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Nautical Beach


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Nautical and Beach DIY Crafts Ideas and Instructions.
Lighthouses, Shells, Sea Glass, Florals and MORE

Clay Pots ...  Lighthouses and More

Clay Pot Lighthouses Solar Lights
Lighthouse Inspired Candy Dishes
Lighthouse Inspired Windchimes

Clay Pot Lighthouses

Paint and glue clay pots together. For the beacons I used candle holders and tealights for some and solar lights for the others

Lighthouse Inspired Windchimes

Clay Pot Lighthouses w Electric Candles

Lighthouse Inspired Candy Dishes

Sea Shell Vases and Treasure Chests
Sea Shell Vases and Candle Holders

Sea Shells

SeaShells Starfish Bottle Clipart png

Add seashells and twine to vases or candle holders for a beachy feel

I found the small chests at Michaels, stained and filled them for a cute accent piece

Sea Shells


Blue Tinted Glass Jars

Tinted Glass

Green Tinted Glass Candle Holders
Sea Glass Vase and Candle Holder
Tinted Glass Candle Holder w Seaglass

Add Sea Glass to your Jars

SeaGlass Clipart png
SeaGlass Clipart png

You can tint glass with Mod Podge and either acrylic paint or food coloring. Dilute your Mod Podge with water and add your coloring. Pour it in your jar and swirl it around so the sides are completely covered. Drain out excess and let dry upside down so it continues to drain. It takes about 24 hrs to dry. Be sure to move them occasionally so excess does not puddle at the opening of your jar.... Drying time can be quicker if you bake them in the oven at a low temperature

Nautical Decoupaged Jars Black Stripes
Nautical Decoupaged Jars Red Stripes

Decoupaged Jars

Anchor Ship Wheel Hat Clipart png

Paint stripes on a glass jar and distress. Decoupage a nautical picture and add jute/twine/rope.

Beachy Florals

Aqua Beach Floral Arrangement
Striped Distressed Vase w Red Wildflowers
Beach Grass Arrangement
Seashell Vase Arrangement w Lighthouses

Beachy Floral Arrangements

Lighthouse Clipart png

Bottles and Pillows

Nautical Wine Bottle
Nautical Denim Pillows

Add Burlap and rope to a wine bottle

Nautical Wine Bottle

Nautical Denim Pillows

Recycle old jeans into nautical pillows


May Your Feet Take You Sign Vinyl Cricut Sign

May Your Feet Take You Where Your Heart Needs To Go

This was done on the Cricut. Feet were from a mold

This mold is available at Amazon. The big ones are 2" the small ones are approx 1 1/2". You can fill them with clay and wait for clay to dry OR ....


Simply fill them with your hot glue gun

Amazon Paid Link

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