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Because my server will not let me share SVG files or any picture file directly, I had to zip them. Click on any file you want throughout the site and the zip file will automatically download. You need to unzip it, to access the files.


Usually the SVG will not show a thumbnail pic like a JPG or PNG file, it shows up as a Webpage when you store it

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Cardstock SVG  Projects for those with a Cricut and PDF Files for those with a Scissors.

Gift Boxes, Cupcake Liners, Cards, Flowers, Shadow Boxes and MORE

Our Other Cardstock Pages

Curvy Keepsake Box Easter Animals
Gift Box With Bow
Gnome Gift Box Side View
Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners with Flowers
Unicorn Cupcake Liner 2

Drawing 101

The Cricut Maker gives you the option to use pens or markers to draw the lines as opposed to cutting or scoring them. Cricut sells pens to use in the Maker, or there are also ways to use nonCricut pens in your machine. The key thing to remember is that the pen will follow the same line as the cut line would. So if you are doing letters and they are thick you will end up with outlined letters that look like bubble letters. If you select a really thin font it would not be an issue. So let's try it, click on the PDF File to learn how.

Personalizing Your Crafts With a Pen or Marker


Drawing 101


Design Space Flower Guide
These flowers are all available in Cricut Design Space. Simply type in the code given below the picture into the Search Bar on the opening page of Design Space to get the SVG File.



We've made up these flowers in 3 different sizes so you can tell what they look like. 

These are all Rolled Flowers. Cut them out and roll them, gluing as you go.

Cardstock Flowers Wall Hanging

Here are 15 more Flower designs. The Slide Show shows each one made up in 4 different sizes

Click On The Image to Download the SVG File

Click on 1st Pic to Start

Click on 1st Pic to Start

Bunny Egg with Cardstock Flowers

These are great to add to your other projects


These guides are a slideshow you can click through.There are more pics then what are seen. 

Crayon Holder Cards


Crayon Holder Cards
We are using these for Valentine Cards here but these would be cute for any occasion, party favors, invitations etc.


You need to download
- The SVG File. 
A coloring picture
- A clipart picture for the cover.



We're Still Learning
When we made this video we used the clipart from the coloring pages. While these are cute on our coloring pages they are too small for this project. They will print out blurry. We highly recommend you download actual clipart files for the cover photo.
The actual coloring photo is fine and will print well.
Below are the ones for RoBlox and Noob. Others can be found on the themed pages.


RoBlox Crayon Valentine

- This video will teach you how to Print and Cut in Design Space.
- It will teach you how to load and edit the SVG and the images
- It will teach you how to change lines and use a scoring tool

RoBlox Noob Coloring Page

Click on Pictures

To Go To Their Pages

Candy Holders

Easter Candy Holders Bunny Bear Lamb
Chocolate Candy Holders

Click on Pictures

To Go To Their Pages

Shadow Boxes

Mickey and Minnie Shadow Box

The SVG File is set up for an 8x8 frame, but because it is a Vector File it can easily be adjusted to any size. The file includes 5 images. Although probably not impossible to cut out with a scissors this one probably needs a CRICUT

Mickey Minnie 3D Shadow Box Grey
Mickey Minnie 3D Shadow Box Red
Mickey Minnie 3D Shadow Box Purple
Mickey Minnie Backside Clipart

Download Includes:

  • Mickey and Minnie 3D Shadow Box SVG File

  • Mickey and Minnie 3D Shadow Box Printable Instructions

Mickey Minnie 3D Shadow Box

One of our Facebook Followers downloaded and made this project, only she wanted Mickey and Minnie to stand out when it was not lit. So she made another layer with black cardstock of just Mickey and Minnie. She also added a black mat. Here is the Mickie and Minnie SVG she used.


Catherine Mason

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Bear Budget Crafts Group

This SVG File is also set up for an 8x8 frame, but because it is a Vector File it can easily be adjusted to any size. The SVG file includes 5 images. There is also a background image included in the download that is optional. Although probably not impossible to cut out with a scissors this one probably needs a CRICUT

Unicorn Shadow Box Free SVG File

Unicorn Shadow Box

Unicorn 3D Shadow Box Unlit
Unicorn 3D background.png

* This was made in Design Space for Cricut. It has been reported that it will not work in Silhouette. I honestly don't know anything about Silhouette to know what the problem is.

Our Other Cricut Pages

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