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Back to School, Teacher and Graduation SVGs and Clipart, Crafts, Cakes, Cupcakes and More.

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Back To School


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You helped me grow ribbon flower arrangement

You Helped Me Grow
The flowers were made from DT wired ribbon, plastic greens and burlap leaves were added. The sign was made with the Cricut but could be done with a paint pen

Winnie the Pooh Mug

I Have Stars
For Layering

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Thanks For Helping Me ..Think Think Think
I used Dollar Tree vinyl for the red and yellow. For those who ask if DT vinyl is any good, zoom in on this. The yellow is so thin you can see the black background through it. It cut and weeded just fine, so I would say it's fine for your disposable projects but for something like this, that needs to be washed I would go with something better.


Amazon Paid Link


Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

12 Inches by 20 Feet

This works just as well as the more expensive brands

One Smart Cookie Wall Utensil Holder

One Smart Cookie Wall Utensil Holder
I used HTV vinyl on a piece of black felt and glued it to a piece of brown felt to look like a chalkboard. Added a twine bow on the front and atwine hanger on the back.

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Apple For The Teacher Craft

Apple For The Teacher
I basically added gnome parts to a fake apple. Instructions for hat, arms and boots are on the Sock Gnome Page. Glasses came from Amazon.


Amazon Paid Link

Teachers Have Class Stacked Books

Teachers Have Class Stacked Books
Dollar Tree wooden crate turned upside down and painted. The apple is a wooden ball I painted and added felt. Words were cut on the Cricut but could be done with a paint pen,

Teaching Kids To Color Their WorldCrayon Shelf Sitter

Teaching Kids To Color Shelf Sitter
I Mod Podged the Watercolor Crayon Picture to a Dollar Tree Wooden Box I had painted white. Lettering was done on the Cricut. I melted crayons over the top and bottom shelf and covered with Mod Podge to seal it from coloring any furniture it may sit on. (Teachers taught me that coloring on furniture was bad !!!! )

Watercolor Crayons

Crayon Watercolor
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Graduation Dollar Tree Cup


Graduation Diploma Clipart png
Graduation Gnome From Dollar Tree Cup
Graduation Gnome From Dollar Tree Cup

Graduation Gnome From Dollar Tree Cup
I found the cup at Dollar Tree. I simply glued a beard, nose and shoes on it and added the 2024. Make sure you glue the beard and nose below the hat line so you can still open the lid. Fill with money or candy etc. Step by step instructions for the boots and nose can be found on the Sock Gnome Page.The 2024 is HTV vinyl on felt if you don't have a Cricut use one of the plastic Congratulation signs you can find at DT.


Emergency Cash
This is a fun alternative to a money card. There's a larger bill under the dollar. I used a Dollar Tree frame and simply printed the words on card stock with my printer


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We Have Stars
For Layering

My Future is Bright Candle
Graduation Caps Diploma Cupcakes

Graduation Cupcakes
I used squares of Hershey Bars and a small Reeses Peanut Butter Cup for the caps. Diplomas are made out of fondant

Layer Cake Graduation

Out of School Cake
A snorkeler emerging from the water is a FUN and different way to celebrate a graduation.

Graduation Tiered Cake

Out of School Scuba Graduation Cake
Graduate Girl Clipart png
Graduate Boy Clipart png
Hats Off Clipart png
Graduation Cap Clipart png

Cakes and Cupcakes

You Did It Clipart png
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