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Gingerbread and Candyland Ideas, NOT just Christmas. Fake Bakes (some Real), Crafts, Gnomes, FREE SVGs and MORE

Candyland Stand Up Girl Gnome
Pipe Cleaner Lollipop

Pipe Cleaner Lollipop
This lollipop was made with pipe cleaners. I twisted 2 pink pipe cleaners together and then continued adding more in til I had a long strand. I then did the same with the white. Placed one end of each one together and rolled them together, gluing periodically to make the sucker. When I got the size I wanted I painted on a thin layer of Mod Podge and sprinkled it with Crystal Glitter. Glued on a painted dowel and added a bow.


Dollar Tree Coiling Ribbon Lollipop

I found this coiling ribbon at DT. It works great for Lollipops, simply coil it around gluing as you go.

Chunky Yarn Lollipop

This is just Chunky Yarn glued to a cardboard circle. The up side of this one is it works well for larger suckers. Although picture doesn't show it this one is good size (12" across). Add some Crystal Glitter and a  bow and it's going to be really cute on my Gingerbread Tree

Spackle Candy Flowers

Spackling Candy Flowers
See the Fake Bake Page for the Spackling Instructions. Use a star tip and pipe dots on a piece of parchment paper. Let dry and paint whatever color you want. Let dry again and paint with Mod Podge and sprinkle with Crystal Glitter. I added a fake pearl to the center.


Meterball Suckers

Meterball Suckers
Remove the metal hanger upper thingy (yea that's the technical name for it) of a Christmas Meterball and replace with a dowel. Paint, Glitter and Decorate

Fake Pink Cotton Candy
Fake Green and Purple Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy 

Sometimes the Fake Bakes aren't very impressive til you start putting several of them together

Frankenstein Treats Fake Bake
Fill Candy Molds with Hot Glue
Fake Pumpkin Candies

Silicone Molds are a great, easy way to make fake candy, just fill them with Hot Glue, wait a few minutes and paint

Fake Bake Mummy Treats

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.


Amazon Paid Link

This is a great set for your Fake Chocolates. 
6 Different Shapes

Fake Chocolate Candies
Fake Chocolate Home Decorations

See Our Chocolate Page For More Chocolate Treats

Marshmallow Faces Ornaments

Marshmallows for Hot Cocoa can be easily made from air dry clay

Fake Clay Marshmallows

These cute little guys were made from the toy dice you can get at Dollar Tree. I simply painted them white and dripped hot glue over the top. I then painted the glue and covered it with Gloss Mod Podge to make it shiny. The faces were just drawn on with a marker.

Amazon Paid Link


Chocolate Tiered Tray

The Chocolate Tiered Tray is made of several components. I 've tried to give instructions or step by step tutorials on all of them, so can pick and choose which ones you like. Don't like gnomes ? (Yea Right) But if you don't leave them off and you have a cute chocolate tray. Don't want the chocolate waterfall ? There again leave it off, like the backside of this one.
Capturing this in a photo just wasn't happening so I've included a video so you can see all the elements.

Chocolate Tiered Tray 01
Chocolate Tiered Tray 02
Chocolate Tiered Tray 03
Chocolate Tiered Tray 04

Chocolate Waterfall


How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Chocolate Gnome

I used small prescription bottle gnomes. These are great by themselves, but I like them when I want to add more then 1 gnome to a project. They don't have to be covered in chocolate :D

Prescription Bottle Gnome
Fake Bake Brownies
Fake Bake Bon Bons
Hot Glue Chocolates

These are made from styrofoam. I used the round disk styrofoam you can get at Dollar Tree. It's the perfect width. I cut them into squares and painted them brown. The icing is hot glue I drizzled over the top. Go around the perimeter and then fill in. Turn the brownie so it fills in evenly. When the glue sets, paint it brown and when that dries cover it with Gloss Mod Podge.

Fake Bake Cake Pops

Cake Pops
I used round styrofoam balls, painted them browm, drizzled hot glue over them, painted the drizzle and used gloss Mod Podge over all.

