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Sock Gnomes

Gnome DIY Crafts, Ideas and Instructions
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This page covers your basic sock gnome using a glue gun not a sewing machine !!! There are lots of instructions, ideas and tips for both beginners and those who have made them before. I've seen several people post on social media groups that they want to make one but are afraid to try ??? Everything I use is either stuff I have around the house or fairly inexpensive. So what's the worse that can happen ? You deny your sock eating clothes dryer lunch ? Gnomes and making gnomes is FUN. Even if your gnome turns out to be totally laughable (yep I've made those !) Isn't a good laugh worth some rice. stuffing and a sock ?
The Basics 
Please read through ALL the instructions BEFORE starting your gnome
Sock Gnome Yarn Beard
From here you could keep him simple and call him done OR ...
Sock Gnome Yarn Beard
You could bend and glue his hat down and call him done ...OR
Christmas Sock Gnome Yarn Beard
You could add some embellishments and call him done ...OR
Christmas Sock Gnome Yarn Beard
You could add some shoes (See below for instructions) and call him done ...OR
You Will Need:
  • 1 CREW Sock
  • Rice
  • Polyfill (Stuffing)
  • A piece of cardboard 4" wide
  • Yarn
  • Small Ball (Wooden, Ping Pong etc Something to use for a nose)
  • 1 Felt Square
  • Rubber Band
Christmas Sock Gnome Yarn Beard
You could add some paint to his nose and a larger pom pom and I'm calling  him DONE.
You can add to, adjust or exchange ALL the elements. You may want to scroll down through out this page BEFORE you start your gnome and figure out which nose you want, which beard, arms vs no arms, sitting vs standing etc. Some steps need to be done before others depending on what you are adding. Example: If your adding arms they need to be attached BEFORE the hat
No Sew Gnome Craft
You Will Need:
  • 1 CREW Sock
  • Rice
  • Polyfill (Stuffing)
  • Dollar Tree Mop
  • Small Ball (Ping Pong etc Something to use for a nose)
  • String,Twine
  • Rubber Bands
Step by Step Instructions
Click First Picture to Start
No Sew Sock Gnome
Mop Beard Sock Hat

All the items can be found at Dollar Tree.
Female Gnome No Sew
No Sew
Female Sock Gnome
Step by Step Instructions
Click First Picture to Start
Easy DIY Gnome Couple
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
Although any kind of sock will work, a sock that has a tighter knit and is less stretchy will hold the shape better
The Tutorial for the Basic No Sew Gnome has CHANGED
I am NO longer recommending to fill socks with ALL RICE.
I have found that over time certain socks will stretch from the weight of the rice causing more rice to settle at the bottom. The gnome then has a triangular shape rather then a more cylinder shape. i.e. They end up with a really big butt. Although this does not hold true for all socks, I would rather use a small amount of rice in the bottom then fill with Polyfill (stuffing) and know my gnome will hold it's shape over time.
Boots attach more securely to a sock that is filled tightly with little stretch in it.
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
Although it's hard to see from this pic.

