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Cakes and Treats, Crafts and Crafty Gift Ideas, Games, Decorations. Everything you need to make your Christmas Merrier

Last Updated 1/22/23


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See Our Gingerbread and Candyland Page for more Christmas Fun

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas can be found on our Dr Seuss Page 


The Nightmare Before Christmas can be found on Our Disney Stories Page


Cakes and Treats

Santa Cupcakes Belt Face Feet

Santa Cupcakes

Santa Bread

Santa Bread

Santa Clipart
Christmas Tree Cake

Christmas Tree Cake

Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas Tree
Snowman Cupcakes
3D Reindeer Cookies

3D Reindeer Cookies

Gingerbread Man Cake

Gingerbread Man Cake

reindeer clipart
Snowman Clipart
gingerbread man clipart
waving santa clipart

Snowman Cupcakes

Christmas Lights Cupcakes
Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes

Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes

Christmas Lights Cupcakes

I love the Wilton Cake Pans, basically if you can color within the lines you can make a cute cake. I especially like the Christmas Tree one because it's versatile. Just like your Christmas Tree it can be different every time. Trim it with garland and ornaments or just add a silly face. 

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Yummy Gift Ideas


to Decoupage Dishes

DIY Santa Cookies Plate
Cookies For Santa Plate Clipart

Cookies For Santa

Cookies for Santa

PDF File

Cookies For Santa Tray

Cookies For Santa Tray
This is a small wooden tray from Dollar Tree

Cookies For Santa FREE SVG

Cookies for Santa
SVG File

Hot Chocolate Bombs
Hot Chocolate Bombs
Hot Chocolate Bombs
Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs
are fun way to enjoy the holiday season. Kids love these !!!

This one is the one used in the tutorial. It is a medium size and great for a standard size mug

This one is bigger. Great for gifts, an oversize mug, or really chocolatey cocoa ;D

Hot Chocolate Bomb
Easy to follow Step by Step Instructions

PDF File

Paid Link

Paid Link

Christmas Tree Boxes

Christmas Tree Boxes
These are the perfect little boxes to hold your Hot Chocolate Bombs

“Warm Wishes”

“Place Chocolate in mug.

Pour warmed milk over chocolate

and watch the magic explode.”

Thinner fonts work well for writing

with the Cricut Pen, not so much for pictures

This tutorial was designed to make these boxes to hold a Hot Chocolate Bomb, however you can change the message to whatever you want. The main purpose for this tutorial is to show Cricut users how to add writing to your Cricut projects using a Cricut Pen. It will also show you how to use a Scoring Stylus

Christmas Tree Box
SVG File

Christmas Tree Boxes
Christmas Tree Boxes
Christmas Tree Boxes

Don't have a Cricut ? No Problem. We also have a printable PDF Pattern.
Instructions for how to put it together are near the bottom of  the Cricut Instructions. For Now ... Yea we're working on it.

Oh Fudge Mug
Oh Fudge Jar

2 Minute Microwave Fudge Recipe

  • 1lb powdered sugar

  • 2⁄3 cup cocoa

  • 1⁄4 teaspoon salt

  • 1⁄4 cup milk

  • 2 teaspoons vanilla

  • 1⁄2 cup butter or 1/2 cup margarine

  • 1⁄2 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Sift powdered sugar, cocoa, and salt into a 1 quart microwave safe bowl.
Stir in milk and vanilla.
Mix well.
Place butter on top.
Microwave on high, 2 minutes.
Beat with wooden spoon until smooth.
Stir in nuts (OPTIONAL).
Spread in 8 X 8 X 2 inch baking pan.
Chill about 1 hour or until firm.

A Christmas Story Oh Fudge Treat Printable

A Christmas Story Oh Fudge

Decoupage a mug or jar and fill with fast and easy fudge. Cute and Yummy

Dr Seuss Nurse I Am Mug
Dr Seuss Teacher I Am Mug
Signed Message Mug
DIY Photo Mug
DIY Color A Mug Gift
Dr Seuss Nurse I Am Clipart
Dr Seuss Teacher I Am Clipart

Fill decoupaged mugs with candy or small gifts for a special gift that can be less expensive then a card

Don't Forget Our Current Heroes

Use a photo for a more personal touch.

