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St Patrick's Day

NO BLARNEY.  Leprechauns, Rainbows, Cakes and Treats, Party Ideas, Crafts and Games

Last Updated 7/26/21

The Story of St Patrick

Right Left Game

Players sit in a circle and pass the prize/prizes clock-wise to start. As they continuously pass the prize/prizes read the story, Every time the word LEFT or RIGHT is spoken that is the direction the prize/prizes are passed. Whatever the player is holding at the end of the story is theirs to keep.

Inexpensive Prizes or Party Favors

A small bag of the Andes Mints (They're green and inexpensive) decorated with a Irish Hat, I made by cutting apart a Glitter Shamrock from the Dollar Store is easy.

 Add a Face for a Fun look.


Many, many years ago a young man born RIGHT in Britain was captured by Irish raiders RIGHT about the time he turned 16. The raiders took Maewyn Succat RIGHT to Ireland and sold him into slavery.

Poor Maewyn found himself alone and LEFT to spend what was LEFT of his teen years, tending his master's sheep.

It was RIGHT during this time that his spiritual life was strengthened and he went RIGHT to God in prayer several times a day.

After being LEFT in slavery for 6 years, he dreamed that he was led RIGHT to a ship that would take him to freedom. He escaped and headed RIGHT for the ship he'd seen in his dream. After traveling 200 miles, he was standing RIGHT in front of that ship and it was ready to sail.

Maewyn went RIGHT back to the home and family he had LEFT in Britain. It was RIGHT there that he had another vision. This vision would later take him RIGHT back to Ireland where he would preach the Gospel.

While home, Maewyn LEFT for a visit to a monastery RIGHT in St. Martin's and an Island Sanctuary where he LEFT himself under the guidance of Bishop St. Germain. He was later promoted RIGHT to the priesthood and stayed in Britain 18 years.

Throughout that time, he was often LEFT with haunting memories of Ireland and went RIGHT to St. Germain to share his experiences. The Bishop recommended him RIGHT to the Pope.

Maewyn requested to go RIGHT back to Ireland as a missionary, but Pallidius was chosen instead. There was nothing LEFT for Maewyn to do, but wait. Finally the RIGHTtime came and Maewyn was called RIGHT to Rome by the Pope and was renamed Patrick before he LEFT on his mission to Ireland.

St. Patrick suffered trials LEFT and RIGHT as a missionary in Ireland. At one time he was sent RIGHT to prison by the Druids, but he managed to find the RIGHT opportunity to escape.

We are LEFT with many exciting stories about the miracles that took place in Patrick's life. For example, the Druid Chieftan Dichu drew his sword RIGHT toward Patrick to kill him, but his arm became stiff and he could not move it. Dichu was LEFT overwhelmed by the miracle and made a sanctuary dedicated RIGHT to St. Patrick.

St. Patrick was also known for driving snakes RIGHT out of Ireland. Some stories say he stood RIGHT on a hill and used his staff to send the snakes RIGHT into the sea. Another story says the snake resisted, But St. Patrick tricked it RIGHT into a small box which he cast RIGHT into the sea.

He eventually won favor with the local kings and was LEFT to travel the countryside for 28 years and spread the word of God during which time he converted almost the entire population.

The stories say that St. Patrick used a shamrock to RIGHTly explain the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

St. Patrick died RIGHT on March 17th, 461 AD at the age of 76. That is why we celebrate St. Patrick's day RIGHT on March 17th every year.

Though St. Patrick is now gone, we are LEFT with his missionary stories and saintly legacy.

St Patricks Blarney


St Patricks Gnomes
St Patricks Gnome Shamrocks Gold Pot
St Patricks Gnomes Stripes
St Patricks Gnomes Shamrocks
Gnome With Orange Painted Beard
St Patricks Gnome Green Felt Sitting
St Patricks Gnome Green Felt Standing
St Patricks Gnome Love
See My Gnome Page 
For Step By Step Instructions for the No Sew Gnomes


See who can Catapult the most Lucky Charms into a bowl


Lucky Charms Catapult

You Will Need:

  • 9 Craft Sticks/Tongue Depressors 
    (Popsicle Sticks will work but the wider ones are better)

  • 1 Plastic Spoon

  • Several Rubber Bands (I used 8)

  • Lucky Charms 

  • Bowl

(Optional) Accents/Decorations/Stickers to decorate anyway you choose. I painted the craft sticks before assembling and added the shamrock.