Baby Got Back !!!!
No Sew Sock Gnome 
Yarn Beard and Pointy Felt Hat
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
The gnomes in this section are your Basic Starting Points. These are the EASIEST and most INEXPENSIVE. Supplies needed are things you probably already have around the house or can be picked up at Dollar Tree or Walmart at a reasonable price
This one is NEW as of 10/30/21. The yarn beard is easier, then the mop beard below, you don't have to glue the strands on individually. And I think more people will already have yarn around their house. I also wanted to show a quick easy way to make a felt pointy hat. I did use a wooden ball for the nose which is probably the most expensive thing about him ONLY because you can't just buy 1. You can substitute any small ball, a ping pong ball, a marble, a POM POM. etc
Small Nose Gnome
Large Nose Gnome
Cold Nose Gnome
This method lets you determine the size of nose you'd like
Winter White Gnome
One way to add a nose to your gnome is to make it from the filled sock you are using, Shape the nose from the sock where you'd like it and simply tie it off with a string. When using a white sock these can be painted to whatever color you'd like.
How To Make A Nose from the Sock
Cold Nose Gnome
Use some makeup blush on his nose so he appears to be cold
Green Gnome Clipart.png
White Gnome
Leave the nose white for a monochromatic look
Witch Gnome.jpg
Vampire Gnome.jpg
Small Balls make great noses. Dollar Tree's ping pong balls, or their seasonal accents can be painted any color you'd like.
* These are the noses used in the tutorial
Blue Nose Gnome
Reindeer Gnome
Freckled Gnome
Large Wooden Nose Gnome
Wooden Balls can be purchased at a Craft Store or Amazon. 
Cheaper on Amazon.
Green Gnome Clipart.png
You can poke a hole in the ball and place it on a dowel to make it easier to paint. Place the dowel in a cup or piece of styrofoam to dry. When they are dry remove the dowel. Make sure you place the hole so it doesn't show when you glue it to your gnome.
Some of the wooden balls have a flat bottom. Although either will work I prefer these because it provides more contact with the base of your gnome when glued
Green Gnome Clipart.png
Freckled Face Gnome
Use a marker to add some freckles
Green Gnome Clipart.png
These you get more BUT the smaller ones are small. They work well for eyes and hands or really little gnomes
These are the ones with the flat bottoms I like to use. They are NOT split in half so the gnomes nose sticks out more and has more dimension. 
These are actually split in half. Still cute and less expensive just not as much depth. I like the smaller ones for hands
Paid Link
Paid Link
Paid Link
These come in 3 different sizes but all of them are big enough for gnome noses
Paid Link
Dollar Tree Mops make easy inexpensive beards
* This is the beard used in the 2nd tutorial
Reindeer Hobby Horse
Grinch Gnome Dyed Beard
Dying Fur Mops Socks
Wizard Gnome Mop Beard
Mop Beard Gnome
Red Gnome Clipart.png
Mop strands can be dyed to whatever color you would want. Dilute acryllic paint with some water and just dipped them all in, lay them out and let them dry. 
How to Cut Fur
When cutting fur you only want to cut the fabric backing NOT the fur. Use an exacto knife or seam ripper and CUT FROM THE BACK ... NEVER USE SCISSORS. Scissors will cut through the fur too, giving you a blunt edge which defeats the purpose of the fur
Notch out a spot for the nose so when you glue it on, the nose will still have contact with the sock. A nose glued right to the beard will not be as secure.
Rustic Plaid Gnome with Dog
You can buy fur in a rainbow of colors including Rainbow
OR You can dye white fur any color you want.
Rainbow Colors Gnomes
Dying Fur Instructions
Or glue the nose on first to insure it's secure and bring the beard up and around it
St Patricks Gnomes Stripes
When using fur make sure the fur hangs DOWN your gnome's face. Yep I've seen gnomes made where they attached the fur sideways. They kind of look like a gnome in a hurricane, although it definitely made me smile probably not the look you are going for
Not a Gnome but an Idea for the not used Mop Handles
Hobby "Horses" Ok reindeer but horses, unicorns and dragons are definitely in my future. Along with instructions . Save those handles !!!
Cutting Fur
Fur is fun for animals too.
Kitchen cutting sheets are available at Dollar Tree 2 for $1.00 and are great to cut your fur on ... Yep husband is pretty tolerable of the craft things EVERYWHERE but draws a line at fur on the kitchen cutting board
Save the part you notched out for smaller projects ... Ornaments ... Magnets 
Red Gnome Clipart.png
Red Gnome Clipart.png
This one you get 6  10"x 10" fabric squares, you'll be able to get several gnomes from each square
These I haven't actually tried, they are smaller so you are only going to get 1 gnome per sheet (10 Gnomes) but you get 10 different colors. Great if you want a variety without buying a lot of extra. 3 different color packages available
This one you get a 20"x 20" fabric square but it's available in Brown, Grey and Black
Paid Link
Paid Link
Paid Link
* If you are going to add arms to your gnome (Instructions Below) you need to attach them BEFORE you glue your hat on.
Sock Hat Gnome Plain
Sock Hat Gnome Buffalo Plaid
Sock Hat Gnome Panda Print
Dollar Tree Gnome Socks
Socks are an easy way to make a hat for your gnome.
* These are the hats used in the 2nd tutorial
Use the toe part of a plain ole colored sock. You could glue a flower, a ribbon, buttons etc to embellish it.
A patterned sock can make a cute gnome
Or you could use the calf part of the sock and simply tie off the top. Or tie it off and cut slices to make it look like a pom pom like the first tutorial.
Wizard Mickey Gnome Blue
Floppy Hat Gnome
These are probably the most common. I usually just use a  piece of material and roll it into a cone shape and glue it. Then stuff it with a little polyfil so it will hold it's shape.
Sunflower Gnome
Bunny Gnome with Lattice Basket
Dollar Tree offers a constantly changing variety of socks. Make sure you look not only in the sock row, but also in the holiday section and the front of the store
