get the drips on the inside that you do running a paint brush over an open area. And you can always touch up  afterwards.
For T-Rex I carved a mouth out of the painted jug first, then glued felt to the inside for the mouth. For me it's easier to cut the teeth out after I have the felt glued in place, that way I can put the teeth where I want them.
The eyes are felt ovals. The gleams for the eyes can be any shape you want. For eyes that face forward the gleams go at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. Two black felt ovals for nostrils.
The arms are cut from the green plastic I removed from the mouth, the claws are unpainted milk jug plastic. I had leftover from another project.

This one was awkward to make, You need the handle to be on top. So the carton doesn't sit flat. I started out with the nostrils and eye sockets which weren't really a problem.The mouth HOWEVER I totally messed up. With the jug not sitting level it kept falling over and messing up my perspective. After it was finished I glued it to a piece of cardboard covered with felt so it could be displayed. I would highly recommend doing that BEFORE you start carving it !!!! I was going to scrap it but thought maybe someone could learn from my mistakes.

Cute T-Rex png
FREE Dinosaur Skeleton SVG and PNG Files
Lite Dinosaur Silhouette Jar

Dinosaur Silhouette Jar

Mod Podge Dinosaur Silhouette Jar

You will need:

  • 1 Jar (I used an empty spaghetti sauce jar)

  • A Cut Out Silhouette that will fit on the jar

  • Mod Podge

  • 1 sheet of tissue paper (A lighter color works better)

  • Glitter Crystals (These can be found at any Craft Store)

  • 1 Battery operated Tea Candle


Dinosaur Silhouettes Printable
Dinosaur Silhouette Jar
How To Craft Dinosaur Silhouette Jar
Lighted Dinosaur Silhouette Jar

I used a spaghetti sauce jar for this one. Mod Podge your silhouette to the inside of the jar. Mod Podge drys clear and not instantly, so you can take a little time to position the dinosaurs the way you want them. 
Paint the exterior with Mod Podge and cover it with tissue paper. You want it as flat as possible on the glass and not overlapping where your image is, but wrinkles are more then ok. I think it looks better with wrinkles and creases. Do not put tissue in the upper part of the jar where the lid screws on if you want to use the lid.

Let it dry pushing down any bubbles that may appear. Be Careful when touching it however wet tissue paper tears easily. Creases look better then tears.

When it is dry enough you can handle it without tearing the tissue, paint another coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle it with the Crystal Glitter. When it's dry add some decorations to the outside of the jar so it looks good when it's not lit. I just used some silk leaves and jute. Use one of the little battery operated tea candles to lite it up. I would not recommend using a real candle, there's paper inside the jar.


Download Includes:

  • T-Rex SVG File

  • Triceratops SVG File

  • Brontosaurus SVG File

  • Dinosaur Silhouettes PDF File

Pom Pom Dinosaur

This little guy was made from Pom Poms I got from the Dollar Store. There isn't a pattern I just kept gluing until he looked like a dinosaur.


Pom Pom Dinosaur 

Cute Dinosaur Clipart 2 png
Dinosaur Egg png

Ice Age Dinosaur Hatch

Place a plastic dinosaur in a balloon. Be careful not to tear the balloon. Fill it with water and freeze.

When it's frozen remove the balloon and watch the dinosaur hatch as it melts.

FREE Cute Dinosaur SVG and PNG Files


FREE Jurassic Park Logo SVG and PNG Files
FREE T-Rex SVG and PNG Files

Click on the ones you want to Download

Dinosaur Cake
Pull Apart Dinosaur Cupcakes
Pull Apart Dinosaur Cupcakes Pattern

Cakes and Cupcakes

Pull Apart Cupcakes are Fun and Easy to Serve

Add Plastic Toys to a cake for a EASY Fun look.


Pterodactyl Clipart png
Cute Dino Clipart 01 png
Cute Dino Clipart 02 png

Long Dinosaur Tail

This is one of those fun and simple dinosaur games (best if played outdoors or in a large party area). The birthday child is IT and starts running around the party area trying to tag other kids. Once someone is tagged, they hold hands and continue tagging others. The more people tagged the longer the dinosaur tail becomes! (everyone holds hands in a line). They keep going until the last one tagged becomes IT and starts the dinosaur tail from the beginning.

Ice Age

A few days before the party, freeze small plastic dinosaurs in little water containers. When the guests arrive take them to a kiddie pool filled with water and spill in all the frozen dinosaurs. Each kid gets to thaw a dinosaur out of the ice covering it, once they do so, they get to keep the dinosaur and take it home as a party favor!

Longtail Dinosaur png
Roll and Color Dinosaurs

Roll and Color Dinosaurs

Help The Dinosaurs Maze

Dinosaur Maze

Baby Tyrannosaurus Clipart png
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