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Craft Ideas, Gnomes, FREE SVGs and Clipart, Games and Activities. Picnics, Bubbles, Fishing and More.

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Flip Flops - Picnics - Fishing - Kids Crafts - Bubbles - Games and Activities


Other Summertime Pages


Nautical Beach

Nautical and Beach DIY Crafts Ideas and Instructions.
Lighthouses, Shells, Sea Glass, Florals and MORE

Clay Pot Lighthouses Solar Lights
Sailboat Wall Hanging

See the Nautical Beach Page for Beach Crafts and Ideas

4th of July


Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day

All Things Red White and Blue

Crafts, Gnomes, Free SVGs and Clipart, Games, Cakes, Treats and More

4th of July Gnomes

See the USA Page for all things Americana


BBQ and Camping Crafts, FREE SVGs and PNGs, Camping Tips, Boy and Girl Scouts, Games, Cake Ideas and much more

See the Camping, BBQs and Scouts Page for Crafts and Ideas

S'More Gnome
Top Grill Chef Craft

Flip Flops

Flip Flop Wreath 2
Flip Flop Wreath

Flip Flop Wreaths
These overlap at the heel, so I poked holes in them and used pipe cleaners to attach the pink ones to a wire wreath and a little bit of hot glue on the bottom to secure them to the wreath to prevent them from moving til I could get the next layer. I then glued the green ones to the pink ones where they overlapped and secure it with another pipe cleaner. They are not going anywhere cause not only are they secured to wreath but they are secured to each other. Flowers hide all the holes and pipe cleaners.
Add some silk flowers and tulle.
You could use sunglasses, summer toys etc
Use your imagination.

Watermelon, Gnome, Ants Craft



Watermelon Gnome
Watermelon with Ants Craft
Watermelon Slice Gnome

Watermelon and Ants

Larger Gnome with Watermelon

This is a standing gnome made from one of the larger  prescription bottles Fur beard, wooden nose and hands. His hat and clothes are felt. Hat is the twisty ruffled hat found on the Sock Gnome Page. Watermelon is a Dollar Tree styrofoam disk covered with felt.

Ants with Watermelon

Ants are wooden balls glued together with both hot glue and E6000. Antenna and legs are black pipe cleaners, I burned the fuzz off from. Watermelon is a Dollar Tree styrofoam disk covered with felt. Seeds are black sequins I got from Hobby Lobby.

Smaller Gnome with Watermelon

This is made from a regular size prescription bottle Fur beard, wooden nose and hands. His hat and clothes are felt. Hat is the twisty ruffled hat found on the Sock Gnome Page. Watermelon is a Dollar Tree styrofoam disk covered with felt.

Click on the ones you want to Download

IWe Have Stars
For Layering



Strawberry Shortcake Jar

Strawberry Shortcake

Do you remember Strawberry Shortcake ? 

This 80's icon makes a fun jar, for a gift, a decoration, a storage container or just a "Remember When" conversation starter.
Strawberry was Mod Podged unto a spaghetti jar and accented with fabric and ribbon. The strawberry is a wooden ball I painted.

Strawberry Short Cake
Just like the other clipart throughout the site
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Click on the ones you want to Download

I Have Stars
For Layering



Fish On Bobber
This was made using a Dollar Tree round board for the back and a DT rectangular board for the top. Simply painted the red and white and added the image

Click to Download

Fishing Pole FREE SVG and PNG
Fisherman in Boat FREE SVG and PNG
Fish and Fly FREE SVG and PNG

Click on the ones you want to Download

Fisherman  Clipart png
Fishing Gnome with Dock
Fishing Gnome 
See The Spring and Gardens Page To See How He's Made
Fishing Gnome Wall Hanging
Fishing Gnome Wall Hanging
This was made using a Dollar Tree cutting board for the back. I decoupaged the gnome onto the top part. I glued 2 small pieces of styrofoam along the bottom and then added hot glue to form the lake. I painted the glue and covered it with Gloss Mod Podge. I added the flowers to finish it off.
Fishing Gnome JPG
FREE Fishing Gnome JPG Click on it to Download
Fishing Gnome AI Generated Image
Fishing Clipart
Fishing Clipart

Kids Crafts

Craft Table

Set up a Craft Table.
You can find FUN crafts at the Dollar Store. Sometimes Home Depot carries fun wood craft projects for kids.
Keep it simple and let them use paper plates.

paper Plate Mask

Outdoor Summertime Crafts are the Best
Keep the Mess Outside !!!

Dollar Tree Crafts

windchime Dollar Tree Label.jpg
Windchimes Dollar Tree Craft Supplies.jpg
Windchimes Dollar Tree Craft How To
Windchimes Captains Wheel Dollar Tree

I would had been willing to pay $1.50 for these had they added INSTRUCTIONS !!