Add a wire to the inside of your hat so you can bend it into the shape you like
Stiffening the fabric is another way to give you a different look for your hat. It lets you strategically put in the wrinkles where you want them. This is great for getting that Harry Potter Sorting Hat type look. Although great for all materials I especially like it for felt. Felt is very easy to work with, it doesn't unravel, you don't need to make a seam and it's inexpensive. However felt has a tendency to look like a kids craft. Stiffening the felt gives it a more finished look.
How To Stiffen Gnome Hats
How To Stiffen Gnome Hats
How To Stiffen Gnome Hats
Fold the bottom of your hat to make a pocket like brim and you can add ears
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
DT Microsoft Fiber Cloth Gnome
I found these in the auto section of Dollar Tree. Super soft and so easy to work with.
2 Steps
Fold the corner into a triangle whatever width and size you'd like and glue. Use the factory seam as your seam.
Fold a little of the fabric inside the opening to make a hem. So it doesn't fray and glue.
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
You will need Mod Podge or a clear glue, water, styrofoam cone or pool noodle and some straight pins. Dilute Mod Podge with water. I don't have an exact recipe, however the more Mod Podge you use the stiffer the fabric will be. So it depends on your fabric, (heavier fabric will need more mod podge) and the look you want.
Dip your hat into the solution and squeeze out the excess. Yep this is messy, make sure you cover your work surface with plastic, foil etc. A cookie sheet with edges covered in something works well because the mixture will pool as it dries.
Place your fabric onto to styrofoam or a pool noodle and use your straight pins to to pin it into the shape you want. Add wrinkles or twist the end.
As it dries this is going to pool at the bottom, keep turning the hat so the mixture doesn't build up in one spot. I usually remove a pin or two after a few hours to check that it is keeping its shape and to make sure its not sticking to the pool noodle. If it's not add more mixture.
When it appears to be holding its shape remove pins and let dry thoroughly.
HowToMakeStiffenFabric forGnomesHats.JPG
Pilgrim Gnome
Holly Hat Gnome
Holly Hat Gnome
Cut out felt holly leaves and use them as the brim.
How To Make a Pool Noodle Top Hat
Mushroom Cap Gnome Polka Dots.
Cut out 2 fabric circles. Right/Patterned sides together glue the edges together 3/4 of the way around, leaving a section so  you can flip it right side out. Stuff with some polyfil and close it off with glue
Mushroom Cap Gnome with Yellow Roses
S'More Gnome
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
Modify this technique to get other looks
S'More Gnome
Add a square brim and dripping chocolate
Twisted Ruffle Hat Gnome Blue
Step By Step Instructions 
Click on 1st pic to start
I used these for the hands and feet
Paid Link
Twisted Ruffle Hat Gnome Purple
Twisted Ruffle Hat Gnome Green
Twisted Ruffle Hat Gnome Pink
Dollar Tree Faux Leather Purse
Dolar Tree Faux Leather
Twisted Ruffle Hat can also be made from the Faux Leather from the Dollar Tree purses. For these I over lapped the leather when I made the cone part, The leather isn't going to twist as much so it's harder to hide that seam.
Fur Pom Pom Gnome Leather Hat
An easy way to make a gnome hat during Christmas is a Dollar Tree Tree Skirt. Open it up and fold one end into a triangle. making sure the bottom (The part with the fur) is big enough to go around your gnome's head. Glue with right sides together and flip inside out. I added a wire and some polyfill inside. Add a pom pom to hide the end that does not make a perfect point. You can get several from one tree skirt.
This gnome is a Faux Fur Pom Pom Gnome shown on our Main Gnome Page not a Sock Gnome I just wanted to show you the hat.
Christmas Tree Gnome
Dollar Tree Tree Skirt Hat Plaid Gnome
Dollar Tree often has the Christmas ornament hats, which are really cute but harder to place on a sock gnome with the knot at the top. You can help the hat sit better by notching out the bottom of the hat. 
Dollar Tree Top Hat Gnome
Cut the knot at the top of your gnomes head as far down as you can make sure it still stays closed
These ones have burlap at the bottom, run a circle of glue around the area you want to notch out to prevent the burlap from unraveling . Make sure your circle is completely within the styrofoam part of the hat. Use a knife and scissors to notch out a hole within the circle. The hat is filled with the styrofoam that is made of the little balls so yea it's messy. Place the hat on the gnome frequently to see how big the notch needs to be for the hat to sit right
Arms and Hands
Arms need to be attached BEFORE you glue on the Hat
Step by Step Instructions 
Click First Picture to Start
The hair rollers you can get at Dollar Tree are probably the easiest way to add arms to your gnome. They come in various lengths and widths
Gnome Grey and Blue Stripes
Can't find the hair rollers ? You can use material, polyfill and wire.
These have more of a unfinished rustic look.
Red Plaid Christmas Gnome
Step by Step Instructions 
Click First Picture to Start
Mop Beard Woodland Gnome
Gnome with Grey Coat
Step by Step Instructions for 
Click First Picture to Start
Wizard Gnome
White Crystal Gnome
Red Gnome Clipart.png
You can also add some fur around the cuff
A rectangular piece of felt or material can easily be turned into a coat. Simple easy and takes your gnome to the next level.
Boots Shoes and Feet
Step by Step Instructions 
Click First Picture to Start
These are available at most DT's.
You get 6 for $1
Boots with Fur
Add fur to your boots
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
FREE Pattern DIY Dollar Tree Booties
Card Stock or Poster Board and a Printer and you can make your own. Each shoe is only 3 pieces.
If your struggling with gluing the shoe to together with a glue gun then we highly recommend the liquid glue. First choice is Tombow Aqua mono liquid glue, we use it for our intricate Cricut Projects. It comes with Dual Tips. 
  • Pen tip is for small areas or fine lines of glue. Broad tip is for large areas.

