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80's Theme Party Decorating Ideas, Crafts, Games, Clipart, SVGs and a whole lot of revisited Memories

Last Updated 1/23/23


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80s Theme Party

80's Party Table

Some boxes, colored paper, paint, pop bottles, felt and a cheesecake can turn your table into a Party.

80's Theme Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Cube Clipart
80s Theme Boom Box
Boom Box Clipart

Rubik's Cube

I painted a box black and simply glued colored squares on to it.


Boom Box

Again I painted a box black and just added some bright colored paper and felt for levers, knobs, speakers and a handle.

MTV 80s logo
Pac Man Maze Clipart
80s Theme Pac Man Cheesecake
80s Theme Pac Man Pop Bottles
Pac Man Arcade Game Clipart
Pac Man Clipart

Pac Man Ghosts

I cut the top off 2 liter pop bottles and flipped them upside down. I painted them with bright color acrylic paint and glued on felt for eyes

Pac Man

I used a store brought cheesecake minus a couple of pieces for PacMan . (Yes those may have been eaten BEFORE the party) I added a circle for the eye. cut from a waxed paper plate so it wouldn't absorb the moisture from the cheesecake.

80s Theme Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Box
Cabbage Patch Kids Logo

Cabbage Patch

I started with 2 felt circles for each kid, then cut the edges so the looked like leaves. I gathered the centers together and glued them til they looked like a cabbage. The "Kids" are foam board circles I put faces and hair on.

80s Theme Candy

80’s Beverages and Cocktails

Some popular cocktails in the 80's were:

  • Wine Coolers

  • White Wine Spritzers

  • Long Island Ice Teas

  • Sex on the Beach

80s Theme Signs 1
80s Theme Signs 2
80s Theme Signs 3
HeMan SheRa Orko Masters of the Universe Clipart
Mr T Clipart

I printed off quotes from the 80's and glued them on dowels and poked them into Styrofoam. These were not only decorative but provided a lot of "Remember Whens " during the party.

Wendy's Clipart
ET Clipart
Goonie Sloth Clipart
80s Fashion Clipart

80's Costume Ideas

1980s fashion was pretty iconic and there are lots of great choices! Go for lots of color!

  • Parachute Pants

  • Leg Warmers

  • Skinny Ties

  • Members Only Jackets

  • BIG hair– more hairspray and mousse than you’d ever imagine, and add some glitter and colors if you can, and then add a little more. Seriously.

  • L-o-n-g strands of pearls, draped across your body like a sash

  • Madonna (any incarnation)

  • Skinny Ties

  • Raybans

  • For shoes? Loafers without socks

  • Miami Vice style clothes - linen suits with bright shirts

  • Lots of makeup, especially eyeliner...on men too!

Find The 80s Movies Printable
Find the Songs of the 80s Picture

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