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Valentines Gnomes

Valentine Gnomes That Don't Require A Sewing Machine. You're special someone will LOVE these. Even if your special someone is yourself.

No Sew Sock Gnomes

Valentines Deco Gnomes
Country Gnomes Valentines

These are your BASIC Sock Gnomes. If you've never made a Gnome before you want to check out the Sock Gnome Page for instructions and ideas. 

Valentines Gnomes with Gnome Hats

 I made these when I first started out. The hats are Dollar Tree Gnome Socks. Gnomes with gnome hats, how cool ? Right ? First of all unless you look closely you can't really tell they are gnomes. But the thing that makes me laugh out loud is the 3rd one. The poor little gnome girl with pigtails growing out of the sides of her NOSE ???? The point is not every craft turns out perfect and that's ok. I'll take the laugh over a perfect gnome EVERYTIME !!!

Not All Gnomes Are Perfect

Valentines Gnome Girl Pink
Valentines Gnome Girl Pink and Green

These little girls were a couple of my first sock gnomes. Loved the looks of the "Bumpy" textured sock but it was MESSY. I had to glue seams to prevent it from unraveling. This was also a time when I was using all rice to stuff my gnomes, so they sag. This was one of the reasons I switched to a little rice for weight then polyfil.

Valentines Gnome 01 PNG

The tutorials on this page "Should Be" pretty easy to follow. HOWEVER they were put together quickly as I was making the crafts. If your confused about something go to the Sock Gnome or Standing Gnome Page and there will probably be a tutorial similiar and MORE PRECISE. The Sock Gnome Page is also broken down into the various parts of the gnome so if you don't have or don't like a certain element, check there for more ideas. 

Once you have the Basics down most Gnomes are pretty much made the same way.

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Valentines Gnome Different Size Beards

Basic Sock Gnomes
This is a general tutorial with the emphasis put on the size of the beard not on the actual gnome itself. Instructions on this are pretty general. If this is the first gnome your making, please see the Sock Gnome Page for more detailed instructions

Valentines Gnome Made From A Towel

Dollar Tree has a lot of cute seasonal towels, that can be made into cute seasonal gnomes. This tutorial covers How To Use A Towel For Your Gnome.

Dollar Tree Valentines Towel
Pink Valentine Gnome Strung Hearts

Arms alot add a lot to your gnome and open a whole lot more possibilities of what you can do with your gnomes
You can also easily add Boots/Shoes to the front of your Gnome for a sitting gnome. See Sock Gnome Page to see how it's done and what to use.

Gnomes Disney Mickey Mouse Valentines

Add ears. I prefer to fold the hat a little to create a brim and then insert them, but ears can be simply glued on to the hat. Adding ears is great for Easter Gnomes too.

Next Level

Valentines Gnome 02 png

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Standing Gnomes

Standing Gnomes without legs can be made with almost any type of body. The standing gnome WITH LEGS requires a base that you can insert a dowel into. Usually styrofoam, pool noodles etc. Yep poking a dowel into a sock filled with rice and stuffing is not going to be very secure and it's probably gonna make a mess :D
This page doesn't have any Standing Gnomes with Legs YET.

Sock Gnomes with Boots/Shoes

Lady Bug Gnome
Valentine Gnomes Ruby Hearts
 *Boots attach more securely to a sock that is filled tightly with little stretch in it !!!
This is especially important when attaching boots for a standing gnome. You are only securing the boot to the outside of the sock. If the stuff inside can move around, it will change the shape of your gnome, so he may be unstable and fall over. So you want that sock to be as solid/stiff as possible.
Attaching the boots to the bottom of a Sock Gnome does take a little more finesse so he will actually stand. See The Standing Gnome Page for more info on how to attach them.

Arms are covered on the Sock Gnome Page

Pill Bottle Gnomes


Love INC Gnomes
I used the small prescription bottle gnomes a lot.These are great by themselves, but I like them when I want to add more then 1 gnome to a project. They don't have to be covered in chocolate :D

Chocolate Gnome

Kissing Booth
Dollar Tree small wooden crate and popsicle sticks can make a cute Kissing Booth. Fill with kisses and a small gnome who's been "kissed".

Puppy Love Tabletop Tree
Small fur puppy ornament

Puppy Love Valentines Tree

I made smaller versions of the Fur Puppy Gnome to use as decorations for this Dollar Tree Tabletop Tree. Step by Step Instructions For the Fur Puppy Gnome and Valentines Tree Components can be found on the Valentine's Page

IGot Your Back Gnome

I've Got Your Back
This is a cute gift set or bathroom decoration. The sponge, loofa, beads and hearts are from Dollar Tree. The gnome is a prescription bottle gnome with cute tennis shoes

Valentines Gnome 03 png

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Messy Bun Gnome

Amazon Paid Link


Messy Bun Gnome
This is a pill bottle gnome, with faux fur pom poms for hair. Tutorial for the Boots and Arms can be found on the Sock Gnome Page and can be made first. I used felt for the material. It's inexpensive and easy to work with. No need for seams.

How Did I Do This ?
This guide is a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. Click on First Pic to start.

Gnomes Made From Other Things

Mickey Mouse Gnome Formal
Dollar Tree Heart Shape Gumball Machine Gnome
Dollar Tree Heart Shape Gumball Machine

This little girl was made from a Dollar Tree Bubble Gum Machine. Although bubble gum does not dispence from it, they are too big to fit though the holes. I fill this one with off brand "Sixlets".

Loofa Valentine Gnome

Loofa Gnome
I'm not sure if this is actually a gnome but she is made similiar to the No Sew Gnomes so she is here. She is made from a Loofa. Dollar Tree sponge curlers were used for arms and legs. I didn't even bother to cover them. I liked the color and the foam look. The hat is the Twisted Ruffled Hat found on the Sock Gnome Page. The tennis shoes are from Amazon.


Amazon Paid Link

Mickey was made from a Pool Noodle.
There will be more Pool Noodle Gnomes WITH INSTRUCTIONS on this page (Probably not til next Valentine's Day Season)


Other Gnome Crafts

Dollar Tree Heart With Gnome
Cute Gnome Candle

Valentine's Cricut Gnome Crafts and FREE SVGs can be found on The Cricut Valentines Page

Gnome Gift Box

The Gnome Keepsake Box would also make a great Valentines Gift done in red or pink. FREE SVG for this can be found on the Cricut Craft Keepsake Gift Box Page

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