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Ideas for your floral arrangements. Centerpieces, vase arrangements and more. Whether it's for your own home decor or a gift for any occasion, we got tips to make your floral arrangements both attractive and budget friendly.

Silk Flowers are not only a great way to add pops of color to your decor, they also make great gifts for any occasion. Ordering flowers from a florist can be pricey and they don't last, these will last and they are fairly inexpensive to make. Dollar Tree has stepped up their game when it comes to silk flowers. They now offer a larger variety of more realistic flowers. Hobby Lobby puts their silk flowers on sale (usually every other week) at 40% off. Although not a huge variety I also find some good deals at Walmart.

silk flower arrangement blue purple dollar tree floral
Silk Flower Arrangement Pink Peach Dollar Tree Vase
Flower floral arrangement silk peach pink fall
Flowers For Any Occasion sign
Silk Flower Arrangement dollar tree floral lavender white all occasions
all occasion signs cricut dollar tree chalk board

Adding a Occasion Pick/Sign is not only good way to convey a sentiment for an arrangement you are gifting but for those who want to sell their arrangements it is also a good marketing tip. People are more likely to buy for other people then they are for themselves. These are a simple reminder of other ways your flowers can be used. They can be easily switched out or removed to fit their occasion.These were done on the Cricut but if you don't have a Cricut, you can usually find similiar signs in the party aisles of several different retail stores.

Silk Flower arrangement, red white plaid Dollar tree floral

Flowers For All Occasions

The "Burger"

A bazillion years ago the round centerpiece type arrangement was called a Williamsburg. Those of us who have been arranging flowers FOREVER referred to them as a "Burger". They are usually in a low container and originally they HAD to have at least 5 colors. They were/are a good style for a centerpiece for a table because they look good from all directions and are low enough where it doesn't block the view of the person sitting across the table. Although the term Williamsburg and the whole 5 color thing is outdated the style remains one of the most popular.

Silk Flower arrangement, dollar tree floral blue white
Silk flower arrangement dollar tree floral bees and daisies

More Centerpieces
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Silk Flower arrangement lavender dollar tree floral bucket
silk flower arrangement dollar tree floral blue plaid

Not that kind of Burger !

Vase Arrangements

Painted jars are great inexpensive vases

How tall should my arrangement be ?

General rule is a vase arrangement should be 1 and 1/2 times the height of the container.

More Vase Arrangements
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Sunflower Flower Arrangement

Decoupage a Container

Umbrella Duck Arrangement
ickey Mouse Floral Arrangement
Silk Flower Vase arrangment decoupaged dollar tree floral gnome

Mickey Mouse Floral Arrangement

Use material instead of an image. Walmart offers the little "Fat Quarters". 18in x 22in cotton fabric pieces for $1-$3

Decoupage A Dollar Tree Metal Bucket

These are great for a small arrangements

Decoupage A Jar

This was an empty spaghetti sauce jar I Mod Podged with a pic I downloaded from the Gnomes Page. We have FREE images on a lot of our pages. I wanted the flowers to match the jar but I didsn't want the red, white and blue patriotic look, so I added the yellow and white and the polka dot bow. I not one for lots of bright colors but I like how this turned out.


Amazon Paid Link

Add A Focal Point

Butterfly Garden Arrangement

Butterfly Garden Arrangement
Everything here is from Dollar Tree.
Tip: You can get a larger look 
using less flowers if you arrange them in clusters like they are growing

Spring Frog Arrangement
Garden Gnomes Silk Flower arrangement

Dollar Tree is a great source for novelty items that can provide a Focal Point for your arrangement.

Gnomes are a great way to draw attention to your arrangement

Gnome floral with USA Flag
Gnome with Flag floral arrangement

Add Some Fruit

Fall silk flower arangement with apples sunflowers dollar tree floral
Fall silk flower arangement with pears daisies dollar tree floral
Fall silk flower arangement with peaches gerbera daisies dollar tree floral

Add fruit to give your arrangement another texture

One Type of Flower

Aqua Beach Floral Arrangement
Striped Distressed Vase w Red Wildflowers

Keep it Simple With Just One Type Of Flower

Stars and Stripes Planter with artificial greens

Just Greens will put the focus on your container or prop

 Flowers From Different Materials

red burlap roses floral flower arrangement

Red Burlap Rose Arrangement
These roses were made a while ago, so I don't have a tutorial on them, but there are several on YouTube. Red burlap was purchased at Hobby Lobby, everything else is from Dollar Tree.

You helped me grow ribbon flower arrangement

You Helped Me Grow
The flowers were made from DT wired ribbon, plastic greens and burlap leaves were added. The sign was made with the Cricut but could be done with a paint pen

Pipe Cleaner Flower Garden

Check Out

The Pipe Cleaner Flowers Page

for Step by Step Instructions

  • Daisies

  • Black Eyed Susans

  • Tulips

  • Stephanotis

  • Violets

  • Daffodils

  • Roses

  • Grape Hyacinths

  • Tulips

  • Sunflowers

Pipe Cleaner Sunflower Vase
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