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Free Fun Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) for your cutting machines. Step by Step Cricut Tutorials.  Tips and Ideas for Cardstock, Vinyl, Iron On Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) etc. Wood, Glass, Canvas, Chalkboard, Card Projects and so much more.

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SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. (Also known as a digital cut file.) SVGs are most commonly used with the Cricut and Silhouette cutting machines. This site will use Cricut and Design Space for it's Tutorials. These files can be uploaded into the design software that comes with either machine and are used to cut out designs on various mediums such as paper, cardstock, vinyl, foam board, material and more. What’s great about SVGs is that you can size them up or down and not compromise the integrity of the graphic. In contrast to being designed in pixels, like a JPG or PNG, it is created using lines and points. The blade of a cutting machine works by cutting lines and turns at the points. That is why SVGs work perfectly with the cutting machines.

No Cutting Machine ? PDF Files and a scissors will work for some of our projects.


We've broken the pages down by the Base Materials

  • Vinyl - If your a beginner this is where you want to start.

  • Cardstock - This is where you want to practice

  • Other Materials - This is where you want to play

Obviously the SVGs will work on any machine. We use the Cricut Maker and Design Space for the Tutorials, some of it will apply in other cutting machines but unfortunately some won't.

Don't Be Afraid To Try

We've tried to break things down Step by Step. Projects are easier when you tackle them one step at a time. AND I will be here to help you along, look for me on the various pages for tips and options to make things easier. But mostly .....

HAVE FUN !!!! 


Our Pages

Our goal is to give you the clearest, most comprehensive instructions we can. We want to show you not only how to create the crafts we feature but to give you options so you can make them yours. This entire site is targeted for the beginners, with enough things to keep the pros coming back too. We offer tips and ideas for both. So OPEN that Cricut Box !!!  It's not doing you any good in the closet. You will soon be wondering why you didn't do it sooner !!! 

Because my server will not let me share SVG files or any picture file directly, I had to zip them. Click on any file you want throughout the site and the zip file will automatically download. You need to unzip it, to access the files.


Usually the SVG will not show a thumbnail pic like a JPG or PNG file, it shows up as a Webpage when you store it


Vinyl - The Basics

This page covers Vinyl Projects but we have also broken them down with Step by Step Instructions to cover The Basics. Both Craft Tutorials and Design Space Tutorials

  • Uploading and Resizing a SVG

  • Preparing and Loading The Mat

  • Make It - Cutting Your Design

  • Weeding and Transferring

  • Adding Text

  • One Color and Multi Color Designs (Layering)

  • Types of Vinyl

  • Various Materials You Can Adhere Your Designs To

Just got your Cricut out of the box ?
You want to start here


This Page has NO Print and Cut Files

Click on Pic to go to the Vinyl Page

Cricut Vinyl Decal Gnome Tray
Chocolate Makes Everything Better Sign
Disney Witches Candles
Breast Cancer Gnome

Vinyl is great to add to your other craft projects



Our Cricut Pages




Cardstock is an inexpensive medium and a great way to learn more about your Cricut machine. Here we will teach about scoring, drawing with a Cricut pen or markers and more on layering. It's an great way to add personal touches to your crafts.

Curvy Keepsake Box Easter Animals
Unicorn Cupcake Liner 2
Unicorn Shadow Box Free SVG File

This Page has  Print and Cut Files

Click on Pic to go to the Cardstock Page

This page doesn't have a lot, but what we do have is really cool and worth looking at. There are plans to expand in the future.

Other Materials

Other Materials

Our projects are made on the Cricut Maker, other Cricut Machines may not have the capabilities to do them

  • Craft Foam

  • Felt

  • Faux Leather

Faux Leather Key Chain
Foam Flower
Owl Treat Pouch

Click on Pic to go to the Other Materials Page


Our Themed and Holiday Pages without Cricut Pages have SVG, PNG or JPG Files available at No Charge

Most of our SVG on the pages will usually appear in a white box. Simply click on what you want

FREE Mickey Mouse Ears and Pants SVG

Our Pages also have clipart that you can just Click On to Download, for those with more experience who want to make their own SVGs.

