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Dr Seuss Cat in The Hat, Grinch, Horton, The Lorax and all your favorites. 
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Last Updated 1/27/23

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Cat In The Hat Logo Clipart
Cat In The Hat Top Hat

Cat In The Hat Top Hat

Hat was made like the Gnomes Top Hat only I used a 2 liter bottle instead of a Pool Noodle.
Great for a Party Decoration or cut a hole in the bottom and you have a really cute tree topper

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Clipart
Cat In The Hat Glass Jar
Cat In The Hat Glass Jar Lid Off

Cat In The Hat Jar
Paint jar white. Print out PDF File, Cut out the Cat and decoupage him unto the jar just below the threads of the jar. Cut the bottom of a Solo Cup so it fits on the jar. Cover the Solo cup with alternating red and white felt strips

Cat In The Hat Jar Instructions
Cat In The Hat Birthday Cake

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This is REALLY Cute

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Cat In The Hat Birthday Cake

Dr Seuss Nurse I Am Mug
Dr Seuss Nurse I Am Clipart

Decoupaged Mug Gifts
Use waterproof Mod Podge to decoupage a mug, fill it with candy/gifts/treats.
Cricut Users these Files also have SVGs

Dr Seuss Teacher I Am Clipart
Dr Seuss Teacher I Am Mug
How The Grinch Stole Christmas Logo
Grinch Gnome Stealing Christmas
Grinch and Max Gnomes
Grinch Gnomes
Grinch Glass Jar

Grinch Glass Jar
I painted a spaghetti jar green added some felt facial features and hat trimmed with fur (polyfil will work too) Mouth was drawn on with a sharpie

If you paint a thin coat of green paint you can add a candle and make him a candle jar

Grinch Inspired Gnomes
For Step by Step Instructions for How to Make No Sew Gnomes
See My Gnome Page

Grinch and Max

Stealing Christmas

Other Variations

Grinch Christmas Tree Ornament
Light Up Grinch Gnome

Grinch Tree Ornament

I used a ping pong ball I painted green and added a hat.

Lighted Grinch Gnome

The base for this was a Dollar Tree find. It started out as a Elf I didn't care for so I took the elf felt accessories off and made him a Grinch


Paid Link

Paid Link

Don't want to make him? This one from Amazon is adorable

Grinch Cindy Lou Max Clipart
Dr Seuss Fireplace Mantle
Stacked Dollar Tree Tinsel Trees
Dr Seuss Inspired Trees
Hanging Grinch Hand Decoration
Horton Hears A Who Wall Decoration

Dr Seuss Fireplace Mantel

Dr Seuss Inspired Accent Pieces

Whoville Trees
Dollar Tree had these tinsel trees but I needed them taller so I put some styrofoam inside one of them and stacked them.

Paint TP Rolls green and spiral cut add some green tinsel for a whimsical look

Grinch Hand Clipart
Horton Hears A Who Clipart

For both the Grinch's hand and Horton's trunk I started with cardboard I cut out into the shape I wanted and covered with polyfil and felt. Pretty much just working it as I went.

Grinch Movie Night wrap up a little gift, and each time “Who” is spoken, the holder needs to pass the gift along to the next person. When we reach the end of the movie, the holder is the winner  ! 

Fish Themed Cakes
One Fish Two Fish Clipart
1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Clipart
bubbles clipart

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Fish Cakes



Click on pics to download both SVG and PNG/JPG Files

Dr Seuss Why Fit In FREE SVG
Dr Seuss FREE SVG Reading Is My Thing
Dr Seuss Think and Wonder FREE SVG
Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat FREE SVG
Dr Seuss The More You Read FREE SVG
Dr Seuss The More You Read Plaque



Click on pics to download 

Means A Little Bit More Meme
A Thing Or Two Meme
Mom Of All Things Meme
Nurse I Am Meme
Why Fit In When Stand Out Meme
Teacher I Am Meme
Meme One Mr Grinch Meme
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