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Cupcake Ideas for All Occasions. 

Novelty, DIY Cupcake Liners, Pull Aparts and MORE


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Novelty Cupcakes

Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper
Unicorn Cupcake Liner 2
Poop Cupcakes Emoji
Princess Shoe Cupcakes
Elmo Cupcakes
minnie mouse cupcakes
Cinderella Slipper Clipart
Poop Emoji Clipart
Elmo Clipart png

Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper

Cupcake wrappers are a quick easy way to decorate your cupcakes

High Heel Cupcakes
Attach a Milano Cookie for the Sole and a Pirouette for the Heel to cupcakes that no one will walk away from

Poop Cupcakes
Yea I know ... Eeewwww ... but kids LOVE them.

Elmo Cupcakes
Cupcakes that will "Tickle" their taste buds

Minnie Mouse Peeking Clipart png
Pirate Cupcakes
Popcorn Cupcakes

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
Mini Oreos for ears and Fondant bows on plain white frosting

Skull Crossbones Clipart

Pirate Cupcakes ARRR Fun !!

Glacier Cake Penguin Cupcakes 2
Sports Balls Cupcakes

Popcorn Cupcakes
Notch out marshmallows and spray lightly with Yellow food paint.
Wrap Red and White Paper around the base

Popcorn Clipart png

Penguin Cupcakes

Attach a Mini Donut cut in half with some frosting on top of a cupcake for the body

Attach a Donut Hole with frosting on to the top for the head. 

Dip in melted chocolate frosting
Add an Oreo cut in half for wings

Half a marshmallow for the stomach
Eyes are white frosting with a chocolate chip.

Beak and feet are cut from a Starburst Candy

Add a Goldfish under the wing

Penguin Clipart png
Penguin Cupcake
sports balls clipart png

Sports Ball Cupcakes
Fondant was used for these

Download Includes:

  • Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper SVG

  • Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper PDF


Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners with Flowers
Flowerpot Cupcakes
Sunflower Cupcakes
Sunflower Clipart png
Lady Bug Cupcakes
Ladybug Clipart png

Flower Pot Cupcakes
Place some tissue paper into the bottom of a decorated clay pot and drop a cupcake in. Great gift idea.

Sunflower Cupcakes

The centers are Oreos. Even if you can't pipe the petals, frost a cupcake with yellow frosting and sink an Oreo in the center. Candy Lady Bugs can usually be found anywhere they sell cake supplies

Lady Bug Cupcakes
If you can make circles and lines you can do these

Lattice Basket Cupcake Wrapper
To do the actual lattice you're probably going to need a Cricut. (Unless you are REALLY good with a scissors) But the basket without the lattice could still be cute.


Download Includes:

  • Lattice Basket Cupcake Liner SVG File

  • Lattice Basket Cupcake Liner PDF File


Corn on the Cob Cupcakes Watermelon Cake
Sundae Cupcakes
Ice Cream Sundae Clipart
Sun Clipart png

Corn on the Cob Cupcakes
Place 3 cupcakes frosted yellow in aluminum foil. Cover with yellow M&M's. I used fondant for the husks

Watermelon Cake
I baked the cake in a metal mixing bowl, covered the bottom in green fondant and used red buttercream frosting and chocolate chips for the top.

Chocolate Sundae Cupcakes

Pull Apart

Pull a Part Princess Dress Cupcakes BodyArmor Cake
Pull Apart Dinosaur Cupcakes

Your Princess will love a Pull Apart Cupcake Dress accented with Dollar Store tiara and accents.

Pink Princess Clipart
Pull Apart Dinosaur Cupcakes Pattern

Dinosaur Pull Apart Cupcakes

Optimus Prime Pull Apart Cupcakes

Optimus Prime Pull Apart Cupcakes 

optimus prime Clipart png

Baby Showers

Rattle Cupcakes
Baby Pacifier Cupcakes
Baby Carriage Cupcakes

Rattle Cupcakes
Insert a lollipop into the side of a cupcake. Decorate the cupcake anyway you'd like, even just a plain solid color. Add a bow to the handle. Simple Easy.

Pacifier Cupcakes
Frost cupcakes 3/4 flesh tone and 1/4 blue or pink.
Decorate with fondant eyes and nose and add a pacifier.

Baby Carriage Cupcakes
I piped pastel buttercream frosting into carriage shape. It kind of looks like a Pac Man shape before you add the wheels. Wheels are banana chips.

Baby Pacifier Clipart png
Baby Pacifier Clipart png


Conversation Heart Flower Cupcakes
Love Bug Cupcakes

Conversation Hearts Garden
Glue Glitter Hearts and Pipe Cleaners to a Conversation Heart. Wrap the bottom of the stem in aluminum foil to insert it into a cupcake. Make sure to actually glue the foil to the stem so when you pull the flower out the foil doesn't stay in the cupcake.

Foil Flower To Insert

Love Bug Cupcakes

Leprechaun Pull Apart Cupcakes

Pull Apart Cupcakes are an easy to make and easy to serve treat. This Leprechaun requires no fondant or real cake decorating skills. Yes frosting is piped but it's haphazard so you can't mess it up. The beard can be pretty much any tip you want to use, you just want to give it texture. Face is just smoothed with a knife and the hat can be either. PDF File shows how to place cupcakes.

Leprechaun Pull Apart Cupcake Placement

Leprechaun Pull Apart Cupcakes

Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners Easter
Lattice Basket Cupcake Liners Easter Bunny
Pink Peep Cupcake Liner
Purple Peep Cupcake Liner
Peep Cupcake FREE SVG File

Peeps Cupcake Liners

These can be cut out without a Cricut

Fill the Lattice Baskets with Easter Bunnies or candies
(See above for file)

Carrot Cupcakes
Bunny Patch Cupcakes

Carrot Cupcakes
Swirl Orange Frosting and add pipe cleaners.
Once again wrap the bottom of the pipe cleaners with foil so they can be inserted into the cupcake. Make sure to glue the foil to the pipe cleaner so when they are pulled out the foil doesn't stay in the cupcake.

Bunny Patch Cupcakes
Whether they are coming or going, your guests will love both ends of the Bunny Patch Cupcakes

Carrot Clipart PNG
Carrot Clipart PNG
Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes
Feathers and Head are made from Fondant

Jack Skellington Pull Apart Cupcakes
Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Clipart

Jack Skellington

Pull Apart Cupcakes

Snowman Cupcakes
Santa Cupcakes Belt Face Feet
Christmas Lights Cupcakes
Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes

Santa Cupcakes

Snowman Cupcakes

Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Christmas Lights Cupcakes

Cupcakes that match the Cakes

Cookie Monster Smash Cake Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

A lot of times a cake alone is not enough, adding coordinating cupcakes is a great way to 1.) feed more people and 2.) make a larger display.

Smiley Face Cake and Cupcakes

Cupcakes are also great when a Smash Cake is being served

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