Use a Sharpie Marker to write or draw anything you'd like on a Dollar Store Mug or Plate. When your finished bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. You may see a difference in color for colored markers. Not dishwasher safe.

These have BOTH SVG and PNG Files. For those with a Cricut

SVG File for those with a Cricut

Candy Bar Snowman

Candy Bar Snowman

These are cute, easy, inexpensive gifts. Simply wrap a candy bar with white paper. Place one glove inside the other so the recipient gets the pair and use it as a hat. Wrap a bow around the fingers to look like the pom pom. Draw on a face and add a scarf.

If you are going to both decoupage and write on your item. Write/Color first, then bake, then decoupage



Top Hat Gift Box

Top Hat Gift Box

Paint a Dollar Tree cylinder shaped gift box black add a felt circle to the bottom for the brim. I used Mod Podge to hold the paint and stiffen the felt and add the glitter. Add ribbon and some embellishments. Remove the top and fill with treats or a small gift

Reindeer Noses

Snowman Candy Jar

Reindeer Noses Candy Jar
Snowman Candy Jar

Glue felt to jars and add candy for a fun tasty gift,

Christmas Street Lanterns

I painted glass vases (DT) black , The globes are glass jars I found at Dollar Tree. I frosted them and the Candle Jar with Mod Podge and Crystal Glitter and added some ribbon and accents.

Christmas Street Lanterns and Candle Jar

The lanterns would also be cute with a Christmas Village

I've been adding lights to wine bottles for years but it's always involved drilling a hole in the bottle for the chord to go through. These are the coolest things EVER. Battery operated lights that fits into the bottle like a cork.

Santa Scene Wine Bottle Light

Santa Scene Wine Bottle Light
I love the look of lights shining through a colored bottle. You can paint a clear wine bottle any color you want. Mix Mod Podge with your paint to make it more transparent so the light will shine through. Cover it with a 2nd coat of Mod Podge when it's dried and add Crystal glitter. Cricut and Silhouette can add  a vinyl cut from the SVG. Non Cricut people can just embellish it with ribbons, artificial pine, berries, whatever you have on hand.


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O Holy Night Lighted Wine Bottle

Crafty Gift and Decorating Ideas

Paintbrush Santa Craft

Santa Paintbrushes
Add some fur and a face to paintbrush for a cute inexpensive gift. 
Awesome for the artist or DIYer on your Christmas List

Wood Nativity Scene Craft

Clay Pot Nativity Set

4x4 wood reindeer
Santa Claus Clipart

4"x4" Scrap wood can be easily turned into FUN Christmas decorations

Clay Pot Nativity Set
Star Clipart

Wooden Nativity Set

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Toilet Paper Roll Angel Ornament


Toilet Paper Roll Angel Ornament Deluxe
Santa Toilet Paper Roll


Snowman Toilet Paper Roll



No Sew Snowman

Step by Step Instructions

No Sew Snowman Basic

The Basics
You will need:
1 White CREW sock (Head and Body)
1 Colored/Patterned Sock (Hat and Scarf)
Polyfill and Rice
2 Rubber Bands

Black Plastic 3D Sticker Dots
Small piece of Orange Pipe Cleaner

Solo Cup (Optional)

Snowmen Pastel No Sew

Use Colored Socks.
For these I used DT Yarn wrapped carrots I had leftover from Easter


No Sew Snowman Embellished

Embellish with whatever you'd like

No Sew Sock Penguin
4x4 wood snowmen
Wood Snowman Craft

Wooden Snowman
Add embellishments to any size block of wood for a fun gift or decoration

Melting Snowman

Melting Snowman

I covered a piece of white felt with polyfil for the base. The snowman's head is a styrofoam ball.  The Top Hat is made like the instructions in the ornaments section (Below) only I used a slice of pool noodle instead of the TP Roll as a base. I then added felt accents to finish him.