  • Glue is acid-free and photo-safe

  • Glue is 100% washable

  • 1. 69 oz. dual applicator that is leak and clog free

Everyone Else:
Aleene's works well too and is available at Dollar Tree it just doesn't have the precision.​

The bootie is just a form, you make the actual shoe around it. It doesn't have to be perfect !!!!!

These work out well for the Sock Gnomes you are gluing the boots directly to the socks. (See Below) They are a little bigger at the opening, not much but enough where you can get a larger piece of styrofoam in them. More styrofoam means more contact, more contact means more stability
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
Gnome Boots FREE Pattern
Step by Step Instructions
Click First Picture to Start
Paid Link
Dollar Tree Faux Leather Purse
Boots from Dollar Tree Faux Leather Purse
Dollar Tree Faux Leather Purses work well for covering your boots. Inexpensive and cute. I even cut apart the grommets and used them as buttons
The Instructions cover how to put them together so it's the same for both. Make sure you download both the pattern AND the Instructions
Fill Silicone Molds with Hot Glue
Silicone Feet Mold
This mold is available at Amazon. The big ones are 2" the small ones are approx 1 1/2". You can fill them with clay and wait for clay to dry OR ....
Simply fill them with your hot glue gun.
Paid Link
Denim No Sew Gnome With Feet
Denim No Sew Gnome With Dirty Feet
Paint them with acrylic paint and use some Mod Podge to seal it. I like to sprinkled some dirt on to the Mod Podge. Yea my gnomes have Dirty Feet
Bath Time Gnome
Some of them wash them up nice and clean.
Duck Screen Cleaner
His hat is a Microfiber Screen Cleaner I found at Dollar Tree
Love these
Small Tennis Shoes
Not sure why they market them as bird shoes ????
Birthday Gnome with Tennis Shoes
I filled the shoes with styrofoam so it was level with the top of the shoe and glued them right to the sock. Like you do with the boots you attach right to the body. (See Below)
Paid Link
Tennis Shoes with FREE Pattern
Faux Leather Work Boots FREE Pattern
Tennis Shoe Instructions
Tennis Shoe Instructions
Tennis Shoe Pattern PDF
These are both cute and easy. There is both a Printable PDF Pattern for those who don't have a Cricut and a SVG File for those who do.
The Instructions cover how to put them together so it's the same for both.

