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Shabby Chic

DIY Shabby Chic and Victorian Crafts, Pearls, Lace and Lot of Frills


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Victorian Lace Candle Jars and Vase
Lace Decoupage Vase with Burgandy Roses
Shabby Chic Lace Vase w Pink Roses
Burgandy Pink Rose Clipart png


Lace Decoupage Vase w Peach Roses
Lace and Tulle Candle Holders

Decoupage Lace onto a jar for a cute candle jar or vase

Add a picture and some tulle

White Burlap and Pearl Vase Blue Hydrangeas
Pink Jar w Burlap Pink Rose Vase
Shabby Chic Teacup Clipart

Add some pearls

Pearls Clipart png
Toilet Paper Roses Directions

You will need 2 Toilet paper rolls per flower, a wooden dowel some paint and glue.

Cut four circles, 2 different sizes from the toilet paper rolls. I used the scraps to cut leaves (Not pictured) Poke a hole in the center of each, just big enough for the dowel to go through. Draw lines so you have 6 wedges. kind of like a pizza. Cut down each line CAREFUL NOT TO GO ALL THE WAY TO THE HOLE IN THE CENTER. Then round the wedges like petals. You can paint them after they are assembled, but I found it easier to paint at least the base coat now. Glue one of the small circles to the dowel and glue all the petals upward. Add the second small round piece. You will find that the cardboard is pretty pliable and you can bend the petals. Add and glue the 2 larger petal circles. Add some leaves to the stems and your done. Yea I know the leaves look more like carnation leaves then rose leaves but these were easy and I liked them.

Shabby Chic Toilet Paper Rose Arrangement

This vase is a spaghetti jar I decoupaged with white tissue to give it a frosted look and covered it with Glitter Crystals. Then just added some beads and ribbon.


Dollar Tree Salt and Pepper Shakers make cute little vases. I painted them, distressed the with some sand paper and covered them with Mod Podge. Tie 2 or 3 of them together for a cute accent piece.

Dollar Tree Wooden Utensils

Dollar Tree Wooden Utensils

I painted them white and distressed them. Then glued them together and tied them with jute. Added silk lavendar and the names, which I did on the Cricut.


Dollar Tree Hearts Shabby Chic Makeover

These hearts were Dollar Tree finds. The backgrounds are just wallpapers I found on Google, printed out and decoupaged to the slats.

 Cute, Easy, Done ! 

Victorian Lady Wall Hanging
Victorian Lady Clipart

Click on Picture to Download the Victorian Lady Picture

Highland Cow Gnome 3

Highland Cows can give you a shabby chic look by just adding lace or florals. There's a guide for how to make her on the Farm Page

Highland Cow Gnome 1
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