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Super Bowl

I've never understood football, yet I love the social part of a Superbowl Party. 
I used to pick on my husband about him wanting to go to a party that celebrated the Toilet. I mean our bowl serves it's purpose, it flushes when you push the handle. (Most of the time) But I really wouldn't call it Super. 
Whether you're a football fan or you think Toilets should have their day, you will love throwing a party that combines the two.


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Cincinnati Bengals Gnome and Heart
Los Angeles Rams Heart
Super Bowl LVI 56 Clipart

SVGs Click on Pic to download

Forget stats, wins. losses, all that non-important stuff. My Super Bowl pick is which team has the most craftable mascot !!! For this year it was the Bengals.

2021 Season

Los Angeles Rams 23

Cincinatti Bengals 20


2022 Season

Kansas City Chiefs 38

Philadelphia Eagles 35

Patrick Mahomes Gnome

Patrick Mahomes Gnome
Kansas City Chiefs

Most craftable team for this year was the Chiefs.

SVGs Click on Pic to download

Taylors Boyfriend Gnome

San Francisco 49ers Gnome

San Francisco 49ers Gnome

Kansas City

Chiefs Gnome

2023 Season

Kansas City Chiefs 

San Fransico 49ers

SVGs Click on Pic to download 

Football Jar

Painted Football jars are an inexpensive way to decorate for game day. These are just spaghetti sauce jars I painted. I used the Cricut for accents but paint will work too.

Party Games

Mascot Match

Superbowl Mascot Match Printable Game

Match the Mascot with the Team.
Whether you follow football or prefer to watch The Bachelor reruns, this game is fun for all. Everyone can get at least some of them right. Some are harder but even those who have never seen a football game can probably figure out Billy Buffalo would probably be the mascot for the Buffalo Bills.
1 point for each correct answer
The person with the most points wins. 

Football Plunger Mascot
Crafting Mascot Bear

The SuperBOWL Mascot Trophy

How to Make Flush

Items Needed:
Plunger, 2 Foam Footballs, Felt, Pipe Cleaners
(All can be purchased from the Dollar Store)
Glue Gun

Cut a hole in the football and glue to the handle of the plunger making sure the laces of the football are located to make the mouth.
Twist together 4 black pipe cleaners to make 1 arm looping the ends to make fingers. Make 2 of these. Twist these around handle and glue.
Use a piece of white felt to make cape. I ran a running stitch across the top to gather it. Glue to handle.
Cut out a F from felt and glue to the back of cape.
Cut out eyes from felt. These can be any shape you'd like round, oval, even X's would be cute. Glue unto football. I used a black marker to paint under the eyes.
The nose pictured is a red pipe cleaner rolled up but you could use pom poms or even just a circle cut from felt.
Glue 2nd football unto handle so you can wrap the hands around it. Use a little bit of glue to secure hands.

Stickered letters can be used to write on the base.

Super Bowl Commercials Printable Game
Super Bowl Bear

Randomly pick commercials during the game and have players rate them.

  • 1. Change the Channel

  • 2.  Fumble

  • 3. Instant Replay

  • 4. Touchdown

  • 5.  WTF

 I wouldn't recommend using commercials back to back, players may miss something while they are rating the previous commercial. At the end of the game have players reveal their ratings. The rating with the most picks awards each player who picked it a point. example: If 5 players gave the Doritos commercial a  2. (Fumble) and only 3 players gave it a 3. (Instant Replay) The 5 players would each receive a point. Popular consensus wins the point. Player with the most points wins.

Super Bowl Prize Basket

Prize Suggestion:

Make a Gift Basket out of the items featured in the commercials. Ok the less expensive ones, candy bars, Doritos, pop etc. You can Google Superbowl Sponsors ahead of time to see what will be advertised. 

* However if you do decide to add that Porsche or even the Chevy Pick Up PLEASE send me an invitation to your party !!!!

Touchdown Dance

Spike that Ball !!
 Supplied with a Foam Football have everyone demonstrate their best touchdown dance.
After everyone has had their turn vote on the best.
* They can't vote for their own. Yea, I have those friends :D

football transparent png

Pass the Football

Purchase a Foam Football from the Dollar Store. Randomly give it to one of your guests. That person must pass the football to the "Right" person. (Whoever is on his right.) when the Superbowl game ball changes possession. The person holding the ball when a touchdown is scored gets a prize and passes the ball to the right.


Inexpensive Prizes

Go the the Dollar Store and purchase several items. Wrap them individually in tissue paper so no one knows what they are. Let the winners Pick A Prize.
Prizes can be Practical. ... a flashlight, a tape measure, a dish towel, a pot holder, kleenex etc ... or Not So Practical ... fairy wings, a tiara, hemorrhoid creme, a pregnancy test (Yes, my dollar store actually sells pregnancy tests ???) It's more fun if you mix it up, some good and some bad. Make the guy who won the tiara wear it. 

Football Player Toilet Paper Prize
Football Toilet Paper Prize

Place a roll of toilet paper in a quart size storage bag. Tie off the top and decorate. 
You can use felt to make a face, tie a bow, add a foam football or print a picture and glue it on. 

Cakes and Cupcakes

Poop Cupcakes

If you're going with the Super BOWL Theme, Poop Cupcakes are a Must Have. Boxed cake mix and a can of chocolate frosting. ( I prefer Duncan Hines cake mixes, they are always moist and very forgiving if you over bake a little.) If you don't have decorating bags and tips, simply scoop frosting into a sandwich size ziploc bag and cut the corner off. (I prefer ziploc bags because the plastic is heavier) Simply swirl the frosting around the cupcake starting on the outside working your way to the center. Eyes are optional but can be found at Walmart or most grocery stores.

Poop Cupcake Bear
Super BOWL Party Table

Just the football is really easy. You can keep it simple with just the football frosted with chocolate frosting and vanilla frosting for stripes and laces.

You can cut down a round cake and shape like a football if you don't have the Wilton Pan.


KC Chiefs Football Cake
  • A Football Cake decorated with fondant toilet paper can help upgrade your "Bowl" Party look. 


  • Drill holes in a piece of 4"x4" wood and add Dollar Store Plungers, paint them white and you have field goals that could hold fudge.

Paid Amazon Link

Wilton's Football Cake Pan is a specialty pan that will get lots of use. 

Green Bay Packers Cheese and Football Cake

I use cardboard covered with foil (Either heavy duty aluminum foil or decorative foil ) as a cake board. Cut apart cardboard boxes you can get free at any store that is stocking shelves. I usually use at LEAST 2 stacked pieces of cardboard taped together so they are sturdier.

Football Player Cake

Add a round cake to your football cake to make a football player. Face and hands are made out of fondant.

I prefer the marshmallow fondant. It's cheaper then buying pre-made fondant and I think it tastes better. Fondant can be used like clay or playdoh and shaped into simple things.See my cake Page for the recipe

football transparent png
Tigers Football Cake

Messing with the friends who don't know the difference between Football and Baseball is always fun !!!

Deflategate Football Cakes

Sometimes you just have use your imagination and go with what is trending. Deflategate was a NFL controversy involving the allegation that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ordered the deliberate deflation of footballs used in the Patriots' victory against the Indianapolis Colts in the 2014 AFC Championship Game.

Other Ideas

football puddle pool

I did the Football Puddle years ago but never took pics. So I made this one up for the website. I 'm thinking the odds of the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns actually making it to the Superbowl would be 

When you don't have enough people for a Football "Pool" go for the Football "Puddle". Complete with frogs.

Football Puddle Cake
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