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Tricks and Treats

Tricks - Fake Bakes
Looks good enough to eat but I wouldn't recommend it.

Treats - Things you can actually Eat
AND Ideas to collect and store your goodies 

Last Updated 1/22/23


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Pumpkin Crafts, Ideas for carving and painting pumpkins, Clipart and SVGs and MORE 

Trick or Treat Clipart

Tricks .... aka Fake Bakes

Melting Witch Fake Bake Layered Cake

Melting Witch Fake Bake Layered Cake

This was a cute cake until someone through some water on her


Mummy and Frankenstein Treats

See our Fake Bakes Page and Gingerbread and Candyland Page for instructions on the individual items.


Sometimes the Fake Bakes look less then impressive until you put several of them together.


Silicone Molds are a great, easy way to make fake candy, just fill them with Hot Glue, wait a few minutes and paint

Fake Creepy Drinks and Cupcake

Creepy Drinks and Cupcake

Pumpkin Teeth Candy Corn

 Click on Label Pic for PDF File and Print
Fold in half and staple to the opening of a sandwich bag. (I cut the bag down a little) 

Pumpkin Teeth

 I added googly eyes to make it 3 dimensional but PDF file has eyes printed on it so they are optional

Pumpkin Teeth Label
Ghost Poop Halloween Treat
Ghost Poop Labels

Ghost Poop

Spider Egg Halloween Treat
Spider Eggs Labels

Spider Eggs

Spider is just a black pipe cleaner and googly eyes

Frog Toes Halloween Treat
Frog Toes Labels

Frog Toes

Trick or Treat Clipart
Bones Pretzel Halloween Treat
Bones Pretzel Treats Labels

Bones Pretzel Treats
Stack White Chocolate Pretzels on a screwer, adding a mini marshmallow to each side to secure. Wrap in cellphane and tie of at each end. Glue skull to the top and tie the sign to the bottom.

No Bones About It

You're a Sweet Friend


Fake Bake Witch Caked

Witch Cake


I love the cakes with the witch's feet sticking out of the top. The one's I've seen must have used shorter witches for this, cause she's kind of messy when she goes all the way through the cake.


For this one I started with my ice cream container. Removed the lid and handle, covered it with purple felt and flipped it upside down. I then glued it to the plate. I glued on pieces of orange sponges where I wanted it to look like she was diving in or breaking out (The top and the one side) leaving a spot that I could glue the head and feet right to the base . Next I frosted the cake with Spackling ( See the Fake Bake Page for How To Make This)  using a large star tip and just making single dabs until the cake was covered (Except where the sponges were) Looking back I think I would had like it better had I just frosted it smooth. She would had stood out better. (Does everyone do this ? AFTER finishing a step, think I should of done this instead) Anyway it was done so I then added the witch. Her legs and boots are taken straight from the gnomes. They are Dollar Tree hair rollers and DT baby boots (See The Sock Gnome Page for instructions). I glued the legs together at the crouch and added some purple tulle and black felt I gathered as a skirt. I glued the legs onto the top of the cake making sure the hot glue was actually hitting the base and not just the sponge. This made it more secure. Spackling would secure it more later. Her face is made with a styrofoam ball I painted green, her hair is purple ropey ribbon I got from DT (Thinking ropey ribbon is not the actual name of it) Her hat is black felt, her nose is a wooden ball I painted green. (yep a gnome nose) And her eyes are 1/2 wooden balls (Again I stole these from the gnome supplies) I just painted. I glued the completed head right to the base of the cake and supported it more with pieces of the orange sponge. I then smeared purple frosting on her face and hat. I finished by finishing off the rest of the cake with some leaves I piped with spackle and some purple glitter pumpkins I got from DT.


A lot of people use styrofoam blocks for the base of their Fake Cakes. Styrofoam blocks can be expensive. For this one I used a cubed ice cream container (Walmart's cheap brand comes in these). I covered it with felt so the spackle would stick.


Spider Tootsie Pop

Spider Tootsie Pop
Wrap black pipe cleaners around the stick and add googly eyes. Simple EASY

Tootsie Pop Pumpkin
Halloween Ghost Pop

Ghost Pop
Wrap a coffee filter around a sucker and tie off with some string, add googley eyes or just draw the eyes with a black marker.

Tootsie Pop Pumpkin
Drill holes into a carved pumpkin and place suckers in them. This is a great way to pass out candy yet follow the current social distancing rules.

