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Tricks and Treats, Crafts, Gnomes, Games, Memes, Pumpkins and Ghoulish Surprises  

Other Halloween Pages

Pumpkin Page

Pumpkin Crafts, Ideas for carving and painting pumpkins, Clipart and SVGs and MORE 


Tricks - Fake Bakes
Looks good enough to eat but I wouldn't recommend it.

Treats - Things you can actually Eat
AND Ideas to collect and store your goodies 


Dollar Tree Hanging Ghost Makeover

Dollar Tree Hanging Ghost with Legs
Dollar Tree Hanging Ghost

Click on first pic for step by step instructions

Upgrade your DT Hanging Ghost a Little or a Lot

Just add legs to make her a Standing Decoration

Dollar Tree Hanging Ghost Makeover

OR Give her the Deluxe Makeover

Dollar Tree Hanging Ghost Centerpiece

OR Set her in a pumpkin patch

Click on first pic for instructions to attach her to a pumpkin

DT Boo Sign with Ghost Lights
Ghost Clipart png

DT Boo Sign with Ghost Lights


Skeleton and Skull Halloween Mantle

Skeleton and Skull Halloween Mantle
Dollar Store Finds, Glue and Paint can make a Big Creepy Statement

Stacked Skeleton Candle Holder
Stacked Skull Dowel
Stack Skull add Cardboard

Stacked Skeleton Candle Holder

I cut holes in Dollar Store Skulls and ran a dowel through them to stack them.. I cut a small round piece of cardboard put a hole in the center and glued it to both the dowel and the skull on both ends. Both the top and bottom of the skulls do not have a flat service. so the cardboard will give you a larger contact area when attaching the plates, this will be covered up with the glue. I cut off the dowel so I had a level surface and glued dollar store plates to both the top and bottom. 

This could also hold cookies or candies.

Bloody Handprint Clipart
Bloody Handprint Clipart
Skull Candle Holder

Single Skull Candle Holder

Bloody Skeleton Hand
Drip Glue on Skull and Hands

Bloody Skeleton Hand

Bloody Help Letters

For the single skull I used a plastic soap dish as opposed to the glass plate. It was smaller and weighed less, so I didn't need the dowel. I then dripped hot glue to form drips on all the pieces I wanted to use.

Hot Glue Help Drips

Bloody Help Letters

For the Bloody Help Sign, I dripped hot glue on to a piece of wax paper, let it harden and peeled off the wax paper. wax paper does not peel off entirely but doesn't show where it stuck.

Paint all the Drips Red
I used a red acryllic paint, but afterwards thought it would had looked better with a gloss paint

Dollar Store Skeleton
Dollar Store Skeleton With Bloody Skull

I added a bloody skull to one of the skeletons so it looked like he was holding it.

Dollar Store Skeleton

Skeleton Bubble Bath Craft

Bubble Bath Skeleton

I painted a galvanized metal container I got from the Dollar Store black and added a Dollar Store Skeleton. Bubbles are cotton batting and opalescent stones sprinkled with clear crystal glitter.

Skeleton Clipart
Halloween Skull Jar

Glass Jar of Skulls

I used a spaghetti sauce jar but a mason jar or any other jar would work. The skulls were purchased at the Dollar Store. I added black lace and ribbon to the lid.

Skeleton Curvy Keepsake Box

Skeleton Curvy Keepsake Box

Download is on the Tricks and Treats Page

Cute Skull Clipart
Bloody Handprint Clipart


Monster Trick or Treat Pop Bottle Craft
Monster Curvy Keepsake Boxes
Halloween Monster Clipart

Monster Father and Son

Trick or Treating

Both father and son are made from 2 liter pop bottles with the spout cut off and turned upside down. Both were painted purple and felt and pipe cleaner features were added.

Monster Curvy Keepsake Boxes

Monster In a Pumpkin

Monster in a Pumpkin

I used Mod Podge and food coloring to paint a pop bottle I cut in half. I wanted a more transparent look so the light would shine through. For 1 I added skeleton arms from the dollar store I also painted with the mixture, the other I just cut hands from felt. I then added some eyes made from felt and my monsters were ready to escape.