Sneezins GreetingsTissue Holder
Toilet Paper Snowman

Sneezins GreetingsTissue Holder

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Bathroom Decor

No Sew Sock Penguin
Use the snowman base and add some felt to make this cute penguin. Yea I like the BIG eyes :D

Snowman Green Scarf Clipart
Stand Up Snowman

3D Standing Snowman
I used 2 of the DT styrofoam disks and covered them with polyfill and crystal glitter. Inserted dowels to put them together. Boots are from the FREE boot pattern on our Sock Gnome Page. (I did make them bigger) Felt eyes and nose, 1/2 wooden balls (see Sock Gnome Page) for mouth and buttons and sticks for arms.


Flakey Friends Snowman Sign

Flakey Friends Snowman Sign
This is just a simple snowman painted on a Dollar Tree Canvas. I used the Cricut for the quote but you could use a paint pen.

Wine Bottle Snowman

Wine Bottle Snowman
Wines bottles can be a good canvas

Dollar Tree Dice Snowman

Dollar Tree Dice Snowman
Paint and Dollar Tree Dice can make a cute easy snowman.
* I found the dice in the Auto Section of DT.


Wine Bottle Light Up Snowman

Wine Bottle Light Up Snowman
I printed out the sheet music of "Let It Snow" I found on Google and Mod Podged it to a wine bottle. The snowman face and hat are a DT ornament. I dripped hot glue for the melting snow, painted it white. Then added another layer of Mod Podge and some crystal glitter over both the snow and the sheet music.

Frosty The Snowman Wall Decor
Female Snowman Wall Decor

How to Make a Walling Hanging Top Hat

How To Make Pizza Pan Frosty

Pizza Pan Frosty and Friend
Frosty is made from a Dollar Tree Pizza Pan I painted and spackled

White Crystal Gnome

NO SEW Gnomes

For Step by Step Instructions 
See My Gnome Page

Blue Winter Gnomes
Green Winter Gnomes

Blue Winter Gnomes

Green Winter Gnomes

Snowy Pine Tree Clipart
Blue Snowflake Clipart
Buffalo Plaid Clipart
Holly Gnomes
Winter White Gnome
Rustic Woodland Gnome

North Pole Gnomes 

Winter White Gnomes

Sparkle Santa Gnome
Buffalo Plaid Standing Gnome
Large Hanging Festive Gnome
Buffalo Plaid Gnomes

Buffalo Plaid Gnomes

Santa Workshop Clipart
North Pole Clipart
Reindeer Gnome

Rustic Woodland Gnomes

Snowflakes Clipart
Gold Gnomes No Sew
Gold Gnome Antler Hat
Winter Gnome Gold
Reindeer Hobby Horse

No Sew Reindeer Hobby Horse.

I used a lot of mops for the gnome's beard so I had several mop handles left over. Hobby "Horses" were my solution. No Pattern. No Sew !! I stuffed the sock with polyfil and added a folded wire coat hanger minus the hook, inside so I could bend his head. Made sure I wrapped and glued any possible sharp edges and inserted mop handle. Felt antlers I did use a make shift pattern I googled antler clipart and found one I liked. Cut 4 and glued the seams and stuffed a little polyfill inside. Felt ears I just used triangle pieces of felt I gathered at one end and glued on. Hat is Dollar Tree hat, I cut to fit around ears and antlers, used extras for around his neck. Eyes are buttons I added white paint for gleams. Nose is a painted ping pong ball. Then just added some twine and bells for reins. I am seeing actual Hobby HORSES in my future ... along with unicorns, dragons etc ... Yea I have a Lot of mop handles :D 


Gold Gnomes

Gold Ornament Clipart
PineTree Clipart
Santa Gnome With Holly
Rustic Plaid Gnome and Dog
Santa Gnome With Snowman
Christmas Story Flagpole Gnome

Even if you are Triple Dog Dared as Flick was in A Christmas Story, it is NOT a good idea to lick metal in the winter. Unfortunately I KNOW this first hand.  In kindergarten my parents told me not too, I wouldn't even of thought of it otherwise !!! I still MAY be a little defiant :D 