(Cricut users if you need help to import the file into Design Space See Our Crafty Fun Cuts Page for Help)
We used Craft Foam for these and No Grommets
We used faux leather for these and made cute work shoes
Craft Foam Shoes FREE Pattern
Attaching The Boots To The Gnome Body
Ghost Gnomes
Glue a piece of Styrofoam into your boot. Make sure the styrofoam and the the top part of the boot are the same height. This is going to give the boot more contact to the body of your gnome. Add glue around the top edge of the boot itself and on the piece of styrofoam.
Green Sitting Gnome
Glue boots to the front of the body for Sitting Gnomes
I attach the boots with the gnome sitting on a table, so the gnome will sit properly after they are attached
Angel Gnome
Pink Valentine Gnome
Glue boots to the bottom of the body for Standing Gnomes
 *Boots attach more securely to a sock that is filled tightly with little stretch in it !!!
This is especially important when attaching boots for a standing gnome. You are only securing the boot to the outside of the sock. If the stuff inside can move around, it will change the shape of your gnome, so he may be unstable and fall over. So you want that sock to be as solid/stiff as possible.
Attaching the boots to the bottom does take a little more finesse so he will actually stand. I usually stand my gnome on top of the boots BEFORE I add the glue. Once I get him positioned so he stands I remove the gnome and add the glue to one boot. Place the gnome back down securing that boot but still sitting on the other to make sure he still stands. After that one has set, I lift the gnome with the attached boot and add glue to the other. Set the gnome back down and secure that one so he still stands. With the polyfil and the rice there is still some play in the body of the gnome where you can get him to be balanced, I just find it easier to get him as balanced as possible before he is all glued together.
Standing Gnome Blue Stripes
Black and White Standing Gnome
Green Gnome Clipart.png
*Boots attach more securely to a sock that is filled tightly with little stretch in it
Green Gnome Clipart.png
For extra stability glue the boots together after you have glued them to the body. Just a little glue on the inseams at the bottom will work
Gnome With Beard Sign
 He didn't want to stand up !!! Whether you been making gnomes for a long time or just starting, you're going to get the ones that just don't want to stand up. Repositioning the shoes wasn't an option (I use LOTS of glue). My solution to counter balance him was to use the large present. He's cute but not what he was intended to be. In crafting sometimes it's about improvising.
Gnome Shelf Sitter with Stripes
Step by Step Instructions 
Click First Picture to Start
Beehive Gnome
Shelf Sitters are the only type of Gnome I would recommend adding legs too for a Sock Gnome. Standing Gnomes need something more solid to attach the legs too.
See Stand Up Gnome Page for instructions
Red Gnome Clipart.png
You can make the legs for your shelf sitter gnome without the rollers, using the material, polyfil and wire. Make a tube from your material and add a wire and polyfill (pretty much the same as you would for the arms without rollers). Glue one end into the shoe and attach to the bottom of your gnome like in the instructions above.
Fall Gnome Orange and Rust
Leave out the wire for floppy legs.
Red Gnome Clipart.png
Sparkle Santa Gnome
Just stuffing the arms and legs with polyfill and no extra support (hair rollers, wires), will give your gnome a rag doll look.
Themed Sock Gnomes
Crown Royal Black Gnome
Crown Royal
Deer Hunter Gnomes
Deer Hunter Gnomes
McDonalds Cheeseburger Gnome
I'm Lovin' It
The hamburger is a small styrofoam ball I cut into 3 pieces. Top bun, burger and bottom bun I flattened a little and covered then in felt. More felt for the lettuce and cheese. Tomato is another piece of styrofoam covered in felt. Mustard was not originally suppose to be there but I got carried away with the hot glue and it was showing so I went with it, added more glue and painted it yellow. Looking at the picture I think it might need ketchup below the burger, It was a messy craft day.
Save the Crown Royal Bags, they make really cute gnomes. I like to cut the hem off the bag (where the eyelets are) just below the stitching to make a brim for his hat, if you line them up just right they look like eyes
Maybe if these guys were better at the deer hunting thing, they could help control the deer population and Spare my CAR !!
Crown Royal Gnome Green
Chocolate Gnome
Chocolate Gnome
Cancer Gnomes
Cancer Gnomes
Breast Cancer Gnome
Dollar Tree Finds
Dollar Tree Holiday Headband
Easy Elf Gnome
Decorating your gnome doesn't get easier then this...  Dollar Tree offers a never ending array of headbands. Simply remove their "parts" and glue them to your gnome.
Gnome Phone Holder
Gnome Phone Holder
Gnome Phone Holder No Phone
Phone holder was a Dollar Tree find. I used a sock filled with all rice for the body. In this case I wanted the weight to help support the phone. I put the phone holder around the sock at the bottom and at an angle so he isn't totally hidden behind it. The phone will actually rest on the table and he is not actually holding the weight of it. I hid it with the coat. The arms are separate and are attached at the wrists of the hands and the shoulders of the gnome.
Dollar Tree Phone Holder
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