Peek A Boo Pumpkin Monster

Download is on the Tricks and Treats Page



Ghost Gnomes
Witch Gnome.jpg

Vampire Gnome

Witch Gnome

See My Gnomes Pages for Instructions on how to make the No Sew Gnomes

Monster Mash Gnome and Fake Bake
Vampire Gnome.jpg

Monster Mash
Mash up what you learned on our Gnome Page with what you're learned on our Fake Bakes Page

Mad Scientist Gnomes and Fake Bake

Mad Scientist

Standing Witch Gnome

Standing Witch Gnome
Add plaid ribbon to your seasonal decorations to help them blend with your home decor.

Ghost Gnomes
Microsoft Cloths you can find in the auto section at Dollar Tree make really cute and soft hats. The ghost on the hat was done on felt on the Cricut. Cheap felt came out kind of wonky but for this project I liked it that way

Spider Web Gnome

Spider Web Gnome
Spider Web Gnome with Dollar Tree Light Up Spiders. The battery pack is hidden in the back.

Jack o Lantern Pumpkin Gnome

Jack o Lantern Pumpkin Gnome

No Sew Sock Black Cat

Black Cat
The black cat is made from a sock similar to the Sock Gnomes. Fill a black sock with a little bit of rice for weight and then the fill the rest with polyfill.  Tie off the top and tie off the middle to separate the head from the body. Add a hat, felt features and a bow.

Candles and Jars

Spider Web Candle Jar

Spider Web Candle Jar
I painted a light coat of purple paint on the jar and just added some webs and spiders.

Dripping Candle Toilet Paper Rolls
Zombie Jar Bloody Candle
Dripping Blood Clipart

Dripping Candle Toilet Paper Rolls
I used a glue gun and dripped the glue over a toilet paper roll to form the drips on the "Candle" Then painted  it white and added a battery operated tealight candle

Dripping Blood Clipart

Zombie Jar
I painted the inside of a jar red and the outside white, Used a little sand paper on the outside to distress it so the red comes through, Glued on some Googly Eyes and dripped melted red crayon over it. Finally I added some First Aid Tape.

Personalized Halloween Candle
Personalized Candle Items Needed

You will need: Tissue paper, printer, cardstock, pillar candle, wax paper and a hair dryer.

Tape tissue paper on a piece of cardstock making sure all the seams are covered with tape and print your picture on top of tissued area. I added pumpkin clipart to this one.

Cut around your picture to separate tissue from cardstock. Design needs to be slightly smaller then the candle, both height and width. Do not overlap on the width. Place pictured tissue on the candle and cover it with a piece of wax paper larger then the candle, with enough extra width to make a handle to hold on to. Make sure it's holding the drawing to the candle securely. 

Heat the candle with the hair dryer, melting the wax so the tissue adheres to it. Picture will be more transparent as it melts into the candle. Continue all the way around the candle. Remove the wax paper. You can reposition wax paper to go over any spots that were missed.  

Tape Tissue Paper to Cardstock
How to make Personalized Candle

Personalized Candle

Bloody Candle
I simply melted a red crayon over a Dollar Store Candle.

Halloween Decoupaged Candle Jar

Decoupage Dollar Store Candle Jar

Skull Candle Clipart
Ghost Silhouette Clipart
Boo Silhouette Candle Jar
Creepy Tree Silhouette Candle Jar
Halloween Haunted Tree Clipart
Ghost Clipart Silhouette

Halloween Silhoutte Candle Jars
Decoupage Silhouettes to the inside of a jar.  Silhouettes here are a simple design that can be easily cut out with scissors. (No Cricut Needed). I used clear crystal glitter on the outside of the jars. Add a battery operated tealight candle. Do not use a real candle, silhouettes are paper and will burn.