Rubber Band 7 Craft Sticks together at both ends.


Rubber Band the other 2 Craft Sticks together at one end as close to the edge as possible.


Rubber Band a spoon to the end.

Place the 7 between the 2 . The closer they are to the edge the farther they will catapult. Rubber band them together in a criss cross fashion.

Lucky Charms Challenge

This is a timed challenge: Give everyone a spoon and see who can use them to pick out the most marshmallow pieces from Lucky Charms cereal and put them in a bowl. For older kids or adults, make it harder and assign a different amount of points to the different marshmallow shapes.


Paper Plate Ring Toss Rainbow
Paper Plate Ring Toss
Paper Plate TP Rolls Ring Toss

Paper Plate Ring Toss
Cut once inch slices into the bottom of a paper towel roll and fold them outward to make tabs and glue it to a paper plate to make the post. Cut circles in the center of a paper plate to make the rings. Paint them Fun colors.

Clay Pot Gold Rainbow

Pot of Gold at

the End of the Rainbow

Skittles Toss Toilet Paper Roll Game Rainbow
Skittles Toss Game

Paint a clay pot black and add a pipe cleaner rainbow, fill with gold candies and coins.

Paint and glue crafts sticks together. Add some painted clothes pins for a fun message board.


Rainbow Frame or Message Board

Fruity Pebbles Rainbow Treats

SKittles Drop
PaintToilet Paper Rolls rainbow colors and glue them together. I added Black Pots found at the Dollar Store.
Players try to drop or toss skittles into them

1 Point if they get them in a tube
2 Points if it matches the color

5 Points if they go in one of the black pots

Rainbow Treats

Rice Krispie Treats using Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Krispies. Serve them plain or cover them with white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles


Toilet Paper Roll 

I used 1 toilet paper roll for the head and body. I covered the bottom half with green foiled paper and painted the top part flesh tone. Orange Pom Poms for the beard and a smaller one for the nose. Googley Eyes and a black marker drawn mouth. The hat is 1/2 toilet paper roll covered with foiled paper and black felt with a gold foil buckle. I filled the hat with Andes Mints.

Leprechaun Feet Pot of Gold

Leprechaun Pot of Gold

Fill a clay pot painted black with gold candies and coins. Add Legs made from foiled paper and felt, for a FUN treat.


Toilet Paper Roll  Leprechaun
Leprechaun With Lattice Basket

Download Includes

  • Leprechaun SVG

  • Leprechaun PDF

  • Lattice Basket SVG

  • Lattice Basket Instructions PDF File

  • Leprechaun And Basket Handle Instructions

Free Standing Leprechaun and Lattice Basket

Leprechaun Poop Poem
Leprechaun Poop Printable Poem
Leprechaun And Basket Handle Instructions

Leprechaun Traps

This was an assigned "Family" School Project. The whole family needed to build a Leprechaun Trap.
The "Trap" was made with pipe cleaners and felt covered cardboard.
WARNING: I was informed by the 1st grader that with no moving parts,
 "This will NOT actually catch a "REAL" Leprechaun !!!"

Leprechaun Pull Apart Cupcakes

Leprechaun Pull Apart Cupcakes
Leprechaun Hat Trap

Although I didn't ask the first grader, I think this one may work. If the Leprechaun takes the gold. the hat will fall and catch him

Leprechaun Pull Apart Cupcake Placement

Pull Apart Cupcakes are an easy to make and easy to serve treat. This Leprechaun requires no fondant or real cake decorating skills. Yes frosting is piped but it's haphazard so you can't mess it up. The beard can be pretty much any tip you want to use, you just want to give it texture. Face is just smoothed with a knife and the hat can be either. PDF File shows how to place cupcakes.

Leprechaun Trap

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Shapes of the Rainbow

Color the Rainbow

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