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Party Ideas, Decorations, Crafts, Games sure to put the Fun into your Fiesta

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Decorations and Fun Stuff

Pop Bottle Cactus Man Craft
Solo Cup Sombrero Craft
Pop Bottle Cactus Decoration


I glued a Solo Cup to a paper plate and painted them both yellow. I trimmed the brim with pipe cleaners and pom poms

Cute Cactus Centerpiece
I cut the top off a 2 liter pop bottle, flipped it upside down and painted it green, Then added some linear dots (optional). The face is cut from felt and I added a sombrero.


Once again I cut down a 2 liter pop bottle and flipped them uoside down and painted them green. I added some dots, stripes and stars. The flowers on the top are pipe cleaner tulips. See the Pipe Cleaner Flowers page for instructions



To remove labels off from pop bottles or any plastic or glass containers. Fill with hot water to melt the glue adhesive as opposed to running water over the exterior. USUALLY the label will pull off in one piece. Goo Gone will remove any residue left. CAUTION: With a plastic container, pour water out SLOWLY so you don't create a vacuum causing plastic to dent

Personal Pinatas Toilet Paper Rolls
Maraca Craft from Plastic Eggs
How to Make Personal Pinatas

Personal Pinatas

Paint a toilet paper roll yellow and cover one end with tissue paper. Cut strips of tissue paper approximately 2" and fold in half then cut slits in it being careful not to cut all the way through. Glue or tape strip onto tp roll starting at the bottom working your way up. Add curling ribbon to top to hang and to the bottom so they have something to pull to release/tear the bottom tissue. Fill with candies/prizes.


I recycled a plastic easter egg, added some popcorn inside and painted it black.  Taped a plastic spoon to each side of it and added strips of felt for more color

Cinco de Mayo Party Decorations
Nacho Type Clipart png
Plastic Egg Cactus

Cactus Garden
Repurpose your plastic eggs from easter with some paint and you have a cactus garden

Pipe Cleaner Iguana Chameleon

This little guy would also add to your festivities. See the Garden Page for instructions on how to make him


Balero Mexican Toy Craft

The Balero
The Balero is a traditional Mexican toy. This one I made with the mini Solo cups you can get at the Dollar Store. I added a dowel that I glued a string and pipe cleaners to the top so when I glued it to the bottom of the cup it would have more contact and be sturdier. Then added another just for color. Finally I glued a pom pom to each side of a penny for the ball. The penny gave it some weight. Yep it's all about using what you have !!

Mexican Jumping Beans
Play Mexican Music. While music plays the kids have to bounce around like jumping beans. Come on mum and dad join in and show them how it is done!
When the music stops however, everyone drops to the floor. Last one down is out.



Cinco de Mayo

May 5th

Cinco de Mayo is often mistaken for Mexican Independence Day. Mexico actually declared independence from Spain on September 16, 1810. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. Mexico had trouble paying back war debts to European countries, and France had come to Mexico to collect that debt.
People in Puebla celebrate, as that's where the unlikely victory occurred, but the festivities aren't nationwide. Cinco de Mayo isn't a federal holiday so the day is just like any other day for most people in Mexico. That being said, it is a Great Day For a Party

Day of the Dead

Saturday, October 31st

and ends on

Monday, November 2nd

Day of the dead clipart

Mexican Independence Day

September 16th

Day of the Dead

Day Of The Dead Painted Skull
Day Of the Dead Dollar Store Finds
Day Of the Dead Bones Treat
day of the Dead Bone Treats Printable
Sugar Skull Clipart Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead
Sugar Skull
I painted a Dollar Store skull

and added ribbons and silk flowers

Dollar Tree Finds

Don't want to paint the skull just add a mask and some black lace to bring it to the next level.  Sign and candle were pretty cool the way they came.

Day of the Dead Bone Treats
I added white chocolate covered pretzels to a skewer and wrapped it in cellophane. Printed off the PDF File and cut them out, glued on the head and tied on the sign.

No Bones About It

You're a Sweet Friend

Day of the Dead Skull Clipart

Free SVGs

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Nacho Type Clipart png
Free Cinco De Mayo SVG
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