This is how I assembled mine. Paint the wood pieces any way you'd like. They provide 5 pieces of string. Use the longest one and tie it to one end of the ship wheel. String the round disk unto the string below the wheel, knotting the string with several knots to create one big knot below it, to prevent it from sliding down.

Next add the bead below that. I put mine down the string a little to both give it more color and to act as a clapper for the chimes. You can place this directly below the disk to help level the disk. Either way make a large knot below where you place it to prevent it from sliding down. Use 3 of the other strings to tie the chimes onto the disk. Tie the 4th to the top as a hanger. I cut the excess strings off and added a little glue so the strings weren't everywhere.

Complete Craft Kits that are only $1.25


Use some tape to tape off the end of a string to form a make shift needle when trying to thread string through a hole.


Wind Chimes

Sun Picture Frame craft Dollar Tree
Sun Picture Frame Stained

Stain or Paint and add the dowel to the back as a stand

Sun Picture Frame Painted
Make and Play Helicopter Package

Make and Play Helicopter

Make and Play Helicopter Parts.jpg
Make and Play Helicopter
Make and Play Racecar Package

Make and Play Racecar

Make and Play Racecar Parts
Dollar Tree Make and Play Racecar

Sun Picture Frame

Summer = Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Felt  Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons

These are tealight candle holders I wrapped with jute. I used dowels to hold up the balloon and wrapped them too so they would blend in. The balloon is a styrofoam ball covered with felt.


Straw Bubble Wand

Straw Bubble Wand
You will need

2 Straws
2 Wooden Screwers 

(Cut the tips down so they are not so pointy)
String Approximately 3ft
(The string length can vary, the longer the string the bigger the bubbles HOWEVER if you get it too long, little ones will have a hard time maneuvering it.)

Straw Bubble Wand Bubble
Straw Bubble Wand Kids
Large Stick Bubble Wand

Use Wooden sticks, eyelet screws and rope for larger bubble wand

ANYTHING with Holes

can be used as a Bubble Wand

  • 1 cup Dawn Ultra dish soap

  • 1/4 cup corn starch

  • 1 tablespoon baking powder

  • 1 teaspoon alcohol

  • 1 teaspoon glycerine

  • 12 cups very hot water

In a large container, mix together all ingredients except the water. Make sure your dry ingredients are fully dissolved.

Add HOT water to soap solution 2 cups at a time. Stir the solution but try not to mix so fast that you create suds.

You can use it immediately or save for future use.


Giant Bubble Solution

Wire Basket Bubbles 2
Wire Basket Bubbles
Clothes Hanger Bubbles

Wire Basket

Clothes Hangers


These are AI Generated JPGs. They are great for Decoupage, Sublimation, Memes or just for fun. Click on the pics to Download. 

Bubble Girl AI Generated Image
Bubble Girl AI Generated Image

There are lots MORE.
Click on 1st pic here to start the slideshow. There are more then what is pictured here and each pic has a link with it so you can download which ever ones you want.

Even if you don't want to download any, the slideshow is worth clicking through. They are great for a laugh !!!!!

Games and Activities

Silly Relay

Silly Relay
Set up two tables with Fun Props
Sunglasses, Hats, Flip Flops, Fins, Snorkels etc.
Whatever you'd like, making sure both tables have the same items. Set Up a small obstacle course for them to run through.
Participants work in teams. The first racer puts on all the stuff and runs through the course. He returns to remove all the stuff and give it to the next person. First team to finish wins.

Duck Pond Game

Duck Pond
You will need several Rubber Ducks, a small kiddie pool and some prizes. Write numbers on the bottom of the ducks to correlate with the prizes. Use a water proof marker. Participants pick a duck to see what they have won. 

Human Foosball

Human Foosball
String Pool Noodles with rope and stakes to make several rows in a large area. Keep in mind to have an even number of rows. Make a goal for each end.
2 Teams. Alternate Players from each team between the rows. Use a soccer ball or one similar. Players must try to get the ball in the opposing teams goal without leaving their row.

Frozen T Shirt

Frozen T-Shirt (No This doesn't involve Elsa)
Purchase several inexpensive T-Shirts, one for every expected participant. Soak them in water and then FREEZE them. Hand them out and the first person to put on the Frozen T-Shirt wins.

Lawn Bowling
No Pins? Use Empty Pop bottles

Lawn Bowling
Bounce House

Kids Love the Bounce Houses
These can be rented.
This is one of the boxing ones.

Inflatable Boxing Gloves

Don't want to spend the money on the rental ? Just the gloves are Fun. I found these at Walmart for $5 a pair.

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