SVGs and PNG Files for Ghosts and Tree are available, click on image to download


Scroll Down this page for more FREE SVGs

Creepy Halloween Candles
Decoupage Creepy Candles
Add Picture to Candle
Toilet Paper Roll Spooky Candles

Combine some of the previous techniques to create a Creepy Candle Display

Add pictures to Candles

Decoupage pictures on to Dollar Store Candles

Toilet Paper Roll Candles painted black and accented with metallic paint


Curvy Keepsake Halloween Box Eyeballs
Eyeball Halloween Jar

Eyeball Curvy Keepsake Box
Complete with instructions ;) 

Eyeball Glass Jar

Eyeballs were found at the Dollar Store. I added some Window Cleaner to the water to make it blue. Added some ribbon to the lid.

Eyeball Clipart
Eyeball Floral Arrangement

Painted Eyeball Jars
Paint a jar black. Yea I used spaghetti jars AGAIN. (We eat a lot of Italian food :) Paint simple eyes on it and add a bow. Fill with candy or silk flowers. I found these at the Dollar Store.

Eyeball Candy Jar
Im Watching Halloween Candy Jar

I'm Watching You Candy Jar
Paint your container black. I used one of the large plastic containers you get at Sam's Club/Costco, this one held Animal Crackers but any container will work. Print the Watching Eye Clipart and decoupage it on your container. Then add some of the black creepy material you can find at Dollar Tree and a Sign.


Watching Eye Clipart

Watching Eye Clipart 

Pumpkin Eyeball

 Eyeball Pumpkin
The eyeballs were a Dollar Tree find. There are 2 in a package. For this one I cut the lid as you normally do and clean out the pumpkin., then cut the circle the size of the eyeball. This is where I realized what I thought was my mistake. Neither the hole for the lid nor the circle were big enough to get the eyeball through. The solution was to cut a slit in the back. Which afterwards I realized was probably the only way to do it, there was not enough room on the pumpkin to make both the lid big enough and the hole for the eye, they would had overlapped

Giant Eyes Dollar Tree

SVGs and PNGs


Click on pics to download
both SVG and PNG Files

Bat 1 Free SVG and PNG Files
Bats Free SVG and PNG Files
Cat Free SVG and PNG Files
Hocus Pocus Spell On You SVG PNG

SVG Only

Drink Up Witches Free SVG and PNG Files
Happy Halloween Free SVG and PNG Files
Witch Free SVG and PNG Files
Spell On You Free SVG and PNG Files
Cat 2 Free SVG and PNG Files
Ghost Free SVG and PNG Files

SVG Only

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Grim Reaper Skeleton FREE SVG and PNG
Running Skeleton FREE SVG and PNG
Skeleton 100 FREE SVG and PNG
Skull 100 FREE SVG and PNG
Skull 101 FREE SVG and PNG

SVG Only

Boo Boo Crew Jar FREE SVG
Error 404 Costume Not Found Tee Shirt
Error 404 Costume Not Found Tee Shirt

SVG Only

Printable Games

Click on Pics for PDF Files

Find The Horror Movies

Find the Horror Movies
How many Horror Movies can you find in this picture ? 
There isn't an answer sheet for this one. I printed off one for all the players and everyone took turns finding a movie. The first one to miss or repeat another's answer is out. Play continues til there is only one person left.

Halloween Name That Tune

Halloween Name That Tune

Can you name the title of these Halloweens songs given just one line ?

Halloween Spot the 12 Differences


Spot the 12 Differences

Halloween A-Z Printable Game

Halloween A - Z

How many Halloween things can you name ?

Spider Toss

Spread spider webs (the stretchy kind) in a doorway, corner of the room, etc.. Have players stand behind a line and toss little plastic spiders at the spiderweb, whoever gets 3 spiders stuck in the web the fastest wins.

Spider Clipart

Mummy Wrap

Divide into teams and see who can cover one of the team mates with the most toilet paper in the allotted time




Pumpkin Ring Toss

Toss Glow in the Dark Bracelets or Necklaces around the stem of a pumpkin

Pumpkin Teeth Guessing Game

Pumpkin Teeth Guessing Game

Fill a jar with Candy Corn, you have counted out before the party. 
Have your guests guess how many candies are in the jar. 
All participants get a sample bag of Pumpkin Teeth.

(See Treats Section Above)
The winner gets to keep the jar,

Pumpkin Teeth Guessing Game PDF File
Pumpkin Teeth Guessing Game PDF File 2.JPG
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