Christmas Tree Gnome
Dollar Tree Tree Skirt Hat Plaid
Dollar Tree Top Hat Gnome
Santa Gnome with Gift
Black and Silver Gnome


Top Hat Ornaments
Whether they decorate your tree or they are given as gifts, these cute ornaments are inexpensive and fun to make. They can be decorated in any style to match your decor or party decorations

How To Make Top Hat Ornaments.jpg
Top Hat Farmhouse Rustic Ornament
Top Hat Winter Wonderland Ornament
Top Hat Candy Cane Ornament
Top Hat Shabby Chic Ornament
Top Hat Traditional Christmas Ornament
Top Hat Woodland Ornament

You will need

  • Felt

  • An empty toilet paper roll

  • Accents

Top Hats can be decorated to match ANY Style

Stocking Cap Ornament
How To Make Stocking Cap Ornament
Snowman Tealight Ornament
Clay Pot Angel Ornament
Bell Clay Pot Ornament
Bucket Of Snowballs Ornament
Clay Pot Snowman Ornament

Clay Pot Ornaments

Paint and decorate small clay pots for fun and crafty ornaments



Bucket of Snowballs


Stocking Cap Ornaments 

Wrap pieces of yarn around a sliced toilet paper roll and gather and tie the top together. The hat by itself is cute and can be made in any color or size, or add a tealight for a fun light up snowman,

Dollar Tree Crafts

Dollar Tree Wooden Santa

Wooden Santa
8"x 10"

These are bigger then they look here.They'd make great wall or door decorations 

Dollar Tree Wooden Santa Traditional

I just painted this one traditional and added the googley eyes

Dollar Tree Wooden Santa Rustic

This one I Mod Podged Burlap to his hat and painted him more Rustic

Dollar Tree Candle Makeover
Dollar Tree Pine Tree Lantern Makeover
Dollar Tree Snowman Lantern Makeover

The lanterns were red and green plastic and looked pretty cheap. I painted them with metallic paint and added some accents

Paint and Trim add so much to Dollar Tree's battery operated candles

Several of my ideas I modify things I've found online. Lots of people are doing crafts from Dollar Tree items, Some really cool stuff made from great DT finds. I however never seem to get my hands on the "Good Stuff"

I wanted to do Christmas Trees, YEP small tabletop trees were GONE. I couldn't even find the styrofoam tree forms.

However, my DT had a bazillion of the Metallic trees, no one else seemed to want.

Dollar Tree Tinsel Tree

If you unravel the tinsel from these trees, you get a handy plastic tree form

Fabric Christmas Tree With Bows
Fabric Christmas Tree Decorated Twine Tree

Wrap the tree form with material ( I used DT scarves) or burlap or jute/twine. Decorate with bows, berries, ribbon or just leave them plain,


Dollar Tree Tinsel Tree With Face

Leave the tinsel and add a Silly Face. Kids will love it.

Dollar Tree Snowman Lantern
Christmas Tree Tapestry Pillow
Santa Claus Tapestry Pillow

No Sew Tapestry Pillows

Glue the edges of two DT tapestry placemats together, right sides out. These have finished edges so no need to flip inside out, leaving a spot open to stuff. Stuff with polyfil/stuffing (I used an old pillow I tore apart) and glue closed. I used two different placemats for 1 pillow and made 2 pillows. I can use both pillows with differents sides showing in a chair or I can used the same image side out on each side of a couch and switch the look throughout the month. (Basically giving me what appears to be 2 different sets)

Dollar Tree Santa Makeover
Dollar Tree Santa Makeover

Dollar Tree Santa Makeover
I removed the pom pom, holly nose and buttons and cut off his beard.
I wrapped blsck felt around the bottom to make pants. Then added chunky white yarn for the trim of his coat to cover where the red body and black felt met. I then added a wooden nose and a fur beard. The hat is red felt. Instructions in the first tutorial on the Sock Gnome Page where you will also find  instructions for the boots. The arms kind of looked like flippers so I just made mittens out of black felt and added chunky yarn for trim.

