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Christmas Gnome


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North Pole Gnomes 

Santa Gnome with Gift
Large Hanging Festive Gnome
North Pole Clipart
Santa Workshop Clipart
Holly Gnomes
Santa Gnome With Snowman
Sparkle Santa Gnome
Santa Gnome With Holly
Reindeer Gnome
Dollar Tree Santa Makeover
Dollar Tree Santa Makeover

Dollar Tree Santa Makeover
I removed the pom pom, holly nose and buttons and cut off his beard.
I wrapped blsck felt around the bottom to make pants. Then added chunky white yarn for the trim of his coat to cover where the red body and black felt met. I then added a wooden nose and a fur beard. The hat is red felt. Instructions in the first tutorial on the Sock Gnome Page where you will also find  instructions for the boots. The arms kind of looked like flippers so I just made mittens out of black felt and added chunky yarn for trim.

Dollar Tree Holiday Headband
Easy Elf Gnome
Decorating your gnome doesn't get easier then this...  Dollar Tree offers a never ending array of headbands. Simply remove their "parts" and glue them to your gnome.
Tabletop Gnome Tree
Tabletop Dollar Tree. I added DT gnome ribbon, lights, trim, silver accents and a couple of gnomes. Santa hats for both the tree topper and the skirt.
Gnome Christmas Lights
I found these little Gnome Lights at Dollar Tree
Red Fuzzy Gnome
 Gnomes are made from a pill bottle. (See Gnome Page for instructions) The hat and body I used the fabric from a cheap stocking hat I cut apart.
I love adding signs to my crafts. This was cut on the Cricut and added to a DT plank I painted white.

Dollar Tree Hats

An easy way to make a gnome hat during Christmas is a Dollar Tree Tree Skirt. Open it up and fold one end into a triangle. making sure the bottom (The part with the fur) is big enough to go around your gnome's head. Glue with right sides together and flip inside out. I added a wire and some polyfill inside. Add a pom pom to hide the end that does not make a perfect point. You can get several from one tree skirt.
Christmas Tree Gnome
Dollar Tree Tree Skirt Hat Plaid Gnome
Dollar Tree often has the Christmas ornament hats, which are really cute but harder to place on a sock gnome with the knot at the top. You can help the hat sit better by notching out the bottom of the hat. 
Dollar Tree Top Hat Gnome
Cut the knot at the top of your gnomes head as far down as you can make sure it still stays closed
These ones have burlap at the bottom, run a circle of glue around the area you want to notch out to prevent the burlap from unraveling . Make sure your circle is completely within the styrofoam part of the hat. Use a knife and scissors to notch out a hole within the circle. The hat is filled with the styrofoam that is made of the little balls so yea it's messy. Place the hat on the gnome frequently to see how big the notch needs to be for the hat to sit right

Plaid Gnomes

Buffalo Plaid Clipart
Buffalo Plaid Standing Gnome
Christmas Tree Gnome
Dollar Tree Top Hat Gnome
Buffalo Plaid Gnomes
Dollar Tree Tree Skirt Hat Plaid
Loofa Beard Snow Gnome
A Loofa can make a cute beard
Rustic Woodland Gnome
PineTree Clipart
Rustic Plaid Gnome and Dog

 Woodland Gnomes


Gold Gnomes

Gold Ornament Clipart
Gold Gnomes No Sew
Gold Gnome Antler Hat
Winter Gnome Gold
Black and Silver Gnome
White Crystal Gnome
Winter White Gnome
Snowflakes Clipart

Crystal and Silver Gnomes

Other Color Gnomes

Green Winter Gnomes

Green Winter Gnomes

Snowy Pine Tree Clipart
Blue Winter Gnomes

Blue Winter Gnomes

Blue Snowflake Clipart
Do You Want To Build a Snowman Gnomes

Do You Want To Build A Snowman ?
The gnomes are made from RX bottles, See the Gnomes Page for instructions. Snowman is styrofoam balls.


Miscellaneous Gnomes 

Christmas Story Flagpole Gnome

Even if you are Triple Dog Dared as Flick was in A Christmas Story, it is NOT a good idea to lick metal in the winter. Unfortunately I KNOW this first hand.  In kindergarten my parents told me not too, I wouldn't even of thought of it otherwise !!! I still MAY be a little defiant :D 


Click on the ones you want to Download

Christmas Gnome Crafts

Gnome For The Holidays Sign
Gnome For The Holidays Sign
The house plague I found at Dollar Tree and I used the Cricut for the wording. For the gnome I had a small Christmas hat and added a beard, nose and eyes.
Santa Mickey Mug
Santa Mickey Mug Uncovered

Santa Mickey Mug
With a couple adjustments a pool noodle gnome can be used as a mug topper. The coat is longer to slip over the mug and I glued a round piece of cardboard to the bottom of the pool noodle to prevent it from sliding down into the mug. I love this particular mug that looks like Santa's Belt.

Gnome From Dollar Tree Slippers
Gnome From Dollar Tree Slippers

Five Minute Gnome

Dollar Tree Slippers can be easily turned into a gnome. Simply roll back the heel and add a nose. Add them to a sign or a wreath or use him as a tree ornament

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Candyland Stand Up Girl Gnome
Grinch and Max Gnomes
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