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Gift Boxes, Party Favors or Decorations. Easy to Follow Instructions. Some have both SVG and PDF Files for those without a Cricut.

Curvy Keepsake Box Easter Animals
Gift Box With Bow
Gnome Gift Box Side View
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Because my server will not let me share SVG files or any picture file directly, I had to zip them. Click on any file you want throughout the site and the zip file will automatically download. You need to unzip it, to access the files.

Baseball Caps Gift Boxes FREE SVG
Baseball Caps Gift Boxes FREE SVG

Baseball Caps Gift Boxes

These are so cute and versatile. They can be made as fancy or as simple as you want and can be used for any occasion.

Life Saver Cancer Baseball Hats

These went to the Lacks Cancer Center as a Thank You to the "Life Savers"


Baseball Cap:

Grouped as it pulls into DS 11.898 x 11.841

Base 5.880 x 7.660

Brim 5.145 x 4.268

Octagon 5.763 x 5.004

Cap Triangle pieces 3.432 x 4.817

Box sides 2.462 x 3.176

Curvy Keepsake Boxes

These fun cute little boxes are great gift boxes or party favors. They come in 2 different sizes and are easy enough to cut out without a Cricut

Large and Small Curvy Keepsake Boxes
Tinkerbell Curvy Keepsake Box

Download Includes:

  • Curvy Keepsake Box SVG File

  • Large Curvy Keepsake Box PDF File

  • Small Curvy Keepsake Box PDF File


Print/Cut 2 for each box. Paste pieces together as shown in PDF Files. Score ond fold the center square. Bring handle pieces to meet together of the top. Bring each of the slotted sides up over the handle.

Curvy Keepsake Box Pattern SVG PDF File
Small Curvy Keepsake Box Pattern SVG PDF File

Cut them out from solid colored cardstock, leave them plain or add a bow or some clipart

Peter Pan Curvy Keepsake Box

Click on Pictures

To Go To Their Pages

Skeleton Curvy Keepsake Box

Cut them out from patterned cardstock, that can be purchased OR print a pattern unto white card stock

Curvy Keepsake Box Easter Animals

Add faces to them. SVGs for these are available on Our Easter Page

Halloween Curvy Keepsake Boxes

Don't have a Cricut, simply make your own out of felt


DESIGN SPACE SIZE Curvy Keepsake 8.510 x 5.625

Gift Box With Bow

This adorable little gift box is great for any occasion. Use different colors to go with any Holiday, Pastels for Easter, Red and Green for Christmas. Use it for party favors or just special treats boxes or gift boxes. Unique shaped box and bow is separate so you could replace it with an action figure for boys. The possibilities are endless

Gift Box With Bow
Gift Box With Bow Top


Gift Box 10.788 x 9.169

Curved sides 3.552 x 9.133

Top 4.27 x 5.201

Bottom square 2.03 x 2.03

Tabbed sides 2.878 x 9.109

Triangle Gift Box

These were originally designed as Christmas Tree Boxes, use a different color card stock and they are great for any occasion. Small party favor boxes or gift boxes.

Christmas Tree Boxes

Triangle Box
SVG File

Christmas Tree Boxes
Christmas Tree Boxes
Christmas Tree Boxes

This tutorial was designed to make these boxes to hold a Hot Chocolate Bomb, however you can change the message to whatever you want. The main purpose for this tutorial is to show Cricut users how to add writing to your Cricut projects using a Cricut Pen. It will also show you how to use a Scoring Stylus

DESIGN SPACE SIZE  Triangle Gift Box:

Grouped as it pulls into DS 10.430 x 8.972

Side with square 2.998 x 7.504

Sides 2.997 x 4.952


Gnome Gift Box

Use the triangle box as a base to make this adorable Gnome Gift Box

Gnome Gift Box Side View
Gnome Gift Box
Gnome Box Gift Box Instructions

DESIGN SPACE SIZE Gnome 5.266 x 3.290


Carrot Gift Box


DESIGN SPACE SIZE Carrot Box 7.999 x 8.305

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