Christmas SVGs

Snowman Presents Gift Wrapping

Snowman Gift Wrapping
Top Box/Head - Candies or Treats
2nd Box/Body - Clothes
3rd Box/Bottom - Toy or Fun Stuff
This is a Great way to keep things even.

Snowman Gift Wrapping
Snowman Present

Works for the Older "Kids" too

Gift Wrapping and Exchanges

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Literal White Elephant Gift

Add a truck and ears to the No Sew Snowman and you have your White Elephant gift.


I Hope Santa Brings Me ...

Players sit in a circle. The first player starts and says, “I hope Santa Claus brings me __________” filling in the blank with whatever present they choose. It can be realistic or outrageous . The person to the left of the starter(clockwise) goes next. They will say, ” I hope Santa Claus brings me a (whatever the first player said and __________” filling in the blank with whatever they choose. This continues moving left around the circle with each person repeating what the previous person said and adding an additional present from Santa until someone forgets a present, messes up the order or in some way makes a mistake. That person is out and leaves the circle. The person to the left of the person that is now out starts the game over again from scratch. Continue playing and eliminating players until only one person remains. That person is a very deserving winner.

Guess How Many Ornaments

Count the number of ornaments on your Christmas tree and have your guests write down their guess as to how many there are.

The person who has the closest guess is the winner.

No Presents

Pass out a Candy Cane or a small token to each of your guests as they arrive. When all your guests have arrive the game starts. Inform them from that point forward they can not say the word Present/Presents. If a player gets caught saying the word whoever catches them gets their candy cane/token and they are out. The game is continued through out the party with players losing one candy/token cane each time they say Present. Whoever has the most when the game ends wins.


  • Use "Santa" "Christmas" or any other Holiday word instead of Presents

  • Dollar Tree usually has Holiday Hats or Ties you could use as tokens. Players must wear all the tokens they've collected. The person leading the game will be well accessorized :D

Stocking Stuffers

Fill a Christmas Stocking with an assortment of wrapped gifts, candy, candles etc and tape or pin it closed. Have your guests write down their guess as to how many items are inside by site only no touching it. The one who guesses the closest wins the filled stocking.

If there is a tie you can have a “tie breaker” round. Have the tied players taking turns naming one thing they think is inside the stocking. The first one who guesses an item inside wins.

Christmas Card Toss

Get about 10-12 holiday cards. Place a good sized basket, such as a laundry basket, in the middle of the room about 6 feet away from the players. Have each player take a turn and try to toss the Christmas cards into the basket one by one. This is much harder than it seems at first, you will be surprised how those cards fly about!

The winner is the one who gets the most cards in the basket after everyone has had a turn. For a tie have the tying players shoot 4-5 more cards each and the one with the most in the basket wins.

Santa Clipart
Gold Christmas Ornament Clipart
Christmas Present Clipart
No Clipart
Christmas Stocking Clipart
Guess The Candy Game

Guess The Candy Game

Wrap and number several boxes of Movie Theater Candy and have your guests indentify them by shaking the boxes.

The person who guesses the most correct is the winner

Snowflake FREE SVG 01
Snowflake FREE SVG 02
Christmas Tree FREE SVG 03
Christmas Tree FREE SVG 01
Christmas Wreath FREE SVG
Christmas Penguin FREE SVG
Santa 02 FREE SVG
Santa 01 FREE SVG

Click on pics to download both SVG and Png/JPG Files

Nutcracker Candle
Nutcracker FREE SVG

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

12 Inches by 20 Feet

This works just as well as the more expensive brands

Paid Link


Christmas Card Clipart


Countdown To Christmas

Add a Cotton Ball* each day leading up til Christmas. When Santa's beard is complete he is ready to make his appearance.

*I cut the cottonballs in half

Santa Countdown To Christmas
Christmas Match Printable

Give a Christmas Match Sheet to everyone.
Pick 1 player to be “It” have everyone else fill in the blanks by guessing what the “It” person wrote. 
Partner up with 2 player teams. One player fills in the blanks, the partner tries to match what they believe their partner wrote.
The most matches wins

Christmas Lyrics Quiz Printable
Christmas Music Clipart
Name The Christmas Song Printable
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