The clipart I have used, I found Online, some from royalty free sites, some are on several different sites where no one is credited and I am assuming are public domain.

The ones that are obviously licensed can not be made into projects and sold.

Private and personal use only.

Cute Dino Clipart 01 png
Unicorn Clipart Pastels png
Pikachu Clipart

Our SVG and Clipart Pages

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Paid Link



  • If your not sure if your cut went all the way through DON'T unload the mat from the Cricut, hit the C Button again and recut

  • Turn the mat upside down and remove IT from your paper and sticker projects

  • Keep your mat clean, run it under luke warm water and air dry or use unscented baby wipes.

  • Poke your blades into a ball of aluminum foil. This  doesn't actually sharpen them as many say, it does remove all the residue. So you will have a better cut

This is a great deal for mats. They are not Cricut brand but the Standard Grip ones work just as well. Fabric, Strong and Light Grip are also available but we haven't tried them yet

Amazon Paid Link


Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

There are some who will only use the Cricut Vinyl and that is fine but a little pricey for me. My preferred brand is the SGHUO. Yea I know name looks questionable but it's good stuff I've never had a problem with it and I'm a Newbie !! You can get it through Amazon 

 Dollar Tree also carries vinyl, however it varies in thickness, for the thinner vinyl and more intricate projects set your Cricut Base Material to Washi Sheet.


CAREGY Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll HTV (12''x5')
Available in 15 Other Colors

CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Bundle 12"x10" - 45 Pack Includes 30 Pack Assorted Colors Sheets and 2 Sheets Teflon, Iron On Vinyl for DIY T-Shirts Fabrics

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

12 Inches by 20 Feet

This works just as well as the more expensive brands



Heat Transfer Vinyl
HTV - Iron On Vinyl

This is great if your just starting out and want a variety


Adhere your transfer tape to the mat with the backing side up. Peel away the backing and stick your material base to the sticky side to help save your mats. Works well with felt. (Felt is MESSY)

Amazon Paid Link

Amazon Paid Link

Amazon Paid Link

Amazon Paid Link

 EasyLiner Adhesive Surfaces, 12 in x 36 ft, Clear
Also available in larger widths

Transfer Tape/Adhesive


Basically clear contact paper or shelf liner. Again Cricut makes their own, we really like the Duck EasyLiner Adhesive (Amazon link provided) affordable, easy to work with. Some people also use Clear Contact Paper you can get at Dollar Tree


Weeding Tool

Removing the unwanted vinyl in your project is called Weeding. You will need a weeding Tool for this. One probably came with your Cricut or you can get them at DT. (It's the plastic thing shaped like a pen with a sharp point on the end)


A pair of tweezers will also help to weed your project. We prefer the Reverse Tweezers (Amazon Link Provided) the grabber part is longer which makes them easier to use



Amazon Paid Link

This is the scoring stylist we use. Good Deal on Amazon and worth the purchase to get folded lines straight

Scrapers are used to help adhere the vinyl to the mat and to help remove the adhesive tape from your project. You can get them at Dollar Tree or just use the edge a credit card.

A Scraper or a Credit Card


Scoring Stylist

A credit card can also be used to scrape materials off your mat. Or use a lint roller.


Amazon Paid Link


More Pages With FREE SVG Projects

Leprechaun With Lattice Basket
Mickey Minnie 3D Shadow Box Grey
Curvy Keepsake Halloween Box Eyeballs
Monster Curvy Keepsake Boxes

There are FREE SVGs on most of the pages and more being added all the time.
All of the Clipart on ALL of the Pages is Available To "Steal" Simply click on what you want. 

Peep Lattice Baskets.jpg
Chocolate Candy Holders
If Grandpa Can't Fix It Were All Screwed FREE SVG
Because I Am Your Father SVG File
Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper
Unicorn Shadow Box Free SVG File
Pumpkin Box FREE SVG File
Curvy Keepsake Box Easter Animals
Easter Candy Holders Bunny Bear Lamb
Pink Peep Cupcake Liner
Conversation Hearts Treat Boxes
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