Bon Bons
I used round styrofoam balls, painted them browm, then used Gloss Mod Podge and covered with crystal glitter

Fake Bake Marshmallows

I used Air Dry Clay and just shaped them by hand. Painted them Matte White,

I used Hot Glue in molds to make the chocolates. Simply fill them with hot glue and pop them out approximately 20 minutes later. I painted them with acryllic paint. Let the first coat dry thoroughly and it will act as a primer. Don't try to paint a 2nd coat before it is completely dry or it may pull the paint up. Seal with Mod Podge when finished.

Chocolate Mold

Add a magnet to your hot glue in the  molds to make refrigerator magnets. Make sure the side that draws to metal is up.


Candyland Gingerbread Ornaments

Fake Candyland Cupcakes

Fake Bake Cupcakes with Candy accents make really cute ornaments
See Our Fake Bakes Page for Instructions


Peppermint Candy Ornaments

A Candyland Tree needs Peppermint Candies right ? These are made with the Dollar Tree styrofoam disks. I just painted and wrapped with cellophane

Fake Green Cupcakes

I did some cupcakes a little less ornate. You need some of the more plain stuff so that the other ornaments will stand out.
Tip: I love these little party cupcake holders for my Fake Bakes but finding them to match whatever I want them for is tricky. These were an orange gingham leftover from my fall stuff. I covered them with felt or you can just paint them.

Sweet Shop Box Ornament
Sweet Shop Box Ornament

I found these Sweet Shop Gift Boxes at Dollar Tree. I added ribbon and glued the lid on for a quick easy addition to my Candyland Gingerbread Tree

How To Make a Bow

How To Make A Bow
Bows can add so much to your tree, but they can also be pricey. I like to mix the expensive ribbons with some less expensive ribbons to give the bow a fuller look without breaking the bank. In this example the Gingerbread ribbon and the candy striped ribbon are wired. Wired ribbon is easier to work with because you can shape it after your bow is made. However these are also more expensive. The other 2 came from Dollar Tree, they are not wired but we're just going to use them for backing. You'll use a lot less of the pricey ribbon this way.

Click on first pic for
Step by Step Instructions

Spackled Spatula Ornaments

Add some spackle and ribbon to a spatula for a really cute ornament. See Our Fake Bakes Page 

Applesauce and Cinnamon Ornaments
You will need:
1 Cup Applesauce
1 Cup Cinnamon
2 Tablespoons White Glue (Optional)
Mix together ingredients to form a ball of dough. Roll it out to about a 1/4" thickness and use cookie cutters to cut out your shapes. Use a straw to cut a hole to hang them from. Place on parchment/wax paper and bake at 250 for 2-3 hrs. Let sit overnight to finish drying out.  Add string to hang them. Leave them plain or decorate with a simple bow or add accents

Applesauce Cinnamon Ornaments
Applesauce Cinnamon Ornaments Accents
Applesauce Cinnamon Ornament Bow
Gingerbread Man Clipart Sitting Clipart
Craft Foam Cutout Gingerbread Man

He was made form the Gingerbread Crafting Foam Cutouts you can get at Dollar Tree. I used 2 of them together with a piece of cardstock between. (They're pretty thin by themselves.) Add Rick Rack, Felt, Puffy Paint, Stickers, whatever you'd like. This is a great project for young and old alike. Punch a hole at the top and add a ribbon and you have a fun tree ornament

Gingerbread Man Clipart with Sign
Something Smells Good Clipart
Gingerbread Mug
Gingerbread Mug Candy

Gingerbread Mugs
Add Felt Gingerbread People to a mug for a more crafty look. They're attached with hot glue which will peel right off so the mug is still usable.

Pizza Pan Gingerbread Wall Hanging Boy
Pizza Pan Gingerbread Wall Hanging Girl
Dollat Tree Pizza Pan
Gingerbread Face Simple

Sometimes faces can be intimadating to crafters. One way is to start simple and add to it. In this case I started with a smiley face and added a nose. Then added eyelashes for the girl. Red glitter circles for cheeks. But what gives them personality is the white gleams. Gleams can be done several ways but if your not sure, remember the 10-2 rule. Gleams go at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock or a variation of that.

Paint your pizza pan with Chalk Paint to prevent the paint from chipping

Pizza Pan Gingerbread Wall Hangings

The white frosting line around the perimeter is yarn I hot glued on. Added Mod Podge and Crystal Glitter and a fun bow

Gingerbread Eyes jpg

My nephew made these eyes for me. So Cute !!! Click on the pic to download the JPG file

Gingerbread Girl Sucker 

Gingerbread Tiered Cake

The bottom layer is a DT plastic storage container I painted brown and covered it with hot glue for the drizzles. White spackling mixture and fake sprinkles are at the base to cover the lip of the container. The 2nd layer is a stryfoam cube I painted brown and dry brushed with white. The 3rd layer is a Layer Cake Slice (See directions of the Fake Bakes Page) The green candies are styrofoam balls I cut in half and painted green. The ruby gems are from DT. Almost everything is covered with Mod Podge and Crystal Glitter

Gingerbread Tiered Cake

Gingerbread Girl Sucker

Dollar Tree Styrofoam Disks (there's 2 in a package) are the bases for these cute gingerbread suckers. For this one I painted it brown and used yarn for the outline. I then dry brushed white around the edges. Mod Podged and Crystal Glitter. The eyes are felt, the nose a pom pom, the mouth a pipe cleaner and the cheeks I cut cardboard circles and material I stuffed with a little bit of polyfill. The stick is a painted dowel with a pom pom on the end. Then just added some ribbons and tulle. These are great Christmas Tree ornaments, party decor or fun to add as a cake topper to a fake bake cake

Gingerbread Man w Cute Eyes
Gingerbread Girl w Cute Eyes
Gingerbread Lollipops
4 foot Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier 

This guy stands over 4 ft tall. He is made from cardboard that we scored* and bent to make cyclinders. We then covered it in felt. His head is a Dollar Tree rubber ball. His hands are plastic storage containers. His shoes are again scored cardboard and we used a pop bottle for the toe area. Then we just added embellishments

* To score cardboard you only cut part way through leavin one side solid so it will bend.

$$$ Breakdown
Cardboard was free, We probably have $4 worth of felt squares into it. $1 for rubber ball head, $1 for hands, buttons are jar lids free, candy buttons are stickers $1, there is Dollar Tree Ribbon covering his coat and arms, hard to see but gives him some glitz in person $2, and we'll call it $1 for paint. So yea we have about $10 into him

Dollar Tree Toy Soldier Makeover

I liked the soldier but  I wanted to eliminate the blue and give him a less of a Tinselly (Not sure that is a word) look. I glued green felt over the blue pants (Different texture) Replaced the pom pom nose and added fake candy. Don't forget the gleam in his eyes.

Dollar Tree Toy Soldier Makeover
Dollar Tree Toy Soldier Makeover
Drum Ornament

Drum Ornament

This is one of the round styrofoam blocks you can get from Dollar Tree. The ones where one side is larger then the other. I just covered it with felt and added some accents.


Gingerbread Candyland Christmas Tree

Gingerbread Candyland Tree

When you start putting all the ornaments and candies together, this is what you get.

This was for a business, the 2nd pic is the view from their parking lot.


Gingerbread Candyland Christmas Tree
Tabletop Gingerbread Tree

Tabletop Gingerbread Tree

Felt, Ribbon and Candy can turn an inexpensive Dollar Tree tree into a Fun Decoration. Gingerbread men are felt. 

Gingerbreadman Ladder

Ladder is made with Dollar Tree Jenga Blocks

Candy Cane Gnome

Candy Cane Gnome

(He is a sock gnome with arms and boots attached right to the body)

See Our Sock Gnome Page for Instructions and Ideas


Gingerbread Gnome

Gingerbread Gnome

(He is a sock gnome with  boots attached right to the body)

Gingerbread Man Cake

Gingerbread Cake

This one is REAL



Yummy Holiday Sign
Wishing Yummy Holiday Free SVG
Oh Snap Free SVG
Whisk You Merry Christmas Free SVG
Gingerbread Vinyl Ornament Black
Gingerbread Man FREE SVG
Falling Down Gingerbread Sign
Gingerbread Chalkboard Signs

I added these to my Gingerbread Tree, so I thought it would be fun to have the oven mitts holding them


Gingerbread Vinyl Ornament White
Gingerbread Everything Nice FREE SVG
Baking Christmas Cheer FREE SVG

Click on the ones you want to Download

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