Open From Bottom Pumpkin

I opened the pumpkin from the bottom to clean it out. so I won't have a "lid" on the top

Halloween Night Light Treat

Halloween Night Light Treat
Click on the cards below and print. Add a couple of Glow Sticks for a Treat kids will love and won't cause cavities.

Halloween Night LightTreat Label
Halloween Bat Pudding Treat

Bat Pudding Treat
Wings are made from foam board, googley eyes and some felt for teeth

Baked Goodies

Stenciled Pumpkin Cookies Pumpkin Patch

Stenciled Pumpkin Cookies
I placed several in a  tray lined with green plastic and added some green pipe cleaners for vines.

Stenciled Pumpkin Cookies
Mummies Cookies
Halloween Ghost Cake

Mummy Cookies

Simple slice and bake cookies, frosted with chocolate frosting, I then added eyes and Piped bandages across them.

Ghost Pull Apart Cupcakes

Frost cupcakes with white frosting and add fondant eyes and mouth


Treat Containers

Curvy Keepsake Boxes

Large and Small Curvy Keepsake Boxes
Halloween Goodie Bag Clipart

These fun cute little boxes are great gift boxes or party favors. They come in 2 different sizes and are easy enough to cut out without a Cutting Machine


Print/Cut 2 for each box. Paste pieces together as shown in PDF Files. Score ond fold the center square. Bring handle pieces to meet together of the top. Bring each of the slotted sides up over the handle.

Download Includes:

  • Curvy Keepsake Box SVG File

  • Large Curvy Keepsake Box PDF File

  • Small Curvy Keepsake Box PDF File

Curvy Keepsake Box Pattern SVG PDF File

Large Curvy Keepsake Box is approximately 4" tall not including the handle

Small Curvy Keepsake Box Pattern SVG PDF File

Small Curvy Keepsake Box is approximately 3" tall not including the handle

Halloween Curvy Keepsake Boxes Printed Paper
Halloween Curvy Keepsake Boxes

Spider, Pumpkin, Witch

Frankenstein, Ghost and Dracula

I used felt to make the faces and glued them to the boxes. Keep in mind when placing items on the top of the box to only glue to the top flap making sure the box will still open.


I cut a slot into the witches hat for the handle. The hat is not glued on and is removable so you can still open the box

For these I found a patterned background clipart and printed it on the back of the Keepsake Box pattern before I cut it out. 

Pick an Egg 
Remove an egg to determine if you are a winner.

Owl Treat Pouch
Owl Treat Pouch Back

Owl Treat Pouch
I did this one on the Cricut. I cut the pieces out of felt and glued it together. I added an extra piece of felt on the back to make the pouch


Trick Or Treaters Clipart

Toilet Paper Roll Candy Holders

Jack O Lantern Party Favor

I painted a Toilet Paper Roll orange and added a felt face.

I wrapped candy in black tissue paper and inserted it in the roll

Halloween Glove Treats

Glove Halloween Treat Bag
Stuff a glove for a fun treat bag. Simple EASY

Vampire Halloween Treat Holder

Vampire Treat Holder
Cut a hole for the mouth leaving 2 teeth in a Milk Jug, paint blue withthe black pointy hair, add felt eyes and a pom pom nose ... and ... TREATS.

Angry Birds Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat Clipart
Red Angry Bird Clipart
Angry Birds Trunk or Treat

This went into the back of an SUV for a Trunk or Treat Event. Kids could choose one of the 4 games to play to win a prize. It was constructed from a low cut cardboard box and 4 cardboard columns covered in black plastic table cloths. Black mesh was used to make the back drop. Plastic cups decorated with angry birds were attached to the back columns. Eggs were attached with velcro so they were removable decorated the left front column. The right column was decorated with bricks and columns to provide the column for a ring toss.

Knock Down Angry Bird Cups
Angry Bird Pick an Egg Game
Angry Bird Ring Toss
Angry Bird Ball Toss

Knock Em Down
Knock over all the cups in 2 shots to win.

Ring Toss
Toss the ring over the column to win.

Ball Toss
Toss the ball into either cup to win.

Red Angry Bird Clipart
Angry Birds Prizes and Treat Bags

Angry Birds Treat Bags were filled as prizes and there was Candy for those who didn't want to participate.

Angry Bird Costume

And of Course there was an 
"Not-So" Angry Host

Angry Birds Clipart
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