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SVG Files and Instructions for your Craft Foam, Felt and Faux Leather Projects

Because my server will not let me share SVG files or any picture file directly, I had to zip them. Click on any file you want throughout the site and the zip file will automatically download. You need to unzip it, to access the files.


Usually the SVG will not show a thumbnail pic like a JPG or PNG file, it shows up as a Webpage when you store it

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Quick Links For This Page
Craft Foam - Felt - Faux Leather

Craft Foam

Foam Flower SVG and PDF File
Foam Flower

Download Includes:

  • Foam Flower SVG File

  • Foam Flower PDF File

Mushroom Cap Gnome with Yellow Roses
3D Heart Picture Red Roses

These roses are great to add to your other Craft Projects

Pink Unicorn Plaque With Roses

Foam Flowers



Owl Treat Pouch
Owl Treat Pouch Back

My first felt piece on the Cricut. I cut the pieces out of felt and glued it together. I added an extra piece of felt on the back to make the pouch. Not perfect, but that's OK !!!

Owl SVG can be found on the Tricks and Treats Page

Owl Treat Pouch


 Mei Lee 

The SVG is on Our Disney Stories Page. Once you have her cut and assembled you can use her for anything. A Refrigerator magnet or glue her to a canvas or jar or even a tote bag.

The tote bag is just felt I glued together. Cute for a gift bag or party favors

Disney's Turning Red Tote

Tennis Shoes with FREE Pattern
Tennis Shoe Pattern FREE PDF
Tennis Shoe Instructions
Tennis Shoe Instructions
Tennis Shoe Instructions
Faux Leather Work Boots
Craft Foam Tennis Shoes
We used Craft Foam for these and No Grommets
Dollar Tree Dice Carrot with Legs and Shoes

Tennis Shoes

We use the shoes primarily for Gnomes but the can be used with any craft
We used faux leather for these and made cute work shoes
We have this under the Felt Section BUT you can use other Materials to make them
Farmer Gnome With Tennis Shoes
Tennis Shoe Keychain
Add a Grommet and a Keyring and you have a really cute Keychain

Faux Leather

Faux Leather Key Chain

Key Chains

Faux Leather Keychain.
This was made on the Dollar Tree Faux Leather Purse/Tote

There is a printable PDF Step By Step Tutorial for this.

This tutorial is also great for seeing how to work with text in Design Space.

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