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Easter Gnomes

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No Sew Gnomes dressed up like Bunnies, Carrots or their Easter Best. Made from Socks, Pool Noodles, Dollar Tree Makeovers. Easter Gnome Crafts and MORE

Sock Gnomes

Carrot Gnome
Bunny Sock Gnome

Bunny Sock Gnome
I found these socks at DT. This is probably one of the easiest gnomes to make. Sign was made with the Cricut but he's adorable without the sign too. OR use a paint pen to write your sign.

Rainbow Easter Bunny Gnomes
Bunny Gnome with Lattice Basket
Aqua Lace Easter Bunny Gnome

Dressed in Their Easter Best

For the Sock Gnomes you can glue the boots right to the body. If you want legs however you will need to use a pool noodle or styrofoam for your base.
Glue the shoes to the FRONT of the body for Sitting Gnomes or to the BOTTOM of the body for Standing Gnomes
Blue Gnome Clipart.png
The Lattice basket for this one was made on the Cricut
See Our Cricut Easter Page for SVG and Instructions

Carrot Gnomes
"Beware of Rabbits"

I couldn't find any Easter socks at Dollar Tree this year. I found this orange and green striped one in with the St Patrick's stuff. Large carrot was also a Dollar Tree find

Bunny Gnomes From Bunnies

This Dollar Tree Bunny makes a great base for a gnome. I removed the arms, making sure if I cut/damaged them it was on the inside where I would reattach them. Slipped on a sock and glued arms back on. Added a nose and a beard. Then added either the rest of the sock or another sock for the hat (depended on how long the sock was). Some ribbon and accents and done. 
Dollar Tree Bunny
Bunny Gnomes from DT Bunny
Dollar Tree Easter Bunny
Bunny Gnome Made From Stuffed Bunny
Blue Bunny Gnome Made From Stuffed Bunny

Yep this little Dollar Tree Bunny has lived long happy life and has always dreamed of being a Gnome. So don't feel bad about cutting him apart :D

Instructions for the Pool Noodle
Standing Bunny Gnome

Your going to need instructions for Boots and Arms from the Gnome Page for this.

This one is a Sock Gnome I used the fur from the same bunny for the ears, beard and feet

Sitting Bunny Gnome
Pink Bunny png

This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Blue Gnome Clipart.png
Pajama Bunny Gnome w Slippers

Bunny Slipper Gnome
She was made with styrofoam as a base. I wanted her to have legs so the slippers would show. Slipper are DT Shoes I cover with fur instead of felt. Added felt bunny ears and eyes

Peeking Bunny png

Miscellaneous Easter Gnomes

Gnome DeCor-Eggor

Gnome DeCor-Eggor.
Makes pretty eggs but he's Messy.
This one is made with the fur pom pom and a RX bottle. 
Love them they are No Sew Easy !!


Gnomes Egg-stra-ordinary Carrots

Egg-stra-ordinary Carrots
Everybody thinks Easter is all about the Bunny BUT... It's gnomes who put the magic in Easter. This was a DT Plastic egg I cut a hole in and painted. (Note: This was one of the ones that had the clear plastic on one side and the colored plastic on the other. Cut the hole in the clear plastic side. The colored side is a harder plastic and will crack when you try to cut it.) Carrots and Clay Pot are also DT. I did paint the carrots, they were originally the ones that were striped and replaced the paper leaves with raffia. There's various options to make the gnomes on Our Gnome Pages. Added fairy lights to make it magical.

Carrot Gnomes
"Beware of Rabbits"

Carrot Gnomes
Carrot Gnome png
Dollar Tree Easter Egg Gnome
Dollar Tree Easter Egg Gnome
Dollar Tree Easter Egg Gnome
Dollar Tree Easter Egg Gnome

Dollar Tree Easter Egg Gnome

Glue egg unto boots so he can stand.

Add a nose and beard

Add a hat and decorate

Ideas and Instructions for the Boots, Beards and Noses can be found on the Sock Gnome Page

Gnome Grown Tiered Tray
This is not a Step By Step Tutorial but more of a Slide Show Guide to show you what I used and where I got them. There are more pics then what you can see here. Click on 1st pic to start.

Gnome Grown Tiered Tray

Gnome Grown Carrot Stand
Gnome Grown Carrot Stand
This is a stand alone piece, that is cute whether you have a tiered tray or not. It's made from a Dollar Tree crate and popsicle sticks. Gnome is a Prescription Bottle Gnome. You can find Step by Step Instructions on The Gnome Page

Gnomes and Fake Bakes

Gnome with Fake Carrot Drink

Gnomes and Fake Bakes are a Great Combo

See The Fake Bakes and Gingerbread Candyland Pages to see how we made the various elements

Easter Fake Bakes

Fake Bakes are cute individually but when you add a Gnome and put several of the elements together you get something REALLY Cool.

Gnome Crafts

Mesh and Ribbon Gnome Wreath

Mesh and Ribbon Easter Wreath

This was done with a wire wreath and pipe cleaners. All supplies came from Dollar Tree. There is not a tutorial for this because there has got to be an easier way to do this. It